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And Now Number One, The Larch…The Larch

Okay, it’s not a larch. In fact it’s a Cedrus Libani, or Cedar of Lebanon. And it’s not an actual one, it’s a print. Here, take a look at it:

Cedrus Libani Print The original comes from a book entitled The Pinetum Britannicum first published in 1884 and featuring the work of natural artist Edward Ravenscroft. Subscribers to the original three-volume set included Queen Victoria and Napoleon III. The book is legendary among conifer fans. I also happen to think that this beautifully rendered 18″ x 23″ unframed reprint would look handsome on nearly any wall.

So how much for the superfantastic look? Well, originally it would have set you back $238.00. The price has now been slashed, however, to a far more affordable  $166.60 ($149.94 for members) at the New York Botanical Garden shop.

Now that’s an idea that could grow on me…and all my Monty Python quoting friends.

For the Darling Buds of May…or June…or July….

I love having cut flowers in the house. I might prefer plants if I had any talent at growing them, but I don’t. I look at plants, they curl up and die. So cut flowers it is. I love the color and cheer they add to any room.

But if you’re going to decorate with cut flowers, you need a good vase or two to show them off in. Well, I found a beauty at Ralph Lauren and it’s on sale!

Ralph Lauren Veranda Footed Vase This is the Veranda vase. Just look at those graceful lines, the subtle but charming details on the footed base. It’s a hefty lead crystal that will last and last and last, too. And at 11 3/4″ tall, it makes a dramatic statement no matter where you place it or what you display in it.

As for the savings, well, those are fairly dramatic, too. The regular price on this gorgeous vase is $133.50, but right now you can get it direct from Ralph Lauren for just  $89.99!

I think I’ll get one for the dining room…and one for the living room…and perhaps one for the kitchen….

Chloe in Black and White

There’s a reason black and white is such a classic combination. It always looks sharp, clean, and elegant. You can’t go wrong with black and white. You can, however, go extremely right with it.

See by Chloe Night Out Bag
See By Chloe created the Night Out Bag, and it’s about as right as you can get. From the neat lines to the sharp highlight of white outlining the flap, it’s both attractive and classic enough to carry you through the day in style.

So how much will it take to sling this baby over your shoulder? Well, retailers would suggest it takes $495.00, but why would we listen to them? I say we listen to Shopbop. They say it’s just $247.50.

Now that’s a deal, and I’ll say so in black and white.

Yipes, Stripes!

There’s a fine line between a purse that’s festive and a purse that’s a little tacky. In leading the life superfantastic, it’s important to stay on the correct side of that line. One way to make certain you do that is to choose this purseicon:

In lesser hands than those of Roberta Di Camerino, this bold striped velvet in red, gold, and salmon could easily have wound up looking like a circus tent. But careful choice of shape and hardware have made it utterly delicious.

And of course a good deal doesn’t hurt matters one bit. You would already get one at Yooxicon, where I found this delightful accessory. That was when they would have charged $542.00. Right now, though, you can get it from the same source for the further discounted price of just $325.00.

If you’ve got the change, you could do a heck of a lot worse than choose this purse to carry it in. I know I would!

Two for the Price of Less Than One

I simply adore things that do double duty. If it’s well-designed, it’s like getting a bonus item for free. So if I can get both a jewelry armoire and a mirror in one, you can imagine how I’d love to take advantage of the opportunity. I’m betting you would, too.

Bonnet Top Wall-Mounted Jewelry Armoire
If I’m right, now would be a great time to head over to Domestications and take a look at this beauty in their Sale section. Not only is it a handsome 38″h x 16 3/4″w mirror in a classic bonnet-topped frame, but a jewelry armoire, as well. The inside is lined with felt to pamper your jewelry in style. There are places to put necklaces, rings, earrings, chains and more.

And while you’re thinking about how much space you can save, don’t forget how much money you can save at the same time. After all, this pretty mirror/jewelry storage solution may have started out costing $179.99, but it’s on sale right now for just $69.99! That’s more than a hundred dollars in savings!

Why, that’s a hundred bucks to spend on a really great new pair of earrings to store.

After all, you have to have something to put in it, don’t you?

For All You Swingers Out There

I don’t know about you, but when the weather turns warm, my thoughts turn to how nice it would be to have a porch swing I could sit lazily in while sipping lemonade. Well, today I think I found the perfect one:

Ironwork Porch Swing This handsome swing by Tropico is the perfect thing to add a touch of grace and refinement to your outdoor living situation. Just look at the elegant lines. What’s more it’s sturdy enough to carry up to 325 lbs. It’s also galvanized, powder coated, and treated with an electrophoresis finish sturdy enough to stand up to both winter and summer weather. Just hang it up, add some festive cushions, and take a lazy afternoon sitting on your porch swing with a glass of lemonade, or a mojito…or even a good book and a couple cucumber sandwiches.

And don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of money to get your cushions and cold drinks. After all, while the retail value of this swing is  $399.99, you can get it from Amazon today for just $169.99!

Swing out, sister! It’s a great way to spend the summer.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Vase the Music Edition

I love vases. Fill them with flowers and you can enjoy the delights of the garden indoors. Sit them empty on your shelves and windowsills, and you can enjoy the artistry of the human hand. Fill them with something unexpected – say, for instance, a cheerful bouquet of pinwheels or a clutch of exotic feathers – and you can amuse anyone who happens to see them.

To get the best out of a vase, though, you need a particularly nice one. The good news is that this needn’t break your bank – not even the piggy one!

Don’t believe me? How about a few examples.

The first one comes from Bellacor. One look at the pretty stripes and charming shape made me want to gaze at it in perpetuity.

Henna Ceramic Vase So very pretty. It stands some 18″ high, so it will look quite impressive on its own. This is a good thing because it’s designed to be used with only dry displays. Remember those feathers I was talking about? This would be a wonderful place for them.

This is also a case of a tremendous bang for your buck. The retail price is a $80.00, which is quite a nice price for something that will look so handsome in your home. But why pay retail when you can get a deal? Bellacor usually carries it for a thrifty $68.00, but right now – if you hurry – you can get it for the basement bargain price of just $28.00!

Continue Reading…

Thank Betsey’s Lucky Stars

About now, I want a new purse. I want one that makes me think of summer and the beach…something that would be superfantastic to carry on the Fourth.

In short, I want something like this:

Betsey Johnson - Lucky Stars Flap Clutch (White) - Bags and Luggage
See? Betsey Johnson went and made precisely what I wanted
. It’s leather in your choice of white or brown (but I think the white looks more summery and festive) studded with brass in the shapes of circles, squares, and stars. It’s designed to either be carried as a clutch, or draped nicely over one shoulder on a chain strap. The top closes with a magnetic snap for convenience.

Who would bother looking at fireworks when there’s something like this in the vicinity?

In addition to the charm of the overall look, there’s the charm of the deal I found on it. The retail price may be $185.00, but if you go to 6pm, you can find it for a mere $56.35! That’s 70% off!

Oh my, I think I’m seeing more stars.


Marvellous Mariposa

Mariposa is Spanish for ‘butterfly.’ It’s a pretty word for a pretty creature…and for a very pretty crossbody purse by Kenneth Jay Lane. See?icon

It’s a bright crimson leather purse with a spectacular lacy metal butterfly decorating it. I don’t know about you, but it makes me smile, just like butterflies do.

Another thing about it that makes me smile is the fact that it’s on a great sale at Saksicon. The retail price is $330.00, but right now at Saks you can get it for just $230.90.

But hurry! Like a butterfly, a great deal like this won’t last for long.

You Could Give Me This Bird…

…I wouldn’t even be insulted. In fact, I would thank you.

Here’s why:

Alkemie Jewelry Hummingbird Cuff
Isn’t it fabulous? It’s an extravagant Hummingbird Cuff by Alkemie created from reclaimed metals for an eco-friendly yet superfantastic look. It really speaks for itself.

Another thing that speaks for itself is the pricetag. The retail price on it may be $209.00, but right now you can get it from ShopBop for just $104.50. To put it another way, it’s half off, making it just as economically-friendly as it is eco-friendly.

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