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I’ll Listen to the Music

It’s been a generation since the introduction of the CD, and yet there’s a lot of great music that never got transferred to the medium, let alone to MP3. Over the years it’s also gotten harder and harder to find the means to keep playing those old albums.

If you have delicate old vynl records you don’t want to play too much, or you’re having trouble coming up with needles for your old turntable, fear not. Restoration Hardware has the answer to your problem!

USB Turntable/Vynl Archiver This is no ordinary turntable. Yes, you can play your 33 1/3 or 45 RPM records on it just to hear them, but you can also use it to transfer your vynl to CD or MP3 format via your computer. It’s compatible with both PC and Mac, too.

All that, and a great deal, too. The retail price is $199.00, which isn’t at all bad for the chance to save your vynl collection while getting to play it often. But the sale price of $118.99 is music to my ears!

Drop Everything!

Sometimes you just need a pair of earrings to make a statement. I don’t know about you, but I love what these earrings are saying:

Semi Precious Stone Drop Earrings The fun shapes and chains say ‘casually comfortable.’ The semi-precious stones say ‘easy elegance.’ The combination says ‘superfantastic.’

Best of all, there’s what the price tag says. The retail price of  $277.99 says ‘a pretty darn good deal.’ Overstock.com’s usual price of $188.99 says ‘smart shopper.’ Right now, though, their discount to just $170.09 says ‘superfantastic deal.’

Superfantastic look, superfantastic deal…what more do you need?

I need these earrings.

Vibrant Versace or Chocolate Consolation

You can put flowers in any vase. They’ll look great, and they’ll smell good. But why put your flowers in any old vase when you can put them in this:

Versace La Mer Vase This is the La Mer vase by Versace. It’s porcelain painted with a fun mix of classic aquatic images, such as coral branches and golden shells. It stands 7″ high to hold a wide variety of blooms, or to simply be superfantastic in its empty state.

If you want it as much as I do, you’ll be delighted to know it’s on sale at Saks Fifth Ave. Regularly priced at $268.00, it’s currently selling for just $201.00. You can even get free shipping with the code SAKSSHIP9.

Of course, if the year has been financially unfortunate for you, you still may not be able to afford the lovely Versace vase. In that case, may I offer up this second delightful deal from Saks?

Chocolate Shoe and Purse After all, what woman doesn’t feel better with a stylish set of matching shoes and purse? And what woman wouldn’t feel even better if they’re made of chocolate? At that point, even if you don’t care about matching shoes and purses, it still appeals.

Regularly priced at $52.00, they’ve been marked down to just $32.00 for the season.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you getting both, if you like.

Link It Up

Mmm…French cuffs. I love ’em. There’s just something about a pair of French cuffs with a really great pair of cufflinks that makes me deeply happy.

Thomas Pink Cufflinks See? Happy making. They’re made of silver with enamel in three different shades of blue in a handsome Celtic-style design.

Then again, the price could be contributing to the smile on my face. Available exclusively from Thomas Pink, they’ve been marked down from $105.00 to just $69.00!

French cuffs, pretty cufflinks, extra green in my wallet…yeah, that’s a happy thought.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Odds ‘n’ Ends Edition

There’s at least one on every gift list. You know the one. It’s the guy who wouldn’t know a wrench from a hacksaw who doesn’t wear a tie and the gal who needs a map to find her kitchen and is allergic to perfumes. These are the people you can’t just give a random gift at the holidays,  because they don’t fit any recognized box. Don’t panic. There are still plenty of superfantastic things you can give them without breaking the bank or leaving them wondering where precisely one returns a crockpot or a set of phillips head screwdrivers.

You can always give them the gift of a great monument without flying them to another country to see it.

Personal Stonehenge Whether you’re buying for someone into alternate spiritual concepts or simply a fan of Spinal Tap, this miniature Stonehenge is sure to please.

Originally priced at $75.00 for a set of three, it’s been reduced at VivaTerra to a thrifty $29.00. At that price, it’s practically a stocking stuffer.

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Harlow Can You Go?

If you’re looking for an extra touch of sparkle to put under the tree for someone special, now would be a good time to head over to Net-A-Porter. You see, they have this on sale:

Dannijo Harlow Bracelet It’s the Harlow bracelet by Dannijo. It’s made of oxidized silver chain links studded with Swarovski crystals. So pretty, so fun, so versatile.

And such a good deal, too! The Net-A-Porter usually sells it for $210.00, which is a big savings over the retail price. Right now, though, they’re selling it for a mere $126.00.

At that price maybe you can make someone you love sparkle this holiday season. What? I never said you couldn’t love you.

A Starring (Casse)role

During the holidays, many of us spend a lot of time feeding more people than we usually would. Friends, family, co-workers, they’re all hungry, and they all know what a good cook you are. It’s possible, though, that you don’t have enough large cooking vessels to handle all that food.

Of course, you can always buy more. But if you can get top-quality cookware at moderate prices, that’s the way to go.

Enter Williams-Sonoma. They’re having a huge sale right now on Le Creuset  cookware.

Le Creuset Cocotte This is the four quart Le Creuset Cocotte. It’s a lovely oval casserole that will be perfect, whether you’re making a large casserole or a whole braised chicken. It’s available in three different colors that go from oven to stove top to tabletop equally gracefully.

Best of all, it’s a great deal at Williams-Sonoma. Regularly priced at $290.00, it’s on sale until 12/13 for just $119.96!

They cooked up the deal, now you can cook up a storm.

It’s Greek to Me

There’s nothing like a really unusual glass piece to bring a touch of elegance and charm to your home. I love something with a quirky detail. You know, something like this:

Kosta Boda Corfu Bowl Say hello to the Corfu bowl by Kosta Boda. It’s part of their series of works based on the styles of Classical Greece. Designer Kjell Engman has added a whimsical red handle to the side of this charming green bowl. The colors may say ‘Christmas’ but the piece will look spectacular in your home all year ’round.

And where does one find such a delightful accent for the home? Why at Bloomingdale’s in the sale section. The original price was a whopping $185.00, but you can get it on sale right now for just $89.99! That’s a savings of almost a hundred dollars, which is a language I speak like a native.

Clutching…But Not At Straws

Anyone who’s been reading this blog for a week knows one thing about me: I love color. Paint It Black is a great Stones song, but (in my not-so-humble opinion) a lousy way of trying to make the world prettier or more elegant. This is not to say that there is no place for black in Twistieworld. It’s just that I prefer to use it to make other colors pop more brightly rather than as an end in itself.

Bold, bright color is where I’m at. It also appears to have been where Lodis was when they designed this utterly lickable metallic hot pink clutch:

Lodis Very Hot Starlet Clutch In addition to this glorious blue, there’s a vibrant green, a rich plum, and an eye-catching pink. Every one would sparkle against a little black dress…or a great outfit in a brighter color.

Best of all, it can be yours for a song. Originally priced at $179.00 (a price that could easily have had me singing the blues), it’s been marked down to just $98.45 at Endless!

I think my world just became a little more colorful.

I’ll Have a (Wedgewood) Blue Christmas

The best time of the year to buy holiday ornaments is usually about three days after that particular holiday has passed. The prices have come down ridiculously and everyone is sick of looking at the favored motifs, be they hearts or holly.

Right now, though, would be a great time to head over to Amazon.com and check out their huge collection of Christmas ornaments if your tree is threatening to look a tidge on the bare side. Whether you want classic icicles and candy canes, an ode to your favorite movie or football team, or something to commemorate your first year of marriage or the addition of a pair of tiny feet to your love nest, there’s something to fit both your needs and your budget.

Twistie’s pick? I do love a good classic and blue matches my eyes, so I have to go for this:

Wedgewood Teacup Ornament See? It’s a pretty Wedgewood teacup and saucer! There’s even a matching teapot ornament.

Best of all, it’s on sale. The regular price might be $43.00, but right now it’s just $38.67, and it qualifies for free Super Saver shipping.

Santa, baby, you can put this under my tree anytime you like.

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