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Ring in the Savings

It’s my considered opinion that more people should wear great rings. I said it, I mean it, I stand by it. Rings are beyond superfantastic…unless you have the problem a good friend of mine does in that he is unable to wear any metal.

But the rest of us have a glorious option of which we often fail to take sufficient advantage.

Genuine Aquamarine and Diamond Ring
Just take a look at this and I dare you to tell me you wouldn’t love to have something just like it. It’s a 1.35 carat oval cut aquamarine flanked with a pair of diamonds. It’s shown in a white gold setting, but the sale is only set in 14k yellow gold. White gold, yellow gold, I like ’em both.

Either way, the suggested retail price on this ring is $599.00. The good news is that I can tell you where to get it a lot cheaper. Just head to FineJewelers.com where they usually carry it for  $299.00. That’s right, it’s usually $300.00 off the suggested price – note the ‘usually’ in that sentence. That’s because the price has been dropped a further 20%, making your cost $239.00!

Mmm…aquamarine. Delicious.

Two Great Stones That Sparkle Great Together

When  it comes to jewelery, I love pieces that mix stones in unexpected combinations. Rich colors appeal strongly to me, especially when they get dramatic. Give me a surprising combination and a fabulous setting, and I’m a happy camper…if camping happens to involve great dinner parties and trips to the theater more than campfires and mosquito netting.

Garnet and Citrine Cable Set Ring Oh, and my camping trip would include lots of excuses to wear this gorgeous ring. The center stone is a citrine flanked by two square garnets in a setting of combined white and yellow 14k gold. I’m in love.

I’m in love with the price, too. The suggested retail price is $999.00, which ouch! But why would I pay that much when it’s only $299.00 at UltraDiamonds?

Only if I were a great deal sillier than I am.

Ring in the New Year

It’s a new year. Why not start it by treating yourself to a really beautiful piece of jewelry?

Tanzanite White Gold Ring This pretty is made of four natural Tanzanites in their distinctive purple-blue color totaling .80c set in 14k white gold. It’s the perfect way to show off the sparkle of these lovely gemstones. Trust me, the photo does not do it justice.

Even better, it’s a fabulous deal at Sun Jewelry. The retail price on this beauty is $699.00, but at Sun Jewelry it’s a mere $280.00!

Now that’s a great way to start a year!

Regal Rock

I’ve always been very fond of amethyst. The gorgeous color, the glorious sparkle…I always felt great sympathy with Anne of Green Gables who was so disappointed when she realized that diamonds weren’t a spectacular purple. My guess is that she wouldn’t be diappointed in this ring!

Oval 2carat Amethyst Ring That’s two full carats of glorious purple perfection surrounded by 1/6 carat of tiny diamonds set in 14k white gold.

Of course all that pretty doesn’t come cheap. The good news is, I know where you can get it at a superfantastic deal. The suggested retail price is a whopping $1,329.00, but if you head over to UltraDiamonds.com
you can get it for just $399.00. That’s a savings of nearly a thousand dollars!

I don’t know about you, but I’m imagining that on my finger…and it isn’t making my bank account wince.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Silver and Gold Edition

I love the Shine of silver and the glitter of gold. These two lovely metallics add charm to any item and class to nearly any ocassion. Alas, they can easily empty your wallet. Here are a few shimmering goodies to brighten your world without breaking the bank.

Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet This 7.5″ Byzantine link sterling silver bracelet looks both graceful and fun on nearly any wrist. So pretty, so timeless…and in this case, so inexpensive. The suggested retail price on it is $200.00, but you can get it from Amazon right now for the pittance of $45.95! That’s more than $150.00 off!


Have Some Madeira, M’Dear

Ring in the New Year with a gorgeous new ring.

Oval-Cut Madeira Citrine Ring There’s nothing like a great ring to help you show off a really great manicure. This oval-cut 3ctw Madeira citrine center stone is complimented by another 0.75 ctw Madeira citrines channel set in 14k yellow gold. It’s dramatic, yet classic.

It’s also an astonishing deal at UltraDiamonds! Once upon a time, it might have set you back $935.00. Right now, though, you can get it for the teeny-tiny price of just $187.00!

It’s Hip To Be Square

One of the things I love about my birthstone (sapphire) is the fact that it comes in so many fun colors. And one of my favorite colors is orange.

I’m also nuts about amethyst because I think purple is a particularly pretty color.

My favorite type of jewelry is the ring, and I like them a little different.

So combine orange sapphires, amethysts, rings, and an unusual contemporary style with a great deal and I’m there in a New York minute!

.40c Orange Sapphire Square Ring This square ring features .40ctw of orange sapphires and purple amethysts set in 14k yellow gold. The simple, contemporary style will fit seamlessly into your life, whether you wear it just for fun or as a colorful wedding band.

Best of all, it’s a great deal! The suggested retail price is a whopping $1,129.00, but if you go to Sun Jewelry today, you can get this fabulous ring for a mere $452.00.

Ring a Ding Deal

What girl can’t use a bit of sparkle on at least one finger?

What girl can’t stand to save a few bucks on her jewelry?

If you’re the girl who wants sparkle at a discount, head on over to Smart Bargains and take a look at the sale they’ve got going on right now. Selected rings are an extra 20% off at checkout!

What do I like? Well, being a September baby I’m naturally fond of sapphires.

14k Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring This classic number makes a great every day ring, and can even be used as a slightly less-than-traditional wedding ring for the right lady. It’s made of 14k yellow gold with .95 carats of blue sapphires. Not crazy about the yellow gold? Don’t worry. It’s available in white gold, too.

The suggested retail price on this pretty ring is $395.00. The Smart Bargains price is $179.99. If you hurry, though, you can get that extra 20% off. That should work out to about $143.99…if I’ve done the math correctly. Math was never my strong suit, but savings always make me smile.

So go on over, take a look at the pretty rings, and save some extra money on an already good deal. What’s not to love about that?

With This Great Deal On the Ring….

June is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: lots and lots of weddings that cost lots and lots of money. The good news is there are plenty of bargains out there for the savvy bride and groom.

For instance, now through May 24, Amazon is running a sale on selected wedding rings. Already discounted styles will receive a further 20% discount at checkout.

Take a look at this handsome 14k white gold unisex ring with subtle diamond embellishment. Netaya white gold and diamond wedding ring This fabulous Netaya creation will look elegant on the bride, the groom, or both. It’s beautifully detailed without being overstated.

The retail value of this beauty is $825.00. Amazon has it on sale for just $280.00 – $300.00 depending on size…and then you get another 20% off at checkout!

Amethyst Allure

Whether you’re looking for a ring to grace any random finger prettily or a really standout wedding ring, this one from Sun Jewelry is well worth checking out.

White Gold and Amethyst Ring Three gorgeous cushion cut amethysts weighing a total of 1.80 carats are set in 14k white gold (though you can trade up on the metal all the way to platinum, if you so desire, for a little extra cost) and accented by .04 carats of round cut white diamonds. All in all, this is one superfantastic piece of jewelry. It’s elegant, a touch understated, and very unexpected.

Best of all, it’s also very inexpensive for what it is. The suggested retail price for this ring is $683.00, but it can be ordered from Sun Jewelry for just $273.00! That’s a savings of $410.00! What’s not to love about that?

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