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Listen! What’s That Smell?

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and one of the most popular gifts is perfume. But that’s not restricted to the ladies, by any means. There are plenty of men who like to stop and smell the perfume on themselves, too.

If the man in your life likes a bit of fragrance (or if you’re a guy looking to smell good for your SO), now is a great time to check out the terrific sale going on at Perfumania.com.

BVLGARI Men's Fragrance Set This set by Bulgari is a great deal for the man who wants to smell as good as he looks. It consists of a 3.4 oz eau de toilette spray and a 2.7 oz deoderant stick, both in the Aqua scent.

The retail price on this set is $80.00. Perfumania usually carries it for a thrifty $64.49. Now through February 23, though, it’s an extra 20% off for a total of just $51.59!

Oh, and if there isn’t a man in your life who needs this, don’t panic. You can still take advantage of the amazing deals for women and children. You’ll save an extra 20% over their usual low, low discount prices.

Mmmm…I smell a bargain!

Pass Me an Apple, Because I’m Tempted!

If you’ve been reading this space for a while, you know I have a thing for a really great bracelet. I’m also something of a sucker for animal motifs. Combine the two, and you get this superfantastic snake bracelet by Elizabeth and James:

Elizabeth and James Snake Soft Bracelet It’s a classic snake design linked with brass and fitted with a lobster claw clasp. Oh, and for those with slightly larger than average wrists, you’ll be happy to know it’s a full 9″ long.

As for the price, well, it used to cost $295.00 to get. Right now, though, at Shopbop.com it’s just $147.50. At that price, why resist temptation?

The Style Never Quilts

Ah late winter, when my fancy inevitably turns to finding a really great new purse for the spring. It needs to be just the right sort of purse. It needs to hold a fair amount of stuff, because I carry my life with me at all times. It needs to look sharp, so I can feel my best. It needs to give a feeling of lightness and charm to go with the warmer weather. Oh, and it needs to be a great deal, too.

Charles David - Quilted Leather Hobo (Yellow) - Bags and Luggage Enter this fabulous quilted hobo bag by Charles David. The shape and size are perfect for carrying those odds and ends one accumulates during a busy day of being superfantastic without looking bulky or awkward. The shoulder strap adds a jaunty edge, too. Oh, and there’s a zippered pocket inside just right for holding your wallet.

It comes in this pretty yellow or in a bright, clean white, both with goldtone fittings for a cheerful springtime look.

As for the price, well, it was originally $222.00, but it’s on sale at 6pm for just $112.37! That’s 49% off, which is a great way to start a new season.

Pencil This Deal In

Over the years if there’s one thing I’ve always tried to have in my wardrobe at any given time, it’s a simple, classic skirt that covers my knees in a neutral color. I always get the best quality one I can afford, and it often lasts for a very long time, giving me lots of great options for interviews, travel, work, and even play. A skirt like that looks equally good with heels and a delicate blouse or with a slouchy sweater and boots. With a few carefully chosen adjustments in accessories, it can go from day to evening. In short, it’s the perfect wardrobe staple.

So imagine my delight when I discovered just such a wardrobe staple on sale at Mount Cashmere. It’s a pencil skirt designed to fall at mid-calf that manages not to look frumpy, too!

Cashmere Pencil Skirt The elastic waist ensures ease of fit, while the two-ply, twelve-guage cashmere assures you years of style with proper care.

As for the color, it comes in three classics: grey (shown), loden green, and mushroom (a pale taupe). No matter what the season, no matter what the current hot colors, one of those is sure to keep right on looking superfantastic.

But the best thing is the price. The regular price on it was $270.00, which isn’t too much to ask for something this versatile and elegant. Right now, though, at Mount Cashmere, you can get it for just $81.00! That’s a savings of nearly $200.00!

I don’t know about you, but that’s a deal I’d like to take advantage of.

Rey of Beauty

One of the current trends I’m loving is metallic fabrics, particularly the ones that aren’t metal colors. Gold and silver are nice, of course, but a shimmer of metallic threads through black, white, purple, or green adds a certain elegant touch that makes me smile.

That’s why I’m so delighted with theIda Flux convertible clutch by Felix Rey:

Felix Rey black patent 'Ida Flux' convertible clutch It comes in gold and silver, too, but I love this shimmery black metallic fabric. The style is simple, but the large trio of Swarovski crystals adds a bold touch that assures you your bag won’t get mixed up with someone else’s at the party.

Best of all, it’s a heck of a deal at Bluefly right now! The retail value is $420.00. Bluefly’s original price was a thrifty $252.00. Right now, though, it’s on sale for a mere $210.99.

Now that’s a deal I can appreciate!

Croquet, Anyone?

For nearly as long as I can remember, I’ve adored Alice in Wonderland and Though the Looking Glass. One of my favorite images from both books is the rousing game of croquet in which the players attempt to strike hedgehogs balls with flamingoes, with amusingly inefficient results.

Of course, you may think of tacky lawn ornaments or your favorite Audubon print or that vacation you took in Florida. All the same, it’s hard to deny the charm of this flamingo pendant from Amazon.com.

Flamingo Pendant Set in 14k yellow gold, the pendant features a large lab created pink sapphire and a smattering of small white diamonds. It comes complete with an eighteen-inch yellow gold chain.

The original price was $199.99. Then it was marked down to just $119.99. Now, though, and for a limited time, you can take another 30% off the price of this and a host of other animal motif jewelry at Amazon.

Now if they just had some hedgehog earrings to go with it….

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Warm Household Touches Edition

It’s the little things that make a house a home. Small things like napkin rings, candle holders, and picture frames can make a huge difference in how well your home reflects you as a person. Because of that, it behooves us all to do our best to pay attention to the quality and personality of the things we choose to put the finishing touches on our homes.

Verdigris Mini Taper Holder
For instance, these verdigris mini taper candle holders will tell friends and family that you have a fondness for nature, and a love of elegance. Slim candles rise from delicate verdigris trees to light your table gently.

Once upon a time, the candle holders would have cost you $69.00 each, and the candles $16.00 apiece. Now, though, at VivaTerra, the holders are just $48.00 and the pure beeswax candles a mere $6.00 each.

Looking for something else? Check out the deals below the cut.

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A Class Ending

Dinner is over. It’s gone well, but now it’s time for dessert. You have the perfect taste treat to serve, but what is it going to go on? I have a suggestion, if you don’t mind:

Ralph Lauren Black Tie Dessert Plates These charming black tie dessert plates are by Ralph Lauren, and they’d be the perfect end to a lovely dinner. Each set consists of one each of the four patterns. The 6″diameter is just perfect for a slice of cake or pie, an arrangement of fruits, or for a smattering of bon bons.

Whatever you serve, it’s bound to look its best on this background.

As for the price, well, once upon a time the set of four plates would have set you back $100.00. Right now, though, you can get them direct from Ralph Lauren for a mere $74.99, or 25% off.

Never Forget This Elephant

Fashion may be serious business, but I think it’s always better for a sense of whimsey. And what could be more whimsical that this charming raffia clutchicon with its adorable elephant decoration?

Rafe New York made this fun and fabulous purse, and I think they did a great job. It features a drop in chain strap, in case you’d rather not carry it as a clutch. It also comes not only in the pink color shown, but in black and natural as well. There’s a snap closure under the elephant, and an interior wall pocket inside.

Oh, and there’s another thing that will put a smile on your face: the price. The original price was $295.00, but it’s on sale at NORDSTROM.

Don’t forget to grab a great deal like this one.

February’s Child Gets a Gorgeous Birthstone

Amethyst is a lot of great things. It’s sparkly, it’s been used as a protective symbol, it was even rumored back in Ancient Greece to protect one from drunkenness. Most of all, though, it’s purple. What’s not to love?

Well, I do know what is to love. It’s these earrings:

Marquise and Round Amethyst Drop Earrings Each one consists of three Marquise cut and one round deep purple amethyst set in 14k yellow gold. So lovely.

Oh, and did I mention what a great deal they are at UltraDiamonds.com?

The suggested retail price is a whopping $599.00, but at Ultra Diamonds they’re a mere $119.00!

Now, what to do with those other $480.00?

Maybe I’ll have an idea tomorrow.