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Heads, You Win!

I’m a sucker for a really great old movie. Sure, I love the plots, the actors, the snappy dialogue and all that, but what really makes me salivate is the great hats. Is it shallow of me? Perhaps. But a really great hat gets me every single time.

Patricia Underwood Black Velour HatThis one, for instance, is a big hit with me. I can just see Lauren Bacall or Katherine Hepburn rocking the hell out of it while sparring with Humphrey Bogart or Spencer Tracy. With its tall crown, subtle leaf pattern detail, and classic velour tailoring it just needs to be worn by a certain kind of femme fatale.

Who is responsible for this thing of beauty? Patricia Underwood. And where can you get it? Why at Bluefly, where it’s on an amazing sale.

The suggested retail price is $495.00. Bluefly usually carries it for the terrific deal of $297.00. Right now, though, you can get an even more amazing deal of just $142.99! That’s 71% off the retail price!

The only question left is: are you enough of a wisecracking dame to carry it off?

Well, that and: can you afford not to find out?

A Convertible Is a Girl’s Best Friend

No, I’m not talking cars. I’m talking purses.

Jill Stuart Crossbody PurseI’m talking about how this purse converts…

Jill Stuart Clutchinto this with little more than a flick of the wrist.

It’s the Jill Stuart Malina convertible crossbody/clutch purse, and it’s superfantastic!

It’s also a great deal right now at Shopbop.com. How great a deal is it? Well, the retail price is $298.00, but it’s on sale right now for just $208.60!

Considering the fact that it’s like getting two purses for the price of one, that’s a heck of a deal!

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Midas Touch Edition

There’s nothing like gold. Whether it’s the real metal shining in a bit of jewelry or the color used to decorate glass, fabric, leather, or wood, gold adds warmth to nearly everything it touches.

Case in point, these handsome mouthblown glass goblets in the Sparkle pattern from Global Amici:

Global Amici Sparkle GobletImagine these by candlelight at an intimate dinner party. Just think how they will glow, how the mosaic pieces of green glass will catch the light, how much more delicious your wine or water will appear in them.

And then imagine the secret smile you’ll wear as your friends and family ooh and ah over them and wonder how much they must have cost. The retail price for a set of four may be $80.00, but you’re headed over to Smart Bargains, where you’ll get them for just $49.99.

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Pay Less for Paisley

Whether you’re looking for an extra layer of warmth to add to a coat for the last blasts of winter or a lighter-weight wrap for the first flush of spring, a pretty shawl is a very useful item. And if you’re looking for a shawl, paisley is always a good way to go. Paisley is classic, so it will never look horribly dated. It’s been popular for shawls for over two hundred years with no sign of falling out of favor.

Combine paisley with gorgeous colors and a touch of cashmere, and you’re looking at something that will last for years, always useful, always elegant, always the perfect touch to complete a great outfit. In point of fact, one just like this is a great investment.

Precious Fibers Lightweight Printed Cashmere Wrap It’s made of a lightweight cashmere and printed with a paisley pattern in your choice of three lovely colors: caramel (shown), blue or rust.

As for the price, well, the retail value is $110.00, but it can be yours from QVC.com for a mere $81.00.

Wrap yourself up in that deal, my friends. It’s well worth it.

Timely Tote

The last couple of days have been rainy…there’s even been hail! Weather like that always makes this California girl long for sunshine and warmth. And warm weather makes me long for a really great warm weather purse like this zippy rattan tote I found at Wrapables.com.

Savannah Bamboo Tote Just look at the leather trim and bamboo handles and tell me you can’t see yourself swinging it down the street on a sunny day. Add a great summer dress, a cute pair of sandals, and some great shades to complete the look.

Handwoven in Borneo, the purse features an interior zip pocket, a cell phone pocket, and its own key ring. That means everything you need will be close to hand and easily organized while you look superfantastic.

How much would you pay for all this? Well, once upon a time you would have had to pay $115.95, but now you can get it on sale for just $54.99.

Now that’s a price to add some spring to my step!

Schon Thing

In a tough economy, finding ways to look prosperous and impressive are doubly important. To get a job or to keep a job you – or someone you love – may need some help looking like the right person to keep the company afloat. In a case like that, the importance of a really great tie cannot be overstated.

Mila Schon Ties That’s where the Raffaello Network comes in with the huge sale they’re having on designer ties.

This pure silk tie by Mila Schon is a surefire winner. Classic, attractive, the man who wears this will look self-assured and in control. What’s more, he’ll be fiscally responsible. After all, the regular price may be $129.00, but he’s only going to pay $85.00 for it.

A well-turned-out man who knows how to save a buck? Honey, I’ve always got a job for a man like that!

Cut Price, Not Cut Rate

My mother always said that with kitchen knives, you get what you pay for. With all due respect to dear old mom who knew a thing or two, I’ve found a case where that wisdom doesn’t hold true.

Wusthof Knife and Scissors set Wusthof knives don’t usually come cheap. What’s more, they’re worth every penny. Mine gets a workout nearly every day, and is in just as good shape now as it was when it was given to me as a wedding gift nearly sixteen years ago.

Right now, though, there’s a superfantastic deal going on at Sur La Table. The set you see above, consisting of a 6″ utility knife and a pair of shears, usually sells for $125.00. If you move quickly, though, you can get the set for just $39.99!

Sorry, Mom, but sometimes you get more than you pay for…even with good knives.

Vanilla Va-Va-Voom

To my mind, two of the most soothing scents in the world (short of bread baking) are vanilla and cocoanut. And one of the most relaxing things in the world is a good spa day.

Now we can’t all afford to go to the spa as often as we’d like, but we can get good bath products in soothing scents to carry us through between those massages and mud baths.

this seticon by Lavanila Laboratories could be just the thing to make your body and soul feel pampered even when you aren’t getting puffed and buffed by professionals. It includes body butter, body wash, lip shine, and fragrance all in a relaxing vanilla cocoanut scent chockful of anti-oxidants and essential vitamins and minerals so you’ll look and feel your best, as well as smell good.

Of course, it won’t hurt your blissful feeling knowing that you got a heck of a deal on all this personal care. The retail price on this set is $99.00, but at Drugstore.comicon right now, you can get it for the bargain basement price of just $69.30. Plus, for a limited time, if you spend a minimum of $30.00 on Lavanila Laboratories products, you’ll get a free mini body butter!

Now that’s a deal that relaxes me!

Hearts, Easy

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Now, let’s get down to business.

Did you get what you wanted today? Did your true love understand your true desires? Well, if not, I may just have found a great deal on what you really wanted.

Double Heart Pendant This beautiful double heart pendant is just the ticket to show where your heart lies. .23 carats of diamonds grace a white gold heart threaded on a 16″ chain (included). It’s delicate, elegant, and timeless. What more would you want of love?

Well, a touch of thrift never goes awry with me, as well you know. The suggested retail price on this beauty is $599.00. The regular price at FineJewelers.com is a much nicer $319.00. Right now, though, it’s on sale for the superfantastic price of just $239.25!

That’s a deal that warms my heart right up.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Simply Charming Edition

I don’t know about you, but I have a certain soft spot in my heart for charm bracelets. Correctly composed, they can tell you a lot about the person wearing them. What’s more, if someone is working on a charm bracelet, it’s easy to find gifts. Just look for a charm that relates to that person’s life and/or interests.

Of course, some people love the concept but prefer to have a pre-fab bracelet. For those among us, you could do a lot worse than this delightful example designed by Betsey Johnson:

Betsey Johnson Charm Bracelet With its whimsical hearts, flowers, and teatime items, it speaks to the girly girl in all of us women.

While it used to cost $55.00 (not bad for such a great piece of designer jewelry), it’s on sale now at Nordstrom. In fact, it’s on sale for just $32.90!

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