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Dress Me, Nordstrom!

Nordstrom is having a huge pre-season Fall sale right now. Instead of waiting until after the season is over and then digging for treasures in the limited styles, sizes, and colors other people passed up, you can get what’s happening nextseason , choose between all the styles, all the sizes, and all the colors before anyone else gets to them. Women, men, children, petites, plus sizes, it’s all on sale right now.

Here’s an example of what you can find.

Nicole Miller Cap Sleeve Stretch Dress This adorable cap sleeved jersey dress is pretty as a picture in magenta, and is also available in brown. On August 4, the price will be $220.00, but until then you can get it for just $129.90.

Of course, not everyone is a size 4. That would be boring, even if it were possible. That’s why I’ll be more likely to be getting this glorious black and white scroll printed blouse by Foxcroft available in Women’s sizes up to 24.

Foxcroft Ribbon Trim Scroll Print Blouse Made of pure cotton trimmed with ribbon at the cuffs, this shirt is pure style. After August 4, it will be an already great price of $68.00. Right now, though, you can get it for the bargain basement price of just $44.90.

<>Look, whatever your age, size, or gender, there’s a good chance Nordstrom has something fabulous on sale for you to wear right now. Get there before August 4, and get a jump on the crowd for great fashion!

Stake Out Your Corner of the Beach…

…with this fun and convenient little beach table from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Stake Beach Table Just pull it out of its handy canvas carry tote, flip it open, stick it in the sand, slip your long-stemmed wine glasses into the slots, and have a picnic for two at the shore. Now that’s the way to live the beach life!

Originally priced at $59.00, this practical set has been reduced to just $39.00 (wine glasses not included…so if you don’t have any wineglasses you feel like taking to the beach, you might want to check out this deal on a set of four Dansk goblets here).

I don’t know about you, but I feel a quick drink and a nosh at the beach coming on.

Dot’s a Great Purse

Every girl needs something with a sense of humor somewhere in her wardrobe, just as she needs a couple serious pieces. For those light-hearted days when you want to express your more whimsical side, you might want this cheerful leather-belted polka dot purse by Caterina Lucchi:

Caterina Lucchi Polka Dot Belted Purse Lime green dots on a cream canvas background make this a cheery image. The belt adds an unexpected touch of fun that really pulls the look together and makes me smile. A lot.

Of course, the price also makes me smile. Originally priced at $208.00, it can now be yours from Forzieri.com for a mere $125.00.

So, to sum up: great eye-catching design, sturdy Italian workmanship, nearly half off the suggested retail price…nope, I’m not seeing a downside here.

Perfect Pashmina

The test of a really delicate, perfectly made pashmina is if the entire shawl will slip through a finger ring.

Ring Pashmina Overstock.com says this one passes the test…and at the price they’re selling it for, it would be easily worth it to test the theory.

This 28″ x 80″ 100% pure Pashmina cashmere shawl is handwoven in Nepal into a subtle diamond pattern and finished with a lock fringe. It comes in three classic colors to fit with any wardrobe for years to come.

What would you pay for all of that? Well, originally you would have been expected to pay $350.00…but not anymore. If you hurry, you can get it from Overstock.com for just $59.99! That’s a savings of 83%, or more than $290.00!

Now that’s what I call a basement bargain!

Hats On

It’s my considered opinion that people should wear more hats. Hats add a certain jaunty style to an outfit. They can shade our eyes from the sun and keep the rain out of our faces. All in all, there are a great many reasons to love a hat…particularly a hat like this one by Georgia Hughes.

Georgia Hughes Tri-Color Hat Hand made, hand dyed, and hand blocked, this handsome hat made of Grade 1 Pari Sissol straw is a one-of-a-kind fashion statement that will last for years and years. The colors remind me of Neopolitan ice cream, which definitely brings a smile to my face.

And of course if you see it here, you know it’s on sale. Originally priced at $340.00, it’s been marked down to just $170.00. This and dozens of other glorious chapeaux are currently on sale at Hatagories. If you’re in the market for a good hat, I’d recommend heading on over right away before all the best ones are gone!

Count Threads, Not Sheep!

It’s a truism that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets…well, these Bordeaux sheets must feel amazing because the thread count is 1,000. Yes, you read that right: 1,000!

Bordeaux 1000tc Sheet Set Imagine sleeping on a cloud. Now imagine the cloud is even softer 100% cotton sateen. Then imagine the cloud comes in your choice of light blue (I’d call it robin’s egg) or soft green (very minty) in a complete set to fit your queen sized bed, and includes extra pillow cases. Mmmm…I could drift off to Dreamland just thinking about that.

But you don’t have to dream because it’s available on sale at Smartbargains.com right now. The original price for the fitted sheet, flat sheet, and four pillow cases was $200.00. Smartbargains was selling it at $99.99, which was a great deal. Now, though, they’ve marked this amazing set down to a mere $69.97!

At that price, you can hire real sheep to be counted if you have trouble falling asleep.

Pool Cues

Do you have a superfantastic swimsuit? No? Then now is the time to head over to Bluefly.com for their sale on designer swimwear.

DKNY Halter Swimsuit You’ll save an extra 20% off of Bluefly’s already deep discounted prices on a wide variety of swim suits now until 6am EST on the 15th. For instance, this DKNY teal halter maillot goes for a retail price of $112.00. Bluefly usually sells it for a bargain price of $67.00. But if you act now, you can get it for just $53.60! That’s more than half off the retail price! Don’t like the teal? It also comes in purple. Don’t like the suit? Check out the rest of the sale.

Mondo Gorgeous, Mondo Great Price

Pretty? Check. Practical? Check. Great price? Check. Environmentally conscious? Check. Superfun? Check and double check.

What am I talking about? Why today’s bargain courtesy of Cooking.com, of course! Right now, Cooking.com is running a 25% off sale on selected Rosanna dishes and glassware. Readers of this space already know that Rosanna dinnerware is fun and stylish beyond expression, but they may or may not be aware that she does great glassware, too.

Rosanna Mondo Recycled Glass Pitcher This fabulous pitcher in the Mondo pattern is made of recycled glass, so it’s not only handsome and whimsical, but environmentally sound as well. It holds a generous two quarts and is mouth blown by Mexican artisans. Hand washing is recommended, and this is not for use in the microwave. But who puts something like this in the microwave?

Love the pitcher but don’t have glasses to go with it? Don’t worry. The matching glasses are on sale, too. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of Mondo glass collections also goes to Doctors Without Borders, so you can even add social responsibility to the list of great reasons to buy these gorgeous pieces.

Oh, and there was the small matter of the price, too, wasn’t there? Yes, these are on sale. The pitcher is now just $40.50 (regular price $54.00) and the glasses are marked down to just $72.00 for a set of six (regular price $96.00). But hurry! Quantities of some items are limited and the sale only lasts through July 17!

So, to sum up: buy fabulous glassware, support Doctors Without Borders, reduce your carbon footprint, preserve traditional craftsmanship, uphold the economies of two countries, and save money. After doing all that, you’ll definitely be able to sleep well at night.

Tanks for the Memories

It’s just past eight in the morning, and I’m already longing to throw myself into a huge vat of ice and not come out all day. In honor of that, I went looking for something very cool to recommend for today.

GAP Racerback Macrame Trim Tank Top This superfantastic 100% cotton knit tank top is listed at The GAP as being trimmed in macrame. It doesn’t look like any macrame I’ve ever seen (and I was there for the macrame craze of the 70’s, so I know what it looks like!), but it does look pretty, flirty, and seventeen kinds of fun. It also – and this is big – looks very, very cool and breezy. And for gals like me who lack the shoulders, it also looks like it will stay up where it belongs. Have I mentioned lately that I’m in love with the person who invented the racerback? Because I am.
Available in sizes XS to XXL in your color choice of Optic White or Pink Daquiri, this pretty tank should help you beat the heat. Oh, and the price? Cannot be beaten. Originally $34.50, it’s been marked down to just $19.99. And did I mention it’s pure cotton that breathes?

Beyond the Fringe

I know it’s hot out. But remember during winter when I found you all those cool-as-a-cucumber bargains you’re thanking me for now? Well, it’s going to get cold again in a few months, so now’s the perfect time to stock up on things most people are too hot and bothered to even think of.

And so it is that I point out this great deal on a gorgeous cashmere double-fringed scarf over at Vivre.com.

Double-Fringed Cashmere Scarf The artist, Meg Cohen, brushes dried flowers across the surface of her scarves to enhance the natural softness and texture of them. And just look at those lucious colors! I can’t decide whether I like the orange, the plum, or the blue best…but the other three colors are also delicious.

In the season, this scarf cost $350.00, but now when the summer’s got us all panting for a little shade, it can be yours for just $140.00. A savings of a cool $210.oo wouldn’t hurt my feelings about now!