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Flight of Fancy…Without the Flight

Butterflies are always popular. Everyone loves them. I love them.

But I also have a great fondness for the unsung cousin of the butterfly: the moth. Not the ones who eat my woolens, obviously. Those moths are not my friends.

Still that leaves a lot of moths to appreciate, including this one:

Jean Paul Gaultier Moth Necklace Your clothes and linens are perfectly safe from this delightful little fellow. Jean Paul Gaultier created him of painted brass, a dramatic cabochon stone, and a series of rhinestones for sparkle. He comes mounted on a 16.5″ chain and measures 2.25″l x 2.28″w. Gorgeous.

Best of all, it’s a superfantastic deal right now at eLUXURY.com. It’s been marked down from the retail price of $295.00 to the much nicer sale price of $177.00.

Oh, and for a limited time, if you spend $100.00 or more, you can get free shipping. See site for details

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Flower Power Edition

Unless you’ve been hiding under a fashion rock, you know that flowers are big news on the runways and in closets all over. But what’s a girl to do if she’s on a budget? Bargain hunt, that’s what. And you have me to do a lot of the hard work for you. Let’s take a look at some of the great deals I’ve found to help you look your most floral without busting your budget.

First up, this cute flounced tank topicon from tbd is covered in fun blue flowers. It has a racer back combined with a soft, blouson shape.

It’s perfect for picnics and parties alike.

Oh, and it’s a great deal, too. The retail price is $58.00, but it’s on sale right now at Nordstromicon for just $37.90.

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Something to Wine About

I must admit, I don’t drink wine. It’s just not my thing. Mr. Twistie, though, likes to keep a few good bottles around for a special occasion. That occasion can range from Christmas to birthdays to friday night with nothing to do on saturday morning.

Me? While I don’t care about the wine so much, I’ve decided that one of the things I want most in life is this Entwined Root Wine Rack from VivaTerra:

Entwined Root Wine Rack ($40 surcharge)
It’s made of entwined tree roots with sturdy shelves of recycled elm. The result is a glorious piece that would look wonderful in nearly any dining room. On top of that, it’s practical since it holds more than thirty bottles. It’s also environmentally responsible, since it’s composed of found and recycled renewable materials.

And then there’s the price. The retail value is $469.00, really a mere pittance for something you’ll get so many years of enjoyment from. But why pay the full retail when you can get an incredible deal? How incredible? How about $119.00 or 75% off?

Seriously? All the beautiful for a quarter of the price?

I may even take up wine drinking.

Shop the Bop ‘Til You Drop

I love a great deal, as well you know by now. Even as a child I found a special thrill in rooting through the bargain racks to find treasures that others had missed. Other women may spend their time down memory lane recalling their weddings, etc., but my triumphant memory was the time I found a perfect pair of 100% wool fully lined navy blue trousers for a mere two bucks. They even fit me perfectly without tailoring, which, looking back, may explain why they were on that rack for so little. It’s not every day you find perfectly fitted pants off the rack for a 5’2″ woman with her natural waistline half an inch below her bust and legs that aren’t as stumpy as you might imagine.

(Note to Mr. Twistie, should he ever read this: you know I think a lot about our wedding, dear. It was truly as great a triumph as those pants. After all, look at what a beautiful day I planned on two shiny nickels and a dream.)

Still, deals make me happier than almost anything. So it stands to reason that I love places that give me lots of great deals on beautiful things. And that’s why I dropped by ShopBop this morning to take a look at their sales racks.

So many pretty things! So many great deals! Just look what I found in their 50% off ‘rack:’

Lee Angel Jewelry Anik Bangles - Set of 3
So pretty. So elegant. So timeless. So on sale.

This set of three bangles by Lee Angel features coral cabochons and pave rhinestones for a combination of cool and glitter that’s hard to resist. Wear just one or stack them up. Add them to a poolside drinks look or use them as the finishing touch to a more formal outfit. Either way, they’re the perfect way to add stackable charm without  cluttering up your wrist.

And did I mention that 50% off bit? I believe I did, but it definitely bears repeating. These bracelets are half off! The original price was $216.00, which really wasn’t too bad for what you’re getting. But right now at Shopbop you can get the set for just $108.00

All the pretty, half the price. Now that’s what I call a good deal.

Go For the Gustto

Oh how I love sale time at Bluefly! They come up with the most delightful deals on super fantastic goodies.

Gustto black leather 'Vando City Baby' shoulder bag This particular goodie is the Gustto black leather ‘Vando City Baby’ shoulder bag. It’s a compact wonder at 8 1/2″w x 6″h x 4 1/2″d. It’s light at one measly pound. It’s practical with it’s 21″ shoulder strap with a 7 1/2″ drop. As for style, well, just look at it. You’ll see all you need to know.

Well, all except the price tag. That I can tell you right now. The suggested retail price on this baby is $625.00, which is a lot, I grant you, even for such a great purse. Bluefly usually carries it for $375.00, which is a lot better, but still a bit rich for my blood. Right now, though, they’ve slashed prices on dozens of fabulous items including this one. For a limited time, you can get this purse for just  $299.99! That’s 52% off the original price!

You know, I really do need a new casual purse….

Ooh La La, Louise!

The sun is shining, the day is warm. More than anything, you want to hang out on the beach or in the pool. Are you really going to do it in that ratty 0ld swimsuit? Of course not! You’re going to get a new one.

Looking at your credit card statement, though, you know you have to be practical. Does this mean you can’t look your best at the beach? Of course not! It just means you need to shop a bit carefully.

Huit Chez Louise Bandeau Swimsuit Front This little piece of blue heaven is the Huit Chez Louise bandeau swimsuit. Pretty for lounging, but built so you can actually swim in it, this is the perfect suit for looking gorgeous and feeling confident.

Of course, some of us cannot feel our most confident if we fear that our backsides are on too extreme display. If that describes you as much as it does me, then I invite you to take a look at the rear view you’ll be offering in this suit:

Huit Chez Louise Bandeau Swimsuit Back Sexy, yet dignified.

So, pretty, discreet, equally up to the task of swimming or lounging beautifully with a cold drink and a fabulous beach hat…so far it meets every possible requirement. But what about the price tag?

Well, it does normally run $111.00 retail, I grant you. Right now, though, at Fig Leaves you can get it for just $83.25.

So, pretty, discreet, good for swimming or lounging, and a great deal? That’s my idea of heaven.

Pleat, Pleat Me

It’s a well-known fact if you read this blog on a regular basis that I love, love, love dramatic jewelry. It’s also a well-known fact that I adore bracelets. Another thing I delight in (though this is slightly less widely known) is the designs of Mariano Fortuny. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to see some of his work up close and personal, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s amazing.

So when I found a dramatic bracelet by Ted Rossiicon with a hint of Fortuny style to it on sale…well, I just had to share my excitement about it with all of you!

icon The pleated pale copper silk is decorated with what is described as ‘crystallized Swarovski elements’ and faux pearls. Oh, and your wrist will be kept comfortable and just as stylish next to your skin with a lining of metallic lambskin.

I feel decadent just writing about this.

Oh! That’s right! It’s on sale, too. Originally it went for $285.00, but right now it’s on sale at Saks Fifth Aveicon for just $199.50.

Oh, and to sweeten the pot, type code: SHIPSPR9 into the order form at checkout to receive free shipping, now through May 14, 2009. See site for details.

See my wrist for pretty.

Something Fishy

I’ve always had a thing for the aquatic. I love to eat fish. I love to look at fish. I love to wear fish-themed clothes and jewelry. Sea life (or pond or stream or lake life) appeals strongly to me. It always has.

And there’s something about the spring and summer that makes other people start to see what I’m on about. Suddenly fish spring up everywhere as themes in fabrics and accessories.

Kate Spade Tortuga Bay Fish Pendant See? Kate Spade agrees with me. After all, she designed this deliciously whimsical Tortuga Bay fish pendant. The articulated goldtone fish is enameled in red, white, and blue and hangs from a 32″ chain. It’s just the touch to complete that beach or yachting outfit…or even something casual to wear when you’re sticking to dry land.

It’s even on sale. Originally $155.00, it’s been marked down to just $108.50 at Bloomingdale’s.

Take my word for it, this deal isn’t fishy at all. Oh, and the piece will go swimmingly with nearly any wardrobe.

Process This

There is cause for jubilation in the land of people who love to cook!

Cuisinart has a brand new food processor, and I’ve found you an incredible deal on it.

Cuisinart Elite 16 Cup Food Processor Check out the sleek new lines. This is a far more elegant look than in models past. Of course, that’s not the most important question, but we do care about surface as well as substance in the Manolosphere.

As for how it works, well, it holds up to 16 cups, is designed to handle liquid ingredients more efficiently than previous models, has a retractable cord, and comes standard with three different sized bowls (16 cup, 13 cup, and 4 1/2 cup) that stack for easy storage.

Also included are: two discs, two blades, an accessory storage box, a spatula, a how-to DVD, and a booklet of recipes.

How much would you pay for all that? Don’t answer…and no, I’m not adding the fabulous Ginzu steak knife to the deal. The manufacturer’s suggested price is $545.00, which really isn’t all that bad for such a kitchen workhorse of an appliance. But we don’t deal in ‘not bad’ here at the Basement. We deal in the super fantastic. To get that, you’ll have to head to Williams-Sonoma, where they’re selling this baby for a mere $299.95.

They must have used the fine blade to slice that price down to size!

A Map to the Super Fantastic

I’m in a domestic mood of late. I’m reading cookbooks for entertainment, watching interior design shows on cable, and being drawn inexorably to furniture and hardware stores. I wasn’t sure why this was so until this morning when I found myself scouring the Restoration Hardware website and found this.

Turner Map Coffee Table This map chest coffee table is elegant, solid, warm, and – best of all – on sale.

Handcrafted from North American Black Cherry wood, you can choose from a natural cherry finish (shown) or dark cherry finish. Either way, the color will deepen with age and exposure to sunlight.

And did I mention that on sale bit? Because it’s a great sale for a piece bound to become an heirloom. The original price tag was $1,360.00. That’s a price that could send you to meet the ancestors right now! Luckily, you won’t be paying that. Right now this handsome coffee table designed for the ages is on sale for the much more painless price of just $799.99.

Now…if I get that leather sofa, too, and paint the walls of my living room a pale terra cotta….

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