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Two for the Price of Less Than One

I simply adore things that do double duty. If it’s well-designed, it’s like getting a bonus item for free. So if I can get both a jewelry armoire and a mirror in one, you can imagine how I’d love to take advantage of the opportunity. I’m betting you would, too.

Bonnet Top Wall-Mounted Jewelry Armoire
If I’m right, now would be a great time to head over to Domestications and take a look at this beauty in their Sale section. Not only is it a handsome 38″h x 16 3/4″w mirror in a classic bonnet-topped frame, but a jewelry armoire, as well. The inside is lined with felt to pamper your jewelry in style. There are places to put necklaces, rings, earrings, chains and more.

And while you’re thinking about how much space you can save, don’t forget how much money you can save at the same time. After all, this pretty mirror/jewelry storage solution may have started out costing $179.99, but it’s on sale right now for just $69.99! That’s more than a hundred dollars in savings!

Why, that’s a hundred bucks to spend on a really great new pair of earrings to store.

After all, you have to have something to put in it, don’t you?

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Black Friday Edition

Ah, Black Friday. The day that shopper and retailer both anticipate and dread in equal measures. The day when the Christmas shopping season officially starts bringing full coffers to businesses and massive congestion to mall parking lots.

The best thing about Black Friday is, of course, all the great deals offered up to the consumer. The worst thing about it is all the crowding, jostling, and general lack of holiday cheer among the throngs of customers who want the deals but hate the lines.

So what does the savvy shopper do? She shops online, of course!

No getting elbowed in the ribs while standing in line, no strange kids running amok, no canned Christmas music unless you want it, no undertrained and overwhelmed holiday hire cashiers to shortchange you or direct you to the opposite area of the store from the item you want…online shopping is the perfect cure for Mall Malaise. And in the interest of making the experience both pleasant and reasonably priced, I’ve gone out and hunted down some superfantastic holiday deals that may inspire you to be the best Secret (or not-so-secret) Santa ever.

Cocoanut Paradise Bath Set The Coconut Paradise Bath and Body set
is the perfect gift for the woman (and we all know her) who needs to slow down and pamper herself once in a while. There’s coconut milk bath gel, moisturizing body lotion, bath salts, an exfoliating pumice stone, and a body puff. All of it comes in an adorably whimsical wire clawfoot bathtub. Even the original price of $39.99 would have made it a find under fifty, but it’s now 38% off at Amazon
for a cool $24.99. At that price, you could get several for those last-minute gifts you didn’t expect to need.


Take a Stand

If you need more than a smile for your umbrella, then you’re going to need something to keep that umbrella in over the next few months. Why not make it something attractive?

Cherry Blossom Design Umbrella Stand This 17″ tall, 8″ diameter procelain umbrella stand by Asian Design Ceramics will hold umbrellas and walking sticks with ease while adding a cheery bit of color to the room. The hand painted cherry blossom design on an ivory crackle-finish will fit easily into a wide variety of color schemes, too.

Even if you don’t use it to store umbrellas, it makes a pretty accent piece that your friends are sure to admire.

Best of all, Amazon has it at a great sale price. The list price for this lovely piece was $209.95, but right now Amazon has it at the bargain price of $79.33! That’s 62% off the original price, and not one iota off the original beauty.