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Blend With the In Crowd

It comes in seven different gorgeous colors. It comes with a free ice cream scoop accessory. It’s nearly forty dollars off the original price, and comes with a $20.00 rebate offer. It’s sturdy and handsome and efficient and will look terrific in your kitchen.

KitchenAid Ultra Power 5 Speed Blender w/Ice Cream Scoop

It’s the KitchenAid Ultra Power 5 Speed Blender. With this baby, you can mix smoothies, milkshakes, cream soups, crushed ice, and more to your heart’s content. The sturdy KitchenAid construction means it will last for years, and the classic design means it will look just as good twenty years from now as it does today.

Of course, all this power and elegance doesn’t (usually) come cheap. The retail price on this blender is $137.00, which certainly isn’t at all bad for what you’re getting. But why stop at not bad when you can get an actively good deal? If you head over to QVC right now, you can find this superfantastic kitchen appliance on sale for just $99.96. That’s much better. In fact, that’s more than $37.00 better.
Better yet, there’s a rebate offer from KitchenAid. Buy this blender now and you can get a $20.00 cash rebate, too!

So, to sum up: powerful, long-lasting, good-looking blender; nearly $40.00 off the retail price; further $20.00 cash rebate; free ice cream scoop.

This is the sort of deal I love.

All Mixed Up

If my house was burning down and I could save just one thing from my kitchen, I know what it would be: my KitchenAid stand mixer. Not only does it do a great job on everything from cookie dough to bread, it’s sturdy and hardwearing. It’s even quite handsome.

If the worst happened and I couldn’t save my beloved stand mixer, I know right where I would go to get a replacement: Cooking.com.

KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer The KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer has a six quart capacity. That means you can mix the dough for up to thirteen dozen cookies at once! Just think how fast and easy your large scale baking projects will go with that sort of power at your fingertips! And its ten-speed slide control means your dough will be mixed, kneaded, or whipped just the right way no matter whether you’re making wheat bread or a delicate meringue. Comes with paddle, balloon, and bread hook beaters and a splash guard. It’s also available in four handsome colors to coordinate with any kitchen decor.

Of course, all this can cost a pretty penny. In fact, suggested retail value for all of this is $499.99. If, however, you decide to get it from Cooking.com, you pay just $399.95. That’s just over a hundred dollars off! And if you buy right now, you can get two more great deals: free shipping with code C93842 (some restrictions apply, so be sure to double check them) and a rebate offer for a free ice-cream maker attachment (retail value $79.99!).

Mmmm…homemade bread and ice cream.