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Muffle Up

Brrr! It’s cold out! At times like this all I can think of is how much I want to warm up. That makes me think of beautiful, soft, warm cashmere. In fact, it makes me think of something very much like this:

Lava Lamp Cashmere Muffler Nordstrom calls this beautiful print ‘lava lamp’ but I think it looks much better than a lava lamp. Just look at the fun yet perfectly balanced shapes, the pretty colors, and the charming fringe at the ends.

And seeing as it’s made of a comfy, warm, single-ply cashmere, you’ll get plenty of warmth without a lot of bulk.

Whatever you call it, this is a great scarf and an even better deal. Regularly priced at $88.00, it’s been marked down to just $68.90.

Hey, it’s a lot better than a lava lamp.

Molto Benny

You know, there are times when it just doesn’t do to take life or fashion too, too seriously. When those times come along, this is the scarf to be wearing:

Moschino Franklin Scarf You may not have much in the bank, but you’ll look like a million bucks in this cheerful $100.00 bill scarf by Moschino. It’s 100% silk and sized at a discreet 35″x34″. Tie it around your neck or around the shoulder strap of your purse for instant smiles.

Oh, and thanks to the magic of the internet, you can now get it for less than a Franklin!  The retail price is a whopping $253.00, which could hurt your personal economy. eFashion House has been carrying it for $199.00, which is a much better incentive. But right now it’s on sale for a mere $88.00!

You know, with a few good deals like that, your bank account might just start feeling the recovery.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Snuggle Up Edition

I know it’s Friday the thirteenth, but this is your lucky day! Why? Because I’ve hunted down some warm, snuggly bargains for you.

First up from Nordstrom is the Cloud Nine space dyed beret
icon by Brazen.

icon It’s warm and pretty and comes in four attractive colors. Originally priced at $28.00, it’s been marked down to just $17.90! At that price you can get one for everyone on your holiday gift list.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the matching scarf
icon. It’s just $27.90, marked down from $42.00.

Oh, and keep in mind that for a limited time orders over $100.00 ship free from Nordstrom with promo code HOLIDAY09.


Superlatively Silken

There are times in life when nothing will do but a really spectacular oversized scarf.It’s at times like that when I would reach for this:

Blue French Silk Scarf It’s made of rich, drapey French silk in a soft rainbow of delicious colors. Blue, yellow, green, lavender, are entwined beautifully for an elegant effect, whether you wrap it around your throat or slip it over your shoulders. At a generous 18″ x 58″ you’ll find plenty of ways to enhance your look with this scarf.

Best of all, it’s on an incredible sale over at Madison Avenue Mall.

The retail value of this gorgeous piece is a cool $299.00. Right now at Madison Ave Mall, though, it can be yours for the far hotter price of $150.00! That’s a savings of $149.00, you know, which is enough to get a really fabulous pair of shoes, too, if you know where to shop.

Hearts and Flowers for Less

There are times when every fashion-conscious woman needs a really great scarf. It’s a wonderfully versatile accessory. Alas! It’s often terribly expensive to get one of any real quality, something that will last and look superfantastic for years. Then again, it helps to know where the bargains are hiding.Ferragamo Hearts and Flowers Scarf This beauty by Ferragamo, for instance, retails for $230.00. It’s pure silk, made in Italy with hand rolled edges. The colors are rich, the hearts and flowers design fun without being precious, the size a generous 26″ square, and the style impeccable. Oh, and if you go to Brands Boutique to get it, the price is now a mere $138.00.Downside? What downside? 

Fit For a Foxy Lady

Since it’s still so darn cold, I thought I’d continue showing warm things. And in scanning the net for pretty, warm things, I found this delightful Sonia Rykiel Scarf:

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Fox intarsia scarf It’s made of 100% Merino wool to keep you toasty warm. Oh, and that purple figure intarsia woven on the grey background? Is a fox. Yes, it’s a cruelty-free fox neckpiece!

In the normal course of things, you’d expect to pay about $320.00 for this fabulous designer scarf. The good news is this isn’t the normal course of things. This is the Basement of the Bargains, where we know how to find a good deal. That’s why I’m going to point you at Net-a-Porter, where you can get it for just $160.00 or half off the regular price.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to throw on my lovely new scarf and go guard a henhouse or two.

Unmuffled Muffler

A warm scarf or muffler is always useful. Unfortunately, all to many of them are less than superfantastic. The trick is to find one that is both warm and pretty. The good news is that I’ve found a deal that is far from a trick.

Emilio Pucci Cyber Print Silk Scarf The Cyber Print Silk Muffler by Emilio Pucci is just the thing to keep your throat warm and your style cool at the same time. It’s pure silk and measures 12.5″ x 60″. The black scarf is printed with bright motifs in hot pink, blue, yellow, white, and more. The colors pop cheerfully, so everyone who sees your new scarf will smile.

Of course you’ll have a smile, too. Not only will you be getting looks of both delight and envy from the crowd, you’ll also have the pleasure of knowing just how little you paid for this gorgeous designer scarf.

The retail price for this much beautiful is $170.00, but not at eLuxury. There, you’ll pay just $99.00 to make a splash.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: Warm and Snuggly Stuff

It’s friday, and you know what that means: a grab bag of great deals under fifty bucks. This week, in honor of the increasingly cold weather, I’m doing warm, wooly, snuggly things to keep you – or the people you love – comfortable and insulated.

Let’s start with a great deal from Bluefly.

Renees Accessories Pocket Scarf I love this cheerful scarf by Renee’s Accessories. Not only does it come in this joyful red trimmed in charcoal, it’s also available in classic black trimmed in ivory. Best of all it has pockets!

<>I know, I know. It’s a thing. I just love pockets, even when they aren’t the most practical. What’s definitely practical is the price. Originally it sold for $42.00, but now it’s available for just $25.00! That’s 40% off!


Silk Diane

I’ve been a fan of Diane Von Furstenberg since I was a girl. I love her lines, her bold use of color and prints, and even her appearences on Project Runway. And so it is that I also love this gorgeous butterfly print silk jersey scarf I found at Bluefly.

Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Butterfly Scarf The dimensions of 5″ x 70″ mean it can be used with equal ease around the throat or the waist. The colorful print in chocolate, orange, coral, yellow, turquoise, and white will go with a wide variety of blouses and solid-colored dresses, too. And it’s made of pure silk jersey, which I consider one of the most delightful fabrics available.

And of course it doesn’t hurt to find it at 40% off!

The retail price is $135.00, but Bluefly has it right now for only $81.00! I don’t know about you, but that’s one butterfly print I’d like to catch.

Beyond the Fringe

I know it’s hot out. But remember during winter when I found you all those cool-as-a-cucumber bargains you’re thanking me for now? Well, it’s going to get cold again in a few months, so now’s the perfect time to stock up on things most people are too hot and bothered to even think of.

And so it is that I point out this great deal on a gorgeous cashmere double-fringed scarf over at Vivre.com.

Double-Fringed Cashmere Scarf The artist, Meg Cohen, brushes dried flowers across the surface of her scarves to enhance the natural softness and texture of them. And just look at those lucious colors! I can’t decide whether I like the orange, the plum, or the blue best…but the other three colors are also delicious.

In the season, this scarf cost $350.00, but now when the summer’s got us all panting for a little shade, it can be yours for just $140.00. A savings of a cool $210.oo wouldn’t hurt my feelings about now!

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