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Oh Fortuna!

I’ve been a fan of the incomparable Diane Von Furstenberg for a good many years. Her use of prints is legendary, her color choices impeccable, and her style eternal. It’s immediately recognizable, yet never entirely expected.

Take a look at this exampleicon:

This superfantastic silk/linen blend wrap is called ‘Fortuna’ and fortunate indeed is the woman who has it in her wardrobe. It comes in your choice of green (shown) or blue and measures a generous 28″ x 71″. It’s the perfect way to keep comfy on summer evenings, not to mention the perfect way to make a spectacular entrance!

Best of all, you can get that notice at a bargain basement price if you act now. The retail price is usually $200.00, but right now at Saksicon, it’s on sale for just $120.00!

All the pretty at just over half the price? Sign me up!

Superlatively Silken

There are times in life when nothing will do but a really spectacular oversized scarf.It’s at times like that when I would reach for this:

Blue French Silk Scarf It’s made of rich, drapey French silk in a soft rainbow of delicious colors. Blue, yellow, green, lavender, are entwined beautifully for an elegant effect, whether you wrap it around your throat or slip it over your shoulders. At a generous 18″ x 58″ you’ll find plenty of ways to enhance your look with this scarf.

Best of all, it’s on an incredible sale over at Madison Avenue Mall.

The retail value of this gorgeous piece is a cool $299.00. Right now at Madison Ave Mall, though, it can be yours for the far hotter price of $150.00! That’s a savings of $149.00, you know, which is enough to get a really fabulous pair of shoes, too, if you know where to shop.

Magnificent in Macrame

Wait a minute. How can macrame be anything like magnificent? Isn’t macrame that hippie way of making plant hangers?

Yes and no. Macrame has been used to make plant hangers and cheesy wall hangings, yes, but that’s not the limit. The technique has been around for centuries and can be used in far more exotic ways.

Take, for example, this handsome shawl in wool mohair by Burberry:

Burberry Mohair Macrame Shawl It’s utterly elegant and completely feminine with lots of pretty openwork. Being mohair, it’s also interesting texturally. Being made by Burberry, you know it’s built to last, too. Then there’s the bit about it being on sale at Neiman Marcus.

The regular price is $595.00, but if you buy right now, it’s been marked down to just $268.00!

Oh, and did I mention the free shipping? Now through June 8, use shipping code NMSHIP to get free shipping, no matter what your total (certain restrictions apply, see site for details).

One thing I should mention, though, that gorgeous eggplant color is gone. You’ll have to be contented with either classic black or an elegant, versatile medium gray. Ah well, the little sacrifices we make….

Keen for Kyoto

There are few better investments for springs to come than a really handsome lightweight shawl in a neutral color that brings out the best in your skin tone. After all, windy evenings mean you need something to keep you warm, but you don’t want it too heavy with the warmer weather. And why invest in a long-term piece that doesn’t make you look your best?

While a lot of people head immediately for basic black, I go for medium gray or a warm vanilla tone. Those are the neutrals that bring out the best in me. If gray is the color that makes your skin sing, take a look at this Josie Natori Couture Kyoto shawlicon and have a good drool along with me:

Just look at that beautiful color! Check out the elegant hand embroidery. Imagine the feel of the silk/pashmina blend. Think about how many heads you’ll turn when you wear it to a party or an evening at the theater.

There’s another thing I’m going to think about: how to spend the savings best. After all, the original price was a whopping $900.00. It’s now on sale at Saks.com for just $359.90.

Now, with nearly $550.00 left over, should I get a spectacular evening gown or a really amazing pair of earrings….

Pay Less for Paisley

Whether you’re looking for an extra layer of warmth to add to a coat for the last blasts of winter or a lighter-weight wrap for the first flush of spring, a pretty shawl is a very useful item. And if you’re looking for a shawl, paisley is always a good way to go. Paisley is classic, so it will never look horribly dated. It’s been popular for shawls for over two hundred years with no sign of falling out of favor.

Combine paisley with gorgeous colors and a touch of cashmere, and you’re looking at something that will last for years, always useful, always elegant, always the perfect touch to complete a great outfit. In point of fact, one just like this is a great investment.

Precious Fibers Lightweight Printed Cashmere Wrap It’s made of a lightweight cashmere and printed with a paisley pattern in your choice of three lovely colors: caramel (shown), blue or rust.

As for the price, well, the retail value is $110.00, but it can be yours from QVC.com for a mere $81.00.

Wrap yourself up in that deal, my friends. It’s well worth it.

Shawl Thing

As the evenings get colder, there’s always that time when it’s too cold to go without some sort of wrap or jacket, but too warm for a serious coat. That’s when a really great shawl is a terrific idea.

Cashmere & Silk Bauble Shawl - Aqua This dramatic and gorgeous Shawl is a cozy combination of silk and cashmere, trimmed with thread covered baubles along the hem. The floral design was based on antique tapestries and bedding. A generous size of 76″L x 38″W guarantees that your shoulders won’t turn cold. Choose awesome Aqua or terrific Taupe to go with your coloring and wardrobe.

And of course, if you see it here, you know it’s on sale. This is available from VivaTerra and originally would have set you back $159.00. Right now, though, the price has been sliced in half to just $79.00. Mmmm…I’m warm all over just thinking about the savings.

Blue Sale, Red Shawl

Bluefly is currently holding it’s semi-annual Blue Sale. They’re blowing out literally thousands of gorgeous, superfantastic items for men, women, and the homes they live in at bargain basement prices.

Among all the lovely offerings, I found this beautiful and cozy cashmere/silk blend ombre shawl by Kashmere.

Kashmere Ombre Dyed Shawl The color develops from a warm ivory, through pale pink, to a bright geranium pink at the edge. At 20″ x 80″ it should also keep your shoulders comfortable until the frosts hit. Heck, out here in California, we could probably wear it until Thanksgiving! No matter where you live, though, it should come in handy whenever you want a touch of warmth combined with a touch of class.

The retail value on this exquisite piece is $150.00, and Bluefly has been selling it for $85.00. Well, now Bluefly has marked it down to just $74.99. But wait! There’s more!

During the three-day “Blue Sale, you can save even more. Now until 6:30am 8/25/08, if you buy one Blue Sale item, you can get another 20% off. Better yet, get two Blue Sale items and save another 25%. Best of all, buy three or more Blue Sale items and get 30% off!

Perfect Pashmina

The test of a really delicate, perfectly made pashmina is if the entire shawl will slip through a finger ring.

Ring Pashmina Overstock.com says this one passes the test…and at the price they’re selling it for, it would be easily worth it to test the theory.

This 28″ x 80″ 100% pure Pashmina cashmere shawl is handwoven in Nepal into a subtle diamond pattern and finished with a lock fringe. It comes in three classic colors to fit with any wardrobe for years to come.

What would you pay for all of that? Well, originally you would have been expected to pay $350.00…but not anymore. If you hurry, you can get it from Overstock.com for just $59.99! That’s a savings of 83%, or more than $290.00!

Now that’s what I call a basement bargain!

Soft as Silk, Lucious as Linen

And isn’t it lovely when two such delectable fibers are woven together into a beautiful lightweight wrap for those summer evenings when a slight breeze plays about our shoulders?

Dianora Salviati Linen/Silk Wrap This gorgeous silk/linen wrap by Dianora Salviati comes in this season’s hottest neutral; a silvery mid-tone grey contrasted with a narrow band of classic black and a soft self fringe. It measures a generous 73″ x 28″ to wrap you snugly but fully. Wear it with jeans and a tee shirt as the model has done, or break it out with your favorite little dress of any color for evening wear. It will rise nicely to the occasion.

What more do you need to know? Ah yes, the price and where to get it! This fabulous wrap once cost $600.00, but right now you can get it at Saks Fifth Ave for a mere $143.96. I don’t know about you, but I find a deal like that difficult to pass up!

To Dye For

Even in the heat of summer, sometimes a girl just needs a really great, lightweight wrap. This Dianora Salviati silk voile tie dye scarf is plenty big at 78″ x 78″ to add a not-too-warm layer on a casual July date night.

Dianora Salviati Tie Dye Scarf Toss it on over jeans and a tank, or wrap it around your shoulders over a simple dress. Either way, you’ll look superfantastic. And if blue isn’t your color, don’t fret. It also comes in fuschia or black.

Oh, and of course it’s a great deal when you see it here. How great a deal? Well, it originally sold for $265.00, which isn’t that bad for so much silk and a designer name. Now, however, it’s on sale at Saks Fifth Ave for just $63.56! That’s more than $200.00 off!

That’s what I call a bargain.

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