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Let Me Persuede You

Sometimes you just want to go boho. Soft fabrics, rich colors, whimsical combinations…these things call to many of us. For my part, I’m a complete sucker for the look.

Of course I like to get the look for less.

Coldwater Creek Suede Tote A great place to start is this gorgeous moss green suede tote from Coldwater Creek. It’s soft and slouchy, but has a certain elegance to it as well. The strap is the really unique thing. It’s strands of the same suede. Whimsical and distinctive.

On the more practical side, it has an outside flap pouch with a decorative closure while the top is closed with a tasseled zipper. At 12″ x 15″ it should hold everything you need for a busy day.

And then there’s the price. It was already a steal at the retail price of $95.50, but now it’s a downright unbelievable $32.99!

At that price it’s a great deal even if you only carry it for a single season. Chances are, though, that you’ll use it for years to come.

Beat Me To This Punch

This is a big season for color. Red, blue, green, purple, orange, they’re all in the news. One of the hottest trends, though, is yellow. This makes me happy because I’m one of those lucky souls who looks great in yellow.

But not everyone looks great in yellow, and not everyone who wears it well wants to wear large swaths of it. How to get in on the trend without wearing an all yellow outfit? Why, accessories, of course!

See by Chloe Punch Line Cross Body Bag
I’m loving this See by Chloe Punch Line Cross Body Bag by Chloe with its pattern of punched patent leather lined in a colorful floral print canvas. It closes with a magnetic flap, and one of the internal pockets zips shut for security.

Oh, and if you really don’t want to get in on the yellow trend, it also comes in basic black. Either way it’s a fun, cheerful look that’s sure to fill your summer with smiles.

Oh, and it’s on a great sale at Shopbop. The retail price is $395.00, but now you can get it for just $276.50. Have it sent ground, and you won’t even have to pay for shipping!

Come to Twistie, you purse!

Bargello On In and Grab This

Let’s face it, the summer is better when faced with a really fun, flirty clutch purse. For my money, one of the best ones going is this one by Lockhearticon:

It’s intricately woven leather in shades of brown and raspberry pink, complete with an adorable braided leather strap closure.

Once it’s opened, there’s a zip closure, two inside pockets, and a card slot to keep everything nicely organized.

Pretty, sturdy, practical…it’s nearly perfect. Now what would make it absolutely perfect? How about a great deal on the price?

The retail on this clutch is $395.00. Ouch! Right now, though, at Saks.com!, it’s on sale for just $276.50.

Now that’s a whole lot closer to perfect, if you ask me.

Patently Gorgeous

I must confess that in general patent leather doesn’t do much for me. It really never has. Most of the time I prefer my leather with a more matte finish. Every once in a while, though, a piece comes along that reminds me that patent leather can be utterly fabulous, even in my book when used correctly.

Michael Kors Redding Patent Clutch This utter delight in clutch purse form is the Redding by Michael Kors, and it makes me love patent leather. Just look at the flirty styling with its double buckle detail and try to tell you don’t find it swoonworthy!

What more could you possibly want to know? Okay, maybe you want to know that it’s on sale at Bloomingdale’s (regularly priced at $198.00, it’s been marked down to just $138.60), and that it’s also available in basic black.

But really, it’s all about those buckles.

To the Maxx

Okay, so most of the time you’re fine carrying a small to medium-sized purse. You need your wallet, your keys, your cell phone, and that’s about it. Maybe you need a paperback novel in case you haven’t a luncheon companion. Finding a purse to carry that and look great is easy.

But what about those days when you have a million things to carry? Does that mean you can’t look like a million bucks while doing so? Resoundingly no!

Maxx New York Amazon Large Shoulder Bag This gorgeous big shoulder bag is the MAXX NEW YORK Amazon Large Shoulder Bag. It features handsome leather trim, two outside zipper pockets, one inner zipper pocket, two inner slip pockets, a magnetic closure, and – at a generous size of 14″h x 21″w x 7″d – more style than you can shake a stick at. Oh, it also comes in four gorgeous, classic colors.

What’s more, it’s a positive steal right now at www.endless.com
. The retail price on this baby is $190.00, already a steal for that much style combined with that much carrying power. If you act now, though, you can get it for a mere $76.82. That’s well over half off.

Less than half the price for all the gorgeous and all the capacity? I’m sold!

Go For the Gustto

Oh how I love sale time at Bluefly! They come up with the most delightful deals on super fantastic goodies.

Gustto black leather 'Vando City Baby' shoulder bag This particular goodie is the Gustto black leather ‘Vando City Baby’ shoulder bag. It’s a compact wonder at 8 1/2″w x 6″h x 4 1/2″d. It’s light at one measly pound. It’s practical with it’s 21″ shoulder strap with a 7 1/2″ drop. As for style, well, just look at it. You’ll see all you need to know.

Well, all except the price tag. That I can tell you right now. The suggested retail price on this baby is $625.00, which is a lot, I grant you, even for such a great purse. Bluefly usually carries it for $375.00, which is a lot better, but still a bit rich for my blood. Right now, though, they’ve slashed prices on dozens of fabulous items including this one. For a limited time, you can get this purse for just  $299.99! That’s 52% off the original price!

You know, I really do need a new casual purse….

Entranced by Eyelet

I remember my first eyelet lace dress, which my mother made for me when I was about six years old. Every time I wore it (and I wore it constantly until it wouldn’t squeeze over my growing body) I felt super fantastic. I felt like a fairy princess who could take on the world and be a nurse/astronaut/singer/ballet dancer. Like I said, I was six. The point is, in that dress I first knew the power of an outfit that adds confidence. I have never forgotten that lesson.

And I’ve never forgotten the cool comfort of the eyelet, either. When late spring and early summer hit and the mercury starts rising fast, there are few fabrics that breathe as well and look so crisp as eyelet. It’s always feminine, always chic, always fun.

Between warm childhood memories and cool adult comfort, you can imagine how thrilled I was to see this delectable clutch purse by Lauren Merkin:

Lauren Merkin Lucy Eyelet Clutch The Lucy clutch is cute as a button, cool as a cucumber, and the perfect touch for nearly any casual summer outfit. It comes in this bright, delightful yellow or a soft periwinkle blue.

What’s more, it’s on sale! Originally priced at $250.00 at Neiman Marcus, it’s been marked down to a mere $112.00. At that price you can carry this to summer weddings, lunches on the town, and that family reunion picnic you were dreading.

After all, with such a lovely purse at your side, you’re bound to be talked about in a good way.

Dome You Want One?

Sometimes in life it’s important to ditch the big purse and take something that will hold only the absolute essentials: ID, lipstick, and cash for a taxi, if needed. When that’s all you want, this is all the purse you’ll need:

Cole Haan Genevieve Woven Dome Wristlet Meet the Cole Haan Genevieve woven dome wristlet. It’s got enough room to hold the minimum requirements for an evening of clubbing or a great party without getting in your way.

It’s also so pretty you’ll want to keep an eye out lest some lady with equally good taste and a too bulky bag is tempted to make off with it!

If someone tries it, defend your property…then let her know where to get it at a legal steal. The retail value may be $225.00, but right now it’s on sale at Bloomingdale’s for just $157.50.

About Last Week…and Mellow Yellow

Technical Difficulties The Manolosphere has been in something of a technical mess for the last week, which left me unable to post. I apologize, but I’m back on the job today. Keep your fingers crossed that the dark days of lack of bargains are now over.

In fact, let’s take a look at a great bargain right now.

Yellow is a color that always makes me happy. A good purse does the same thing. Combine the two and take a look at what you get:

Jill Stuart Magazine Tote The ever-so-snazzy Monaco magazine tote by Jill Stuart; that’s what you get. It’s made of bright yellow leather trimmed with crinkled yellow patent leather (oh, and if you’re not ready to carry a yellow purse in public, it also comes in basic black) and nickel or gunmetal hardware. There’s a magnetic tab snap closure at the top. Inside, there’s a zipper fastening to keep your treasures secure from the elements, tumbles, and pick pockets. Within that pocket, there are other pockets for your cell phone, wallet, etc.

All in all, it’s the perfect casual spring/summer purse.

To make perfection even better, it’s on sale at Bloomingdale’s. The regular price may be $278.00, but right now you can get it for just $193.99. Those are the sort of savings that make me very mellow, indeed.

What a Little Seed Money Can Get You

I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I am death to plants. Seeds wither in my hands. I have literally killed catci by failing to water them enough. Gardens are mysterious places to me, and no matter what I do, I entirely fail at keeping them alive and orderly.

And yet I love flowers. I long to make plants big and beautiful with glossy leaves. It isn’t going to happen. But I can express my plant love in other ways, even fashionable ones.

Monica Carvalho Seeded Evening Bag This delicious evening bag is covered by Monica Carvalho in seeds. The black (shown) is done in tucama palm seeds, used by Amazonian Indians as protection when they enter the rain forest. The white is done in jarina palm seeds, known as vegetal ivory for their hardness and luminous sheen. Both are perfect in size to carry to the theater, the opera, or a great party. Either would get noticed in a very good way.

Best of all, it’s on an amazing sale at the New York Botanical Gardens shop. When first released into the wild, these evening bags ran $518.00. Now, though, you can practice conservation with your bank account and still carry this fabulous purse for just $129.50! Or, if you’re a member of the Gardens, it can be yours for a mere $116.55.

Beautiful, unique, earth-friendly, budget-friendly, and in support of a good cause? That’s fashion I can absolutely get behind.

Now if I could just get an azalea to bloom….

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