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First You Take a Little Pot….

Friends, I have moved up in the world. A few days ago I put my money where my mouth has been all this time and bought my first ever Le Creuset cooking pot. Here’s the one I got:

Le Creuset 2.75-qt. Enameled Soup Pot, Cobalt Blue Okay, mine is red, but you get the idea. It’s a lovely 2.75qt soup pot. It goes on the stove top or in the oven. And while it’s designed to make soup, it works for a variety of things. I cooked last night’s lentil stew with sausages in it, and not only did everything cook perfectly, clean up was a breeze!

Of course it doesn’t hurt that there’s a hell of a deal on it at Cooking.com. Yes, that’s right, it’s on sale. The regular price is a whopping $164.95, but it’s on sale at just $99.99.

Le Creuset for less than a hundred dollars? I’ll eat to that!

Hey Ombre!

If you are limited as to funds and want to invest in some classy designer evening wear, it’s a good idea to go for something that isn’t too, too trendy. After all, you’ll want to be able to wear it again and you don’t want to have a neon sign across you blaring ‘2009’ to the crowd when you wear it in 2015.

All the same, you want some interest to the gown that will look spectacular. What’s the point in getting just another very ordinary dress if you’re spending big bucks on it?

And this lovely Nicole Miller ombre dyed gown is where I find the perfect balance point.

Nicole Miller Evening Gown The lines are simple, classic, and elegant, but the olive to teal ombre dyed silk fabric (okay, there’s 8% spandex for shaping, but the other 92% is silk) is dramatic enough to make a real entrance for years to come.

And years to come is how long you’ll smile to yourself about the price, too! The suggested retail price may be $530.00, but it’s on sale at eDress Me for a mere $372.00!

The Jagged Edge of Superfantastic

If you simply must go out on a cold day (something I never do if I can help it), one of the best things you can do for yourself is to wear a good pair of gloves. Not only will they keep your fingers warmer, they’ll look fabulous, as well. At least, they will if you wear ones like these:

Twenty8Twelve Celia Leather Gloves The Celia gloves by Twenty8Twelve are made of classic black leather and finished with piping on the hand and pinked ends. They’re so gorgeous they’ll have you feeling like a forties femme fatale in no time, all the while keeping each finger toasty warm.

The price won’t leave you cold, either. While they used to cost a cool $125.00, you can get them from Shopbop right now for a heartwarming $62.50! That’s half off the price for all that style.

Cable Home

There’s nothing like a really great tote bag, and it’s been fun watching really good designers figure that out over the past few months. For instance, look what the humble tote has become in the hands of Kate Spadeicon:

Now that’s not the sort of tote you get for donating to Public Broadcasting or attending a convention! That’s the sort of purse that makes people stop and notice you in the streets. Look at that gorgeous embroidery that resembles a good cableknit sweater, the handsome leather handles, and the bright gold findings. Inside it’s got a plethora of practical pockets to keep you organized as well as stylish. Oh, and if you don’t like the red you can always order it in black. Me? I like the red.

Of course I like the price at least as much as the color. It originally sold for $355.00, but Nordstrom has it on sale right now for only $212.90.

You can tote the rest around in your new purse.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Super Sparkly Edition

I love the sparkle and gleam of pretty jewelry. And as you all know, I love a good bargain. Put them together, and you’ve got my idea of a reason to celebrate! What’s making me want to dance right now? Take a look and see.

Chamak by Priya Kakkar set of 2 - dark purple crystal studded banglesTalk about your sparkle factor! This pair of goldtone bracelets are set with purple crystals for a dramatic look created by Priya Kakkar. Not wild about the bright purple? Don’t worry! They come in five other colors, including clear.

Originally, they would have set you back $70.00 for the pair, but Bluefly has them on sale right now for just $42.00. That’s a price that makes my smile sparkle, too!

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Hey, Could You Hand Me That Towle?

When mixing drinks, it’s important to have the right tools right to hand. If you’re like me, though, you find things wandering off at the most inconvenient times. Unless, that is, they’re fixed with their own handy, dandy organizer like this one.

Towle stainless steel 'Concentric' 6-piece bar tool set
This is the Concentric 6-piece bar tool set by Towle. Made of handsome and sturdy stainless steel, it has everything you need to act as your own bartender and then keep it neatly in a compact state. You’ll find a 6″ double jigger, 6″ bottle opener, 9″ stirrer, 9 1/2″ strainer and 9 1/4″ fruit knife, all neatly organized and right to hand.

Of course one of the best things about it is the deal you can get on it at Bluefly. The suggested retail price is $105.00, but if you order it from Bluefly today you can get it for just $63.00…and probably in time for your next party.

I’ll drink to that!

Teardrops of Joy

It’s January, which means all you lucky boys and girls out there who have birthdays this month get the gorgeous garnet as a birthstone. Lucky, lucky January babies!

In honor of your birth, Amazon.com is having a terrific sale on selected pieces of garnet jewelry, which is another great reason to celebrate.Twistie’s pick? This elegant 16″ 14k yellow gold and garnet briolette station necklace.

Yellow gold and Garnet Briolette Station Necklace It’s graceful and classic enough for a party, but simple and light-hearted enough to wear nearly every day. The twelve teardrop-shaped garnet drops add up to 17 carats of gorgeous.

And of course, the sale makes it a nearly irresistible deal. The suggested retail price is $171.00, but with the current discounts, it’s just $99.99! That’s a savings of 42%.

I definitely won’t be crying over savings like those!

Fit For a Foxy Lady

Since it’s still so darn cold, I thought I’d continue showing warm things. And in scanning the net for pretty, warm things, I found this delightful Sonia Rykiel Scarf:

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Fox intarsia scarf It’s made of 100% Merino wool to keep you toasty warm. Oh, and that purple figure intarsia woven on the grey background? Is a fox. Yes, it’s a cruelty-free fox neckpiece!

In the normal course of things, you’d expect to pay about $320.00 for this fabulous designer scarf. The good news is this isn’t the normal course of things. This is the Basement of the Bargains, where we know how to find a good deal. That’s why I’m going to point you at Net-a-Porter, where you can get it for just $160.00 or half off the regular price.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to throw on my lovely new scarf and go guard a henhouse or two.

Awfully Audrey

Ask anyone and you’ll learn anew that Audrey Hepburn is one of the great style icons of the twentieth – or indeed any – century. Every once in a blue moon, I come across something that just makes me sit up and say ‘that’s Audrey!’ and it makes me happy. Well, this morning I was taking a quick glance at Ralph Lauren.com and what should I find but this:

Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Swing Coat It couldn’t be more Audrey if it had been designed by Hubert de Givenchy himself!

The proportions are elegant, the houndstooth check utterly classic, and the entire feel is one of effortless class. It’s even got one spectacular slightly Bohemian touch in that fabulous collar that can be worn up or down, depending on how incognito you wish to be. It even comes in petite and plus sizes, too!

Oh, and did I mention the sale? Yes, all three size ranges are on sale. The original prices ranged from $409.00 to $399.00, but you can get it now from $279.99 to $229.99. But wait! There’s more! For a limited time, you can get an extra 30% off any of those prices! Plus there’s free shipping on orders over $175.00.

Go on. Audrey would want you to have it.

Gym Dandy!

I know a lot of us have made New Years’ resolutions to get more exercise…and I know a lot of us are more than capable of coming up with dozens of reasons not to follow through. If you want to take one more excuse out of your arsenal, drop on by 6pm and take a look at the incredible deal they’re offering on this stylish DKNY gym bag.

DKNY Gym Bag It’s a practical nylon bag with suede trim and plenty of pockets, including one for your cell phone. What’s more, it comes in three handsome colors: Glaze (shown), Grey, and Navy.

The original price on this practical pretty was $229.00, but you won’t pay anything near that much to look this serious at the gym! If you go to 6PM right now, you can get it for just $103.50.

Now that’s a pricetag to do my heart good!