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Pretty Pitchers Have Small Price Tags

I have to admit I’m a total sucker for unusual decorative pieces I can place on a table, on a shelf, or in a cabinet to admire. If they appear to be cookware or serveware, so much the better, say I. That’s why I have that tiny decorative casserole shaped like a wild boar and the square plate with the sepia tone portrait of Winston Churchill in my china cabinet. They just make me smile.

So when I saw this pair of pretty decorative pitchers at Coldwater Creek, all I could think was that I would love to add them to the collection:

Coldwater Creek Italian Stoneware Pitchers They’re hand thrown and hand painted with a crackled glaze to look as though they’ve been a part of the scenery for decades…or even longer. Not recommended for food use. Still, they’d look handsome anywhere you might care to place them. The larger one stands 17″ tall, while the shorter one is 13″.

As I said, they’re a good deal, too. In the normal course of things, the smaller one would have set you back $225.00 while the larger one would have cost you $250.00. That’s far from outrageous, but it’s not precisely pocket change, either. Now, though, they’re on sale! The larger one can now be had for just $114.99, and the smaller for $105.99!

Now those are prices that wouldn’t make me pitch a fit!

Need a Swift Kick?

Sometimes it’s good to see the world through rose-colored glasses, especially when the sun is out in full force.

Bolle - Swift Kick (Black/Modulator Rose And Tns Gun Lenses) - Eyewear
These sunglasses by Bolle are called Swift Kick. I don’t know about you, but when I saw them I felt like I’d gotten a good, swift kick of superfantastic.

Just look at those attractive lines, the tint on the lightweight plastic resin lenses, and the elegant simplicity of line. Note that they’ll give you 100% protection from UVA/B rays, and how the two-directional anti-glare coating allows you to see with perfect clarity no matter how bright the sun gets.

I could go on and on telling you about why these sunglasses are so great, but I’ll let you read the description for yourself. I just want to bring one more aspect to your attention: the price.

Now normally, these glasses would set you back $160.00. The good news is this is not a normal time. Head for 6pm, where you can get them for the unusually good price of just $82.80.

Do I need to give you a kick in the rear? Go buy!

Bug Out!

Who wouldn’t want a gold linen clutch purse trimmed with coral patent leather? How about if I throw in a delightful graphic bug brooch?

Still not sure? Just take a look and decide for yourself:

Stella McCartney Bug Clutch I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much in love with this charming clutch with its coordinating brooch by Stella McCartney.

So how much will it set you back to enjoy this wonderful purse? If you bought it at the suggested retail price, you’d spend $765.00, but why spend what someone else suggests? Do yourself a favor and go to Net-A-Porter and get it for just $459.00.

After all, you wouldn’t let a little thing like the original price bug you.

An Empire on Which the Sun Should Never Set

Oh, Furla! When you get it right, you get it right.

Furla black suede 'Empire' large shoulder bag
This elegant day bag is the Empire by Furla.

What? You need to know more than that? Well, it’s suede in your choice of black (shown) or khaki with polished silvertone hardware, including four little metal feet at the base. It also has two front pockets with magnetic snap closures and a top zip for added security. The croc embossed shoulder strap has a generous 11″ drop, and there’s even a special pocket for your cell phone. All in all, this is a hard one to beat for both style and practicality.

And then there’s the small matter of the price. No, really, it is a pretty small matter if you know where to buy. The retail price may be $435.00, but if you go to Bluefly right now, you can get it for just $240.99!  That’s almost $200.00 in savings!

Now that’s what I call a bargain!

Ring in the Savings

It’s my considered opinion that more people should wear great rings. I said it, I mean it, I stand by it. Rings are beyond superfantastic…unless you have the problem a good friend of mine does in that he is unable to wear any metal.

But the rest of us have a glorious option of which we often fail to take sufficient advantage.

Genuine Aquamarine and Diamond Ring
Just take a look at this and I dare you to tell me you wouldn’t love to have something just like it. It’s a 1.35 carat oval cut aquamarine flanked with a pair of diamonds. It’s shown in a white gold setting, but the sale is only set in 14k yellow gold. White gold, yellow gold, I like ’em both.

Either way, the suggested retail price on this ring is $599.00. The good news is that I can tell you where to get it a lot cheaper. Just head to FineJewelers.com where they usually carry it for  $299.00. That’s right, it’s usually $300.00 off the suggested price – note the ‘usually’ in that sentence. That’s because the price has been dropped a further 20%, making your cost $239.00!

Mmm…aquamarine. Delicious.

What’s Gorgeous and Gold and Sustainable All Over?

This handsome bracelet:

Green Gold Bracelet
Jewelry artist Clara Saldarriaga gathers up Andean memory leaves, dips them in copper, and then in liquid gold. Using this method, all the details of the leaves shine through.

It isn’t a new method. It’s been found in pieces in Inca tombs.

Saldarriaga sources her gold from the Choco region of Columbia, where a global pilot program is using sustainable methods to mine in a way that protects the complex ecosystem of the region.

And while you’re feeling good about how the jewelry is made, you can also rest easy that it won’t be hard on your budget. The original price for the bracelet was $179.00, but that price has dropped by over a hundred dollars! Right now, it can be yours from Viva Terra for just $72.00!

Look good, feel good, live easy on your bank account. What’s not to love?

Wake Up to Terrific Savings

If you’re anything like me, getting up in the morning is harder some days than it is on others. I don’t know about you, but a digital clock radio does little to make those days easier. I want to open my eyes and immediately see something that makes me happy enough to feel good about getting out of bed.

I want to see something like this:

Millefiori Murano Glass Alarm Clock
This gorgeous alarm clock has an easy to read face surrounded by exquisite Murano millefiore glass flowers. The whole thing is bound in a cheerful goldtone frame (or silver, for those who prefer it) by Antica Murrina.

On top of all that, it’s on a great sale. The retail price is $142.00, but it’s available right now from Forzieri Italia for just $92.00.

Now those are some timely savings!

Laptop of Luxury

Ah, that technical marvel the laptop! It’s made all our lives a bit more productive, a bit more connected, a bit more able to do our jobs while sipping delicious caffeinated beverages at the coffee houses of our choice.

Doesn’t your laptop deserve some pampering?

Una Laptop Tote Witness the glory that is the Una laptop tote. Made of sturdy quilted nylon with matching leather trim in your choice of red or black, it’s designed to hold your portable internet accessor in style and comfort. It fits most standard laptops and includes an ‘air pocket pillow’ to cushion your computer against tiny bumps and bruises along the way.

Doesn’t your computer deserve the best?

But while we’re taking care of your electronics, we’re not forgetting your wallet or your bank account, oh no. We care about your economic health here at the Basement of the Bargains.

The original price on this elegant baby was $250.00, but right now you can get it from Neiman Marcus for a mere $88.00! And to sweeten the pot, I’d like to point out that today (June 8, 2009) is the last day to get free shipping at any price point by using the code: NMSHIP at checkout.

I know what I’m getting my laptop for its birthday this year.

Superlatively Silken

There are times in life when nothing will do but a really spectacular oversized scarf.It’s at times like that when I would reach for this:

Blue French Silk Scarf It’s made of rich, drapey French silk in a soft rainbow of delicious colors. Blue, yellow, green, lavender, are entwined beautifully for an elegant effect, whether you wrap it around your throat or slip it over your shoulders. At a generous 18″ x 58″ you’ll find plenty of ways to enhance your look with this scarf.

Best of all, it’s on an incredible sale over at Madison Avenue Mall.

The retail value of this gorgeous piece is a cool $299.00. Right now at Madison Ave Mall, though, it can be yours for the far hotter price of $150.00! That’s a savings of $149.00, you know, which is enough to get a really fabulous pair of shoes, too, if you know where to shop.

Get Fossilized

I’m in a seriously boho mood of late. I admit, this is not unusual for me, but it’s been a real call for me recently. Maybe it’s the warmer weather. That always brings out the free spirit in me.

And that feeling led me to this:

Fossil Berkeley Embossed Bucket Purse This is the Berkeley embossed leather bucket purse by Fossil. It’s boho, yes, but it’s the tasteful side of boho. The soft but bright green color is called ‘saddle’ for some reason. I’m not sure what that might be. Still, it is leather embossed with exuberant chrysanthemums in a slouchy – but not sloppy – style on an 8″ drop shoulder strap.

It closes with a simple magnetic snap, but there’s a zipped inner pocket as well as two open ones  for added organization and security.

It also happens to be on sale this weekend at Macy’s. The regular price is $168.00, but this weekend it’s on sale for just $125.00. On top of all that, you can get it shipped for free with code: SHIPFREE. See site for details and restrictions.

Now to find a fabulous pair of sunglasses and a glorious hat to go with it….

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