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Superlatively Silken

There are times in life when nothing will do but a really spectacular oversized scarf.It’s at times like that when I would reach for this:

Blue French Silk Scarf It’s made of rich, drapey French silk in a soft rainbow of delicious colors. Blue, yellow, green, lavender, are entwined beautifully for an elegant effect, whether you wrap it around your throat or slip it over your shoulders. At a generous 18″ x 58″ you’ll find plenty of ways to enhance your look with this scarf.

Best of all, it’s on an incredible sale over at Madison Avenue Mall.

The retail value of this gorgeous piece is a cool $299.00. Right now at Madison Ave Mall, though, it can be yours for the far hotter price of $150.00! That’s a savings of $149.00, you know, which is enough to get a really fabulous pair of shoes, too, if you know where to shop.

Pleat, Pleat Me

It’s a well-known fact if you read this blog on a regular basis that I love, love, love dramatic jewelry. It’s also a well-known fact that I adore bracelets. Another thing I delight in (though this is slightly less widely known) is the designs of Mariano Fortuny. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to see some of his work up close and personal, do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s amazing.

So when I found a dramatic bracelet by Ted Rossiicon with a hint of Fortuny style to it on sale…well, I just had to share my excitement about it with all of you!

icon The pleated pale copper silk is decorated with what is described as ‘crystallized Swarovski elements’ and faux pearls. Oh, and your wrist will be kept comfortable and just as stylish next to your skin with a lining of metallic lambskin.

I feel decadent just writing about this.

Oh! That’s right! It’s on sale, too. Originally it went for $285.00, but right now it’s on sale at Saks Fifth Aveicon for just $199.50.

Oh, and to sweeten the pot, type code: SHIPSPR9 into the order form at checkout to receive free shipping, now through May 14, 2009. See site for details.

See my wrist for pretty.

Hearts and Flowers for Less

There are times when every fashion-conscious woman needs a really great scarf. It’s a wonderfully versatile accessory. Alas! It’s often terribly expensive to get one of any real quality, something that will last and look superfantastic for years. Then again, it helps to know where the bargains are hiding.Ferragamo Hearts and Flowers Scarf This beauty by Ferragamo, for instance, retails for $230.00. It’s pure silk, made in Italy with hand rolled edges. The colors are rich, the hearts and flowers design fun without being precious, the size a generous 26″ square, and the style impeccable. Oh, and if you go to Brands Boutique to get it, the price is now a mere $138.00.Downside? What downside? 

Schon Thing

In a tough economy, finding ways to look prosperous and impressive are doubly important. To get a job or to keep a job you – or someone you love – may need some help looking like the right person to keep the company afloat. In a case like that, the importance of a really great tie cannot be overstated.

Mila Schon Ties That’s where the Raffaello Network comes in with the huge sale they’re having on designer ties.

This pure silk tie by Mila Schon is a surefire winner. Classic, attractive, the man who wears this will look self-assured and in control. What’s more, he’ll be fiscally responsible. After all, the regular price may be $129.00, but he’s only going to pay $85.00 for it.

A well-turned-out man who knows how to save a buck? Honey, I’ve always got a job for a man like that!

Grapes of Wrap

Is there a man in your life who loves grapes? Wine? Really great ties? Are you that man?

Either way, you should go to the Raffaello Network right now and take a look at this really great grape tie by Gianni Versace:

Versace Grape Tie Made of 100% top quality premium silk, it’s a classic midnight blue with bunches of violet grapes with emerald green leaves on it. From the boardroom to the dining room, it will look both dignified and easy going.

And for those concerned with such matters, it comes with an authenticity card with a high-security Versace hologram. Me? I prefer to concern myself not with its authenticity, but with it’s awesome. Still, it’s certainly better than accidentally supporting illegal knock-off vendors.

One thing I know we can all agree on is that Raffaello Network has it at a great price. Normally they carry this tie for $99.00, but right now it can be yours (or you guy’s) for a mere $69.00!

You certainly wouldn’t have to ply me with the fruit of the vine to get me to agree to that price.

Unmuffled Muffler

A warm scarf or muffler is always useful. Unfortunately, all to many of them are less than superfantastic. The trick is to find one that is both warm and pretty. The good news is that I’ve found a deal that is far from a trick.

Emilio Pucci Cyber Print Silk Scarf The Cyber Print Silk Muffler by Emilio Pucci is just the thing to keep your throat warm and your style cool at the same time. It’s pure silk and measures 12.5″ x 60″. The black scarf is printed with bright motifs in hot pink, blue, yellow, white, and more. The colors pop cheerfully, so everyone who sees your new scarf will smile.

Of course you’ll have a smile, too. Not only will you be getting looks of both delight and envy from the crowd, you’ll also have the pleasure of knowing just how little you paid for this gorgeous designer scarf.

The retail price for this much beautiful is $170.00, but not at eLuxury. There, you’ll pay just $99.00 to make a splash.

Shawl Thing

As the evenings get colder, there’s always that time when it’s too cold to go without some sort of wrap or jacket, but too warm for a serious coat. That’s when a really great shawl is a terrific idea.

Cashmere & Silk Bauble Shawl - Aqua This dramatic and gorgeous Shawl is a cozy combination of silk and cashmere, trimmed with thread covered baubles along the hem. The floral design was based on antique tapestries and bedding. A generous size of 76″L x 38″W guarantees that your shoulders won’t turn cold. Choose awesome Aqua or terrific Taupe to go with your coloring and wardrobe.

And of course, if you see it here, you know it’s on sale. This is available from VivaTerra and originally would have set you back $159.00. Right now, though, the price has been sliced in half to just $79.00. Mmmm…I’m warm all over just thinking about the savings.

Blue Sale, Red Shawl

Bluefly is currently holding it’s semi-annual Blue Sale. They’re blowing out literally thousands of gorgeous, superfantastic items for men, women, and the homes they live in at bargain basement prices.

Among all the lovely offerings, I found this beautiful and cozy cashmere/silk blend ombre shawl by Kashmere.

Kashmere Ombre Dyed Shawl The color develops from a warm ivory, through pale pink, to a bright geranium pink at the edge. At 20″ x 80″ it should also keep your shoulders comfortable until the frosts hit. Heck, out here in California, we could probably wear it until Thanksgiving! No matter where you live, though, it should come in handy whenever you want a touch of warmth combined with a touch of class.

The retail value on this exquisite piece is $150.00, and Bluefly has been selling it for $85.00. Well, now Bluefly has marked it down to just $74.99. But wait! There’s more!

During the three-day “Blue Sale, you can save even more. Now until 6:30am 8/25/08, if you buy one Blue Sale item, you can get another 20% off. Better yet, get two Blue Sale items and save another 25%. Best of all, buy three or more Blue Sale items and get 30% off!