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Walk the Walk

A good vase looks lovely with flowers in it. A great one looks superfantastic whether or not there are flowers in it. Take, for instance, The Catwalk Vase by Kosta Boda:

Kosta Boda Catwalk Vase with its graceful shape and charming image of a lady’s calves and feet, it’s a delightful piece for your shelf or coffee table or desk all on its own. Filled with a spray of delicate flowers, it takes on a charming yet surrealistic quality any Dali or Man Ray fan would find irresistible.

It’s handcrafted of  lead-free glass in Sweden by designer Kjell Engman, and comes in a gift box just in case you can bear to give it away. Me? I think I would stick a bow on the box, leave it for myself somewhere, and then surprise myself with a lovely gift.

Then again, at this price, I might get generous enough to share a second one with a very, very good friend. You see, the retail price for the piece is $200.00, but right now Amazon has it for just $129.50. That’s a savings of more than $70.00!

But wait! There’s more! For a limited time, if you purchase $50.00 or more of Home and Garden products from Amazon, you can get a free one-year subscription to your choice of: GQ, SELF, Conde Nast Traveler,  or Architectural Digest. See site for details and restrictions.

You know, you could always get the vase for yourself and the magazine subscription for a friend. I’m just saying.

Flower for Your Flowers

When I was about eight, my parents gave me a book about ancient Egyptian jewelry. I fell in love. The formalized shapes, the intricate beading, everything about the style appealed. Most of all I adored the rich, saturated, bold colors.

I’m still madly in love with color. I still hold a place in my heart for those exquisitely emphatic jewels. And I love it when I see something that isn’t jewelry, but still appears to have drawn inspiration from the same source.

Faience Beaded Flower Vase I don’t think I’ve seen quite this shade of blue outside of ancient Egyptian artifacts, and the shape of the lotus blossom at the top of this vase strikes a similar chord. And yet it’s made in modern day France of glazed earthenware and hand painted. Since it’s hand painted, each one will be slightly different. It stands 12″ high, and is 5″ wide at the neck, slightly wider at the base.

I fell in love the instant I saw it. I fell in love all over again when I saw the sale price.

Originally $448.00, it’s been marked down to just $112.00! Oh, and if you’re a member of the New York City Botanical Gardens, you can get it at the further reduced price of just $100.80.

Go on. Cleopatra would want you to.

Vibrant Versace or Chocolate Consolation

You can put flowers in any vase. They’ll look great, and they’ll smell good. But why put your flowers in any old vase when you can put them in this:

Versace La Mer Vase This is the La Mer vase by Versace. It’s porcelain painted with a fun mix of classic aquatic images, such as coral branches and golden shells. It stands 7″ high to hold a wide variety of blooms, or to simply be superfantastic in its empty state.

If you want it as much as I do, you’ll be delighted to know it’s on sale at Saks Fifth Ave. Regularly priced at $268.00, it’s currently selling for just $201.00. You can even get free shipping with the code SAKSSHIP9.

Of course, if the year has been financially unfortunate for you, you still may not be able to afford the lovely Versace vase. In that case, may I offer up this second delightful deal from Saks?

Chocolate Shoe and Purse After all, what woman doesn’t feel better with a stylish set of matching shoes and purse? And what woman wouldn’t feel even better if they’re made of chocolate? At that point, even if you don’t care about matching shoes and purses, it still appeals.

Regularly priced at $52.00, they’ve been marked down to just $32.00 for the season.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you getting both, if you like.

Take a Swirl

Do you need the perfect accent for a room? Would a handblown glass vase be what that coffee table or shelf needs to make it perfect? Are you on a budget? Well, I’ve got the perfect deal for you!

Kelly Swirl Vase This beauty is the Kelly vase. Swirls of emerald green, cornflower blue, and lilac make an elegant and compelling statement. It stands 18″ tall by 6 1/2″ wide, and is designed for dry arrangements only. Me? I would just display it as is. Why gild this lily?

As for the icing on the cake, well, it’s a heck of a deal. The suggested retail price is $98.00, but we can do better than that. Bellacor usually carries it for  just $81.00, which is a serious improvement.Right now, though, Bellacor has it on a special overstock deal for a mere $33.00!

Hurry, though, because stocks are limited. Oh, and while you’re on the site, be sure to check out the other great deals available. After all, you’ll want to take advantage of the free shipping offer on orders of $75.00 or more.

For the Darling Buds of May…or June…or July….

I love having cut flowers in the house. I might prefer plants if I had any talent at growing them, but I don’t. I look at plants, they curl up and die. So cut flowers it is. I love the color and cheer they add to any room.

But if you’re going to decorate with cut flowers, you need a good vase or two to show them off in. Well, I found a beauty at Ralph Lauren and it’s on sale!

Ralph Lauren Veranda Footed Vase This is the Veranda vase. Just look at those graceful lines, the subtle but charming details on the footed base. It’s a hefty lead crystal that will last and last and last, too. And at 11 3/4″ tall, it makes a dramatic statement no matter where you place it or what you display in it.

As for the savings, well, those are fairly dramatic, too. The regular price on this gorgeous vase is $133.50, but right now you can get it direct from Ralph Lauren for just  $89.99!

I think I’ll get one for the dining room…and one for the living room…and perhaps one for the kitchen….

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Vase the Music Edition

I love vases. Fill them with flowers and you can enjoy the delights of the garden indoors. Sit them empty on your shelves and windowsills, and you can enjoy the artistry of the human hand. Fill them with something unexpected – say, for instance, a cheerful bouquet of pinwheels or a clutch of exotic feathers – and you can amuse anyone who happens to see them.

To get the best out of a vase, though, you need a particularly nice one. The good news is that this needn’t break your bank – not even the piggy one!

Don’t believe me? How about a few examples.

The first one comes from Bellacor. One look at the pretty stripes and charming shape made me want to gaze at it in perpetuity.

Henna Ceramic Vase So very pretty. It stands some 18″ high, so it will look quite impressive on its own. This is a good thing because it’s designed to be used with only dry displays. Remember those feathers I was talking about? This would be a wonderful place for them.

This is also a case of a tremendous bang for your buck. The retail price is a $80.00, which is quite a nice price for something that will look so handsome in your home. But why pay retail when you can get a deal? Bellacor usually carries it for a thrifty $68.00, but right now – if you hurry – you can get it for the basement bargain price of just $28.00!


Who Needs Rose Colored Glass?

Anyone who knows about color knows that if you want a bright hue to pop, one of the best things you can do is contrast it with black. The combination makes most brights leap giddily into view for maximum impact.

I was thinking about that, since spring is starting to poke its head out and wave hello. All those luscious bright flowers seem to call to me. Then I found just the vase to put them in.

Crate and Barrel Noir Vase Obsidian black hand-blown glass is then cut and engraved with a series of simple yet dramatic rings. Whether you display it on its own or filled with a profusion of bright flowers, this is a piece that’s going to look superfantastic in your home.

Of course, good taste doesn’t pay the bills. I wouldn’t worry about that, though. While this vase once would have cost you $149.00, it’s now on sale at Crate & Barrel for just $59.95.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Warm Household Touches Edition

It’s the little things that make a house a home. Small things like napkin rings, candle holders, and picture frames can make a huge difference in how well your home reflects you as a person. Because of that, it behooves us all to do our best to pay attention to the quality and personality of the things we choose to put the finishing touches on our homes.

Verdigris Mini Taper Holder
For instance, these verdigris mini taper candle holders will tell friends and family that you have a fondness for nature, and a love of elegance. Slim candles rise from delicate verdigris trees to light your table gently.

Once upon a time, the candle holders would have cost you $69.00 each, and the candles $16.00 apiece. Now, though, at VivaTerra, the holders are just $48.00 and the pure beeswax candles a mere $6.00 each.

Looking for something else? Check out the deals below the cut.


An Etch Not To Scratch

I admit that most of the time I’m not that wild about etched crystal. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it or think it’s a bad thing. It’s just not usually my style. Every once in a while, though, a piece comes along that really does thrill me. Here’s one now:

The Marly vaseicon by Christofle stands 10″ tall and is almost completely covered in an exhuberant yet tasteful etched design of vines. Displayed on its own or filled with cut flowers, it will look fabulous in any home.

Of course this kind of design and workmanship paired with a name like Christofle is not going to be inexpensive. Even on sale, it still won’t be cheap. It can, however, be a great deal less expensive than the retail price.

That retail price? Oh, a cool $360.00. The sale price at Saks Fifth Avenueicon? $251.90. Cheap? No. All the same, a savings of over $100.00 is still superfantastic. If you happen to have that $250.00 just lying around, you could do a lot worse than spend it on this.

Oh, and don’t forget that on orders of $200.00 or more, you can get free shipping by using the code SAKSFS. That’s not just good, it’s superfantastic!

Phase of the Vase

I have a great fondness for vases as decoration. You can put flowers in them, or some other decorative item, but they can also be displayed on their own merit. My favorites are ones that allow the flowers to take center stage, but continue to be interesting and decorative when empty. In fact, here’s a perfect example of what I like best:

Rosenthal Black Phases Vase This handsome porcelain vase
by Dror Benshetrit of Studio Dror, NYC for Rosenthal is part of a series entitled ‘Vases of Phases’ representing change in life. What I love about it most, though, is the combination of simple elegance and distinctive detail that can take center stage or a back seat, depending on whether it’s displayed full or empty. The matte black finish will make colorful flowers pop dramatically in any room, but the piece can also stand the full attention of the viewer on its own.

The retail price of this gorgeous 11 3/4″ vase is $325.00, but I know where to get it for a much better price. Right now, Amazon has it in stock for the mere pittance of $78.00! $78.00! That’s a savings of nearly $250.00!

Good art is priceless, but it’s always better when you can get this good a deal on it.

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