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Teriffic Touchables

I’m on the hunt for a hot new casual purse. It has to be attractive, it needs a long enough strap that I can keep my hands free, it needs to close securely, and it needs to come in a great color. Oh, and I think I found it at Macy’s.

Take a gander at the “Touchables” crossbody purse by Tignanello. With its zipper top and extra zipped front pocket, you can carry pretty much anything you need with security. With its adjustable crossbody strap, you can have your hands free to corral the kids or juggle groceries without dropping your purse. With a choice of seven gorgeous colors, you’re sure to be able to find one to fit your personality and wardrobe. In short, it’s pretty much the perfect casual purse.

And speaking of perfect, let’s talk price. It’s normally $119.00, which is a good deal for an investment like a good day-to-day purse. Right now, though, it’s on sale for just $89.25!

Now that’s a good casual price.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: Tote That Bag!

I think we all know by now that one of the must-have accessories for spring is the tote bag. Chances are you already have one or two hiding in your closet gathering dust. Whether you went to a convention or supported PBS, you already have the basic shape. What you may not have is the style required to make a fashion statement.

There are a lot of statement totes out there if you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars on them, but let’s not kid ourselves. Totes are not staples, they are short-term trends. If you want one, it’s best to find a budget model that merely looks like you spent hundreds on it.

So how should you spend your tote dollars? I have a couple suggestions right here.


Two-Tone Terrificness

If you know me at all, you know I love color. Bright, rich, deep color makes me smile. Right now, the fashion world is on my side. Why, it’s even on my side when it comes to things like evening bags!

This fabulous two-tone satin evening bagicon is created by BCBGMAXAZRIA, and it’s just what I want to carry me through an evening of dining, dancing, and possible fountain splashing. It’s that fun and flirty.

It’s also on sale. Regularly priced at $128.00, it’s now on sale at Saks.com for a mere $88.90. Choose between Amethyst (shown) and Merlot colors. Either way, it’s delicious enough to leave me light-headed.

Come and Gucci!

Gucci Horsebit HandbagIf you love fashion, then you know the name of Gucci. It’s legendary…and it means ‘awesome, expensive.’At least, it means expensive if you don’t know where to shop for a good bargain. Those of us in the know go and check out the deals on Gucci and dozens of other legendary and/or hot current trend names at Moda Luxury to see what the best deals are.  If you look above, you’ll see the fabulous Gucci black hobo bag with horse bit  detailing that I found there this morning. It’s classic, yet filled with personality. It’s built to last the ages, too.  It’s superfantastic…just like you. It’s also an incredible deal. Originally $800.00, it’s been marked down to a mere $280.00. PS: this entry did not start life as one rambling paragraph. WordPress is fighting me tooth and nail. Sorry. I’ll try to get the formatting problem under control ASAP.

No Way I’d Kick This Bucket!

The most important thing about a good purse is that it must be practical. It needs to carry what you need and help you organize it properly. Of course, there’s no excuse for your practical purse to fail to look superfantastic. After all, it’s one of the first things people see about you.

Stone Mountain Leather Bucket PurseIf this Stone Mountain bucket purse is the first thing people see about you, then you’re sitting pretty. Look at the simple, clean lines and the overall sense of style. It’s perfectly balanced and prettily finished.

What’s more, it’s one of the most practically organized purses I’ve seen in quite a while. The main body is divided into three sections, each with its own entryway. On top of that, there’s a handy front slot for your cell phone and a snap-on key ring on the back. Tell me you can’t get organized with all of that, and I’ll pity you forever.

Oh, and if you’re not wild about the Fuchsia color, don’t panic. It also comes in a pale Gold and Lagoon blue.

Best of all, it’s a great deal at QVC. The retail price may be $112.00, which really isn’t bad at all, but at QVC you’ll pay just $80.00!

I’d say that’s well worth paying to look hot and be completely organized.

Penny From Heaven…or at Least Bloomies

It’s certainly a heavenly deal. This is the Penny small clutch by Cole Haan.

Cole Haan Penny Clutch PurseJust look at how pretty it is! It’s made of black satin with a charming patent flap and a pretty silver button detail. Imagine what a perfect finishing touch this would be to any evening look.

And then imagine that you can save a lot of money while getting this gorgeous clutch.

Guess what! That dream can come true!

All you need to do is head over to Bloomingdale’s and order it there. You see, they used to sell the purse for $225.00, but right now it’s just $157.50!

Ah, a dream come true, indeed.

A Convertible Is a Girl’s Best Friend

No, I’m not talking cars. I’m talking purses.

Jill Stuart Crossbody PurseI’m talking about how this purse converts…

Jill Stuart Clutchinto this with little more than a flick of the wrist.

It’s the Jill Stuart Malina convertible crossbody/clutch purse, and it’s superfantastic!

It’s also a great deal right now at Shopbop.com. How great a deal is it? Well, the retail price is $298.00, but it’s on sale right now for just $208.60!

Considering the fact that it’s like getting two purses for the price of one, that’s a heck of a deal!

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Midas Touch Edition

There’s nothing like gold. Whether it’s the real metal shining in a bit of jewelry or the color used to decorate glass, fabric, leather, or wood, gold adds warmth to nearly everything it touches.

Case in point, these handsome mouthblown glass goblets in the Sparkle pattern from Global Amici:

Global Amici Sparkle GobletImagine these by candlelight at an intimate dinner party. Just think how they will glow, how the mosaic pieces of green glass will catch the light, how much more delicious your wine or water will appear in them.

And then imagine the secret smile you’ll wear as your friends and family ooh and ah over them and wonder how much they must have cost. The retail price for a set of four may be $80.00, but you’re headed over to Smart Bargains, where you’ll get them for just $49.99.


Timely Tote

The last couple of days have been rainy…there’s even been hail! Weather like that always makes this California girl long for sunshine and warmth. And warm weather makes me long for a really great warm weather purse like this zippy rattan tote I found at Wrapables.com.

Savannah Bamboo Tote Just look at the leather trim and bamboo handles and tell me you can’t see yourself swinging it down the street on a sunny day. Add a great summer dress, a cute pair of sandals, and some great shades to complete the look.

Handwoven in Borneo, the purse features an interior zip pocket, a cell phone pocket, and its own key ring. That means everything you need will be close to hand and easily organized while you look superfantastic.

How much would you pay for all this? Well, once upon a time you would have had to pay $115.95, but now you can get it on sale for just $54.99.

Now that’s a price to add some spring to my step!

The Style Never Quilts

Ah late winter, when my fancy inevitably turns to finding a really great new purse for the spring. It needs to be just the right sort of purse. It needs to hold a fair amount of stuff, because I carry my life with me at all times. It needs to look sharp, so I can feel my best. It needs to give a feeling of lightness and charm to go with the warmer weather. Oh, and it needs to be a great deal, too.

Charles David - Quilted Leather Hobo (Yellow) - Bags and Luggage Enter this fabulous quilted hobo bag by Charles David. The shape and size are perfect for carrying those odds and ends one accumulates during a busy day of being superfantastic without looking bulky or awkward. The shoulder strap adds a jaunty edge, too. Oh, and there’s a zippered pocket inside just right for holding your wallet.

It comes in this pretty yellow or in a bright, clean white, both with goldtone fittings for a cheerful springtime look.

As for the price, well, it was originally $222.00, but it’s on sale at 6pm for just $112.37! That’s 49% off, which is a great way to start a new season.

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