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Christmas Greetings From Twistie

Christmas Gift A joyful Christmas to you all! May you find everything you dream of under the tree…but if you don’t get it from Santa, tune in tomorrow for more savings.

Be a Cut Up, Slash the Price

Henckels Carving Set Few names in knives command the respect Henckels does. They are noted for high quality, long wear, and a certain elegance of design. Even a glance at this beautiful carving setshows you precisely why they are so admired.

Of course, having such a good name means they can command a high price as well as respect. In fact, this set usually sells for $265.00. It’s not unreasonable for an investment, but it’s hardly chicken feed, either.

Imagine my delighted surprise when I found the same set on sale at Cooking.com for just $129.99! That’s less than half price!

I can’t be cut up over that.

Flakey Goodness

When it’s this cold out, there’s one of two things to do: find a way to warm up or go with the cold flow. with a little help from this:

Turquoise and Snowflake Bracelet you may be able to do both at once.

Noah Philippe made this beauty for Green Earth out of genuine turquoise, silver plate chain and charms, and glass beads in blue and clear for a cool bracelet that will warm your heart.

Another warming feature is the pricetag. The suggested retail price is $149.99, but you can get it from Finejewelers.com for just $79.99.

Despite the color, this one isn’t making me at all blue.

I Sing the Bodhi…Not Electric, But Still Bright

Bodhi Bucket Purse Look at that. It’s like a ray of sunshine in the middle of dark and gloomy days. It’s a fabulous bucket tote by Bodhi, and it’s making me smile. From the cheerful yellow pebbled leather (it also comes in a delightful grassy green) to the whimsical self buttons on the outer pockets, I find myself utterly besotted by it.

I’m also pretty darn taken with the current price. You see, the retail tag would read $450.00. Bluefly has been carrying it for a thrifty $270.00, which is a huge improvement over the original. Right now, though, Bluefly is taking an extra 15% off everything on the site making the cost to you just $218.44!

But wait! There’s more! Order right now and you can still get your package to that special someone in time for Christmas. What’s more, it will only cost you $2.00. That’s right, $2.00. Two lousy bucks for 2nd day shipping (check site for restrictions) on orders of $100.00 or more.

I think my Grinchly heart just grew two sizes. Thank you, Bluefly!

Flower for Your Flowers

When I was about eight, my parents gave me a book about ancient Egyptian jewelry. I fell in love. The formalized shapes, the intricate beading, everything about the style appealed. Most of all I adored the rich, saturated, bold colors.

I’m still madly in love with color. I still hold a place in my heart for those exquisitely emphatic jewels. And I love it when I see something that isn’t jewelry, but still appears to have drawn inspiration from the same source.

Faience Beaded Flower Vase I don’t think I’ve seen quite this shade of blue outside of ancient Egyptian artifacts, and the shape of the lotus blossom at the top of this vase strikes a similar chord. And yet it’s made in modern day France of glazed earthenware and hand painted. Since it’s hand painted, each one will be slightly different. It stands 12″ high, and is 5″ wide at the neck, slightly wider at the base.

I fell in love the instant I saw it. I fell in love all over again when I saw the sale price.

Originally $448.00, it’s been marked down to just $112.00! Oh, and if you’re a member of the New York City Botanical Gardens, you can get it at the further reduced price of just $100.80.

Go on. Cleopatra would want you to.

Searching For My Lost Shaker of Salt

Oh the weather outside is frightful…and that makes me dream lazy dreams of warm weather and the parties it would be fun to throw in them. And of course that makes me think of cool drinks based around a lot of ice.

Margaritaville King of Frozen Concoction Maker Enter the Margaritaville King of Frozen Concoction Maker. This Cerberus of the frozen drink world has six automated settings: Ritas, Daiquiris, Coladas, Mojitos, Slides, and Smoothies, as well as three lightweight blending jars. 700 watts of power will assure the best blended frozen drinks in the neighborhood.

What’s that you ask? The price? Why let a silly little thing like that stand in your way?

Look, it’s like this. The usual price is $599.99. But these are not usual times, are they? No, they are not. And that’s why you can get this amazing blender of wonder from Macy’s right now for just $499.99. But wait! There’s more! For a limited time, order at least $99.00 from Macy’s, enter code: THEBEST at checkout, and get free shipping on your order!

$100.00 and free shipping? Sign me up!

Cuff Me!

To those of you who have been keeping up with this blog for a while, it comes as no surprise that I love bracelets. I particularly love cuff bracelets, and dramatic ones at that. So imagine my delight when my eyes lighted on this lovely item:

Julia Rofman Beaded Cuff While it pays homage to the Southwest, it’s a completely modern design full of verve and originality. So pretty.

And of course if you see it here, you know it’s on sale. This beauty originally would have set you back $225.00, but if you hurry you can order it from shopbop.com for just $157.50.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Last-Minute Santa Edition

Ho Ho Ho!

So, you’ve got kids on your gift list and nothing to give them? Fret not, for behold, I bring you tidings of great deals which shall appeal to kids both young and old.

There’s a certain time in life when a lot of kids become interested in magic tricks. If there’s a budding David Copperfield in your life (the magician, not the Victorian orphan), then you might want to head over to Smartbargains and take a look at this:

Coin Trick Kit It’s the Melissa and Doug Apprentice Magician coin trick game. Included are instructions and tools needed to master sixteen different coin tricks. It may or may not get the kid cool status in Home Room, but it will definitely build logic and dexterity, in addition to hours of fun.

Best of all, you’ll save big time. The retail price is a cool $50.00, but at Smartbargains it’s just $34.99.

Continue Reading…

Chain Link Fabulous

You’d have to be living in a cave not to know that chains are big right now. They’re popular for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and now purses:

Rafe New York Chain Embroidered Purse This beauty is by Rafe New York, and I’m in love with it. It has layers of multicolored chains all over the flap for a fun and fabulous look. At 8″ x 7″ x 2″ with a crossbody chain strap, it’s a compact yet practical way of carrying your basic needs. It closes with a magnetic snap and there’s a zipper closure to the interior pocket.

The best thing of all, though, is the sale. Regularly priced at $450.00, it’s on sale at Nordstrom for just $299.90.

Baby, these are chains I would enjoy.

Crystal Clarity

Every once in a while a deal comes along that just makes you see more clearly how good shopping for deals on the internet can be. Today, I have one of them for you.

Crystal Cake Stand You see that cake stand? Pretty, isn’t it? I think it’s quite lovely and dignified. It would work for any occasion from a birthday party to a bridal tea to the finale of your dinner for the boss.

How much would you pay for it? Well, the manufacturers want you to pay $140.00 for the 12″ round, 5.5″ tall hand washable crystal beauty. But you’re not going to pay that much, no siree!

You’re going to head straight for Horchow where it’s on two incredible sales at once. You see, this lovely stand got added to the Special  Value list, where the price got knocked down to just $69.90. Now that’s a good deal. But wait, there’s more! If you order before 12/20, you’ll find it’s being featured as a weekly special, bringing the price tag down to a measly $48.90!

But wait, it gets better still! Now through 12/17 (that’s just one more day, folks),  everything on the entire site is on sale  25% – 30% off plus free shipping with code 1DAYDEC!

So hurry on down, because you don’t want to miss deals like this. Santa might put you on his naughty list for that. Twistie certainly will.

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