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Friday Finds Under Fifty: The On the Move Edition

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. When that moment arrives, you’ll want to have everything you need right to hand. After all, part of living the life superfantastic is being prepared for things no Boy Scout ever had to face.

For instance, that pesky question of how to store your delicates en route. I don’t recall my father and brothers discussing that matter when preparing to go to Scout camp back in the day. Tent stakes, yes. Silky undies…not so much.

Luckily enough, we have other resources than the Boy Scout manual to draw on for our needs. We have places like Wrapables.com.

MaggiB Lingerie Trio See, they have this practical and attractive set by MaggiB for handling your undies and for pampering yourself en route. The set includes: an 11″ x 13″ pouch for your lingerie, and a second pouch containing a pair of slippers (for shoe sizes up to 8.5), and an eyeshades, all in a matching satin brocade in your choice of black (shown) or mint. Just slip one pouch into your luggage and the other into your carry on, and go, all for just $16.99 (regular price $34.95).

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Get a Ross Deal

Big bracelets are superfantastic. Color is hot. So it stands to reason that a big, colorful bracelet is something to make a Twistie smile.

You’d be right in that.

This delightful cuff bracelet by Kara Rossicon is what’s making Twistie smile today. Just look at it. It’s big, but there’s so much open space that it appears delicate and feminine. As for color, just take a look at that oversized turquoise and keep a napkin handy. If, however, you’re not as wild about bright blue as I am, it’s also available in white jade. Both are set in 18k gold over brass for a look that’s hot as summer and cool as a cucumber.

As for the price, well, you don’t expect something this incredible to be cheap. It isn’t. It is, however, on an excellent sale making it a lot more affordable. The retail price is $276.00, but right now at Saks.com you can get it on sale for just $193.20.

Oh, and if you act before Monday, you can also get free shipping. Use code: SAKSSHIP9. See site for details.

And hurry! You don’t want me to beat you to this deal, do you?

Don’t Mesh Around

Sometimes you just need an accessory that goes to eleven. A great extra-large clutch is a good choice to fit this bill. Which one would I choose? I’m so glad you asked.

Whiting & Davis Crystal Studded Mesh Clutch It’s a mesh clutch by Whiting & Davis measuring a generous 12″w x 1″d x 4″h, to hold all your needs for the day. To bump up the volume a bit more, there’s a double row of large matching crystals. And as a final touch, you can choose between black (shown), bronze, and pewter in color. Oh, and then there’s the 8 1/2″ drop shoulder strap that you can choose to use or not at your discretion. Nice.

On top of all that, it’s on a hell of a sale. The retail value is $215.00, which really isn’t bad for something this superfantastic. On the other hand, why pay full price when 6pm has it for just $103.50?

All the style for less than half the price? That’s what I call going to eleven!

What’s Cooking?

Good cookware is an investment well worth making. It’s worth every penny you spend. In fact, I’m a firm believer in the idea that there are few worse investments to make than cheap cookware. It quickly becomes dangerous, between shaky handles and ill-fitting lids. Warped bottoms make cooking uneven, leading to raw and burnt bits in the same dish. As for the cost over time of replacing broken, bent cookware with more pots and pans that will fall apart in short order…well, it’s enough to make you cry.

On the other hand, as I said, good cookware is a big investment.  It doesn’t come cheap. Every once in a while, though, it comes at a deal that makes the investment a lot less painful to your bank account.

All-Clad 7-pc.  Master Chef 2 (MC2) Cookware Set
All-Clad’s Master Chef 2 cookware is among the top-rated by professional chefs. Made of easy to clean, non-reactive stainless steel, it has a thick core of aluminum for superior heat conductivity. The three ply bonded construction distributes the heat evenly. The long handles are built to stay cooler, in case you forget to reach for the pot holder first, too.

This seven piece set consists of: an 8″ omelette pan, a 1.5 qt saucepan and lid, a 3 qt saute pan with lid, and a 6 qt stockpot with lid. That’s a great start to any kitchen!

The retail price of the set is $595.00, which really isn’t at all bad for that amount of that quality of cookware. Still, you’d like to do better. Cooking.com usually carries it for $559.95, which is better. But why settle for better when you can get astonishing?

Now through June 15, Cooking.com is having a huge sale on All-Clad cookware in which this set is marked down to just $288.99! That’s a savings of more than three hundred dollars!

But wait, there’s more! Spend at least $250.00, and get a free au gratin pan direct from All-Clad. Spend $500.00 and get the au gratin pan, a Dutch oven, and a mitt set. See site for details.

So, to sum up: seven pieces of top-notch cookware you can use for the rest of your cooking life, plus a freebie from All-Clad. The more you buy, the more freebies you can get.

I don’t know about you, but when I can get the best for the price of something in the lower midrange…I get the best. So should you.

Let Me Persuede You

Sometimes you just want to go boho. Soft fabrics, rich colors, whimsical combinations…these things call to many of us. For my part, I’m a complete sucker for the look.

Of course I like to get the look for less.

Coldwater Creek Suede Tote A great place to start is this gorgeous moss green suede tote from Coldwater Creek. It’s soft and slouchy, but has a certain elegance to it as well. The strap is the really unique thing. It’s strands of the same suede. Whimsical and distinctive.

On the more practical side, it has an outside flap pouch with a decorative closure while the top is closed with a tasseled zipper. At 12″ x 15″ it should hold everything you need for a busy day.

And then there’s the price. It was already a steal at the retail price of $95.50, but now it’s a downright unbelievable $32.99!

At that price it’s a great deal even if you only carry it for a single season. Chances are, though, that you’ll use it for years to come.

Dress Like an Egyptian

There’s nothing I love better than a good piece of jewelry…unless it’s a great piece of jewelry at a superfantastic deal.

Roberto Cavalli Scarab Bracelet Witness this piece of delicious. It’s a bangle bracelet by Roberto Cavalli with a gorgeous scarab charm dangling from it. It’s enameled gold tone metal and comes in your choice of black (shown) or copper. It’s also an amazing deal right now at eLuxury.

The retail price on this fabulous piece was $265.00, which really wasn’t at all bad for such a great piece. Now, though, at eLuxury, you can get it for just $66.00. That’s right, it’s a mere $66.00, or $199.00 off the original price.

I don’t know about you, but I intend to hurry on this one!

Beat Me To This Punch

This is a big season for color. Red, blue, green, purple, orange, they’re all in the news. One of the hottest trends, though, is yellow. This makes me happy because I’m one of those lucky souls who looks great in yellow.

But not everyone looks great in yellow, and not everyone who wears it well wants to wear large swaths of it. How to get in on the trend without wearing an all yellow outfit? Why, accessories, of course!

See by Chloe Punch Line Cross Body Bag
I’m loving this See by Chloe Punch Line Cross Body Bag by Chloe with its pattern of punched patent leather lined in a colorful floral print canvas. It closes with a magnetic flap, and one of the internal pockets zips shut for security.

Oh, and if you really don’t want to get in on the yellow trend, it also comes in basic black. Either way it’s a fun, cheerful look that’s sure to fill your summer with smiles.

Oh, and it’s on a great sale at Shopbop. The retail price is $395.00, but now you can get it for just $276.50. Have it sent ground, and you won’t even have to pay for shipping!

Come to Twistie, you purse!

Magnificent in Macrame

Wait a minute. How can macrame be anything like magnificent? Isn’t macrame that hippie way of making plant hangers?

Yes and no. Macrame has been used to make plant hangers and cheesy wall hangings, yes, but that’s not the limit. The technique has been around for centuries and can be used in far more exotic ways.

Take, for example, this handsome shawl in wool mohair by Burberry:

Burberry Mohair Macrame Shawl It’s utterly elegant and completely feminine with lots of pretty openwork. Being mohair, it’s also interesting texturally. Being made by Burberry, you know it’s built to last, too. Then there’s the bit about it being on sale at Neiman Marcus.

The regular price is $595.00, but if you buy right now, it’s been marked down to just $268.00!

Oh, and did I mention the free shipping? Now through June 8, use shipping code NMSHIP to get free shipping, no matter what your total (certain restrictions apply, see site for details).

One thing I should mention, though, that gorgeous eggplant color is gone. You’ll have to be contented with either classic black or an elegant, versatile medium gray. Ah well, the little sacrifices we make….

Buckle Up for Superfantasticness

Belts are big right now, in all senses of the term. So it stands to reason that a really great belt is a must have accessory.

But finding a great belt at a great price can take some work. Guess what? I found one for you!

Linea Pelle brown leather wide belt
Imagine, if you will, being the proud owner of this handsome wide leather belt by Linea Pelle. The three inch wide strap and similarly oversized buckle make a dramatic statement without overpowering your personality. It’s the last word in gorgeous.

It’s also a superfantastic deal at Bluefly. The retail price is $175.00, but you wouldn’t want to pay that much, would you? Bluefly normally sells it for just $105.00, which is a lot better. Still, we can do better. Right now, Bluefly has it for a mere $94.99! That’s 46% off of the retail price.

In these tough economic times, we all need to tighten our belts. It’s just that much easier when the belt is this fabulous.

Bargello On In and Grab This

Let’s face it, the summer is better when faced with a really fun, flirty clutch purse. For my money, one of the best ones going is this one by Lockhearticon:

It’s intricately woven leather in shades of brown and raspberry pink, complete with an adorable braided leather strap closure.

Once it’s opened, there’s a zip closure, two inside pockets, and a card slot to keep everything nicely organized.

Pretty, sturdy, practical…it’s nearly perfect. Now what would make it absolutely perfect? How about a great deal on the price?

The retail on this clutch is $395.00. Ouch! Right now, though, at Saks.com!, it’s on sale for just $276.50.

Now that’s a whole lot closer to perfect, if you ask me.