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Mighty Like a Rosette

Ruffles are big news in fashion just now. So are exuberant prints. Each can be done well, but it takes something special to make them work together without looking a tidge unfortunate.

Well, Ralph Lauren has done it with his pure silk Rosette dress.

Ralph Lauren Silk Rosette DressYes, the print is large, but the subtle coloring on a deep aubergine purple background keeps it dignified. Yes, there are ruffles, but they aren’t allowed to overtake the entire look. Everything is kept in balance. This is a ruffled print dress for grown-ups. It even comes in petite and women’s sizes, too.

The really great news is that the price has been reduced to a child’s size. Originally $229.00, it’s now just $79.00! That’s a savings of $150.00!

Now that’s something to be exuberant about!

Be the Lady in Red

There are few things in this world sexier than a really beautiful woman in a really fabulous evening gown. Of course, I always think she’s that much prettier if she’s got that special smile that says she found that perfect gown at a more than perfect price. Case in point, the jeweled strap gown by Igigi. It’s a spectacular cut for showing off an elegant shoulder, and for catching eyes across the room. Igigi Red Evening Gown What really caught my eye, though, is the price. Normally, this gorgeous gown goes for $250.00, but right now it can be yours for a mere $75.00 smackers. That’s right: a gorgeous evening gown for a generously proportioned lady for less than a hundred bucks…and when you put it on, you’ll feel like a million.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Signs of Spring Edition

Okay, so it’s still January. I know that. But the fact is that even while it’s very, very cold in a lot of places, the days are beginning to lengthen, the temperatures are starting to rise in a lot of other places, and dammit, I need to remember that there will be warm weather again and a reason to haul out my best sandals.

That’s where shopping is an excellent pastime. No matter what the season, you can bet that most of the stores have moved on from this one midway through and are merrily on to the next. This may make trying to buy a white, short-sleeved blouse in August more difficult that finding a unicorn to ride in the Thanksgiving Day parade, but it makes window shopping in January (or even real shopping in January) a bit more fun. You’re preparing to say hello to the sun again, and that’s okay by me.

So what can we find that speaks of both spring and good savings? Just take a lookie here:

Old Navy Satin CamiThis cute little satin cami will look cool as a cucumber once the weather warms. Oh, and in addition to basic black, it also comes in floral print. What’s more it comes in average, petite, and tall sizes (sorry, you tall gals only get the black, I’m afraid) atOld Navy.

Oh, and as to price, it started out at a thrifty $24.50, but has been marked down to a mere $3.99! That’s not a typo, folks, this top is really only four bucks right now.


Friday Finds Under Fifty: The In the Swim Edition

I know, I know, it’s still freezing outside. But there are heated pools all over this great land of ours, and even those who don’t have easy access to one know that the weather will surely grow warmer over time. If you swim, if you use a hotel hot tub, if you want to sunbathe after a long, cold winter (just be sure to use plenty of sunblock and limit your time under those rays because skin cancer is definitely not superfantastic!), you will eventually need a suit to do it in.

One of the best places to look for a good deal in that regard is SwimsuitsForAll. Whether you’re plus-sized (up to size 34), have a long torso, or are just looking for a good swimsuit at a price that doesn’t make you wince, this is the place to go. They also have some superfantastic options for another underserved sector of the populace: women who have had mastectomies.

Penbrooke® Mastectomy Kenya Tankini Swimsuit
The choices for a really great swimsuit take a distinct nosedive post-op, but this is a option that doesn’t assume a lady doesn’t wish to continue to look her best after the battle. (courting cancer is far from superfantastic, but surviving it is absolutely superfantastic) Heck, I might want this one just because it’s so cute!

The original retail price on this beauty was $78.00, but right now it’s on sale at Swimsuits For All for the mere pittance of $24.00! At that price, you might want to get two.


Awfully Audrey

Ask anyone and you’ll learn anew that Audrey Hepburn is one of the great style icons of the twentieth – or indeed any – century. Every once in a blue moon, I come across something that just makes me sit up and say ‘that’s Audrey!’ and it makes me happy. Well, this morning I was taking a quick glance at Ralph Lauren.com and what should I find but this:

Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Swing Coat It couldn’t be more Audrey if it had been designed by Hubert de Givenchy himself!

The proportions are elegant, the houndstooth check utterly classic, and the entire feel is one of effortless class. It’s even got one spectacular slightly Bohemian touch in that fabulous collar that can be worn up or down, depending on how incognito you wish to be. It even comes in petite and plus sizes, too!

Oh, and did I mention the sale? Yes, all three size ranges are on sale. The original prices ranged from $409.00 to $399.00, but you can get it now from $279.99 to $229.99. But wait! There’s more! For a limited time, you can get an extra 30% off any of those prices! Plus there’s free shipping on orders over $175.00.

Go on. Audrey would want you to have it.

I’ve Got Avenue To Keep Me Warm

Need a new coat? Need it in a plus size? Well, I’ve got good news for you, because for a limited time Avenue.com has a superfantastic selection of coats and jackets on sale at bargain basement prices.

Avenue Bell Sleeve Tweed Jacket Womens Plus Size I’m quite taken with this adorable swing jacket. It features the perfect bell sleeves designed to be on trend but not impractical. Those graceful princess lines will flatter nearly any body shape, too.

I’m also taken with the price! Originally sold for $129.00, it’s been marked for a limited time down to just $79.99.

Not wild about that one? Don’t worry. There’s a great selection to choose from in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Classic Coat

I’ve been a fan of the Bravo series Project Runway almost since it’s inception. So it seems fitting that on the day after the Season 5 finale I feature a design by one of my all-time favorite contestants on the show. Season 3 finalist LauraBennett always had a style that appealed strongly to me. Over and over, Tim Gunn spoke in his commentary and podcasts about her meticulous attention to detail and excellent finishing work.

Laura Bennet Corset Coat This corset detail coat lives up to the Laura Bennett standard of classic elegance and versatility. It’s made of a stretch satin and comes in either champagne (shown) or black. It’s unlined, but the customer comments all mention the excellent seam work that renders lining unnecessary. The corset detailing gives a touch of definition at the waist that I really like.
The great thing is that this coat could work for someone with a classic, minimalist, or even slightly Bohemian style entirely depending on what you choose to wear with it. Oh, and for our plus-sized sisters, it comes in sizes up to 28.

And of course, since you’re seeing it here, you know it’s on sale. The retail price is $138.00, but you can get it right now from QVC for just $103.00. For a coat this gorgeous, that’s a fabulous price!

Swing Time

A good swing jacket is nothing to sneeze at. It’s comfortable, goes over bulky sweaters with ease, and is right on fashion trends for the season.

It just so happens that in their Fall coat sale, Avenue.com has one that’s warming me right up.

Avenue Big Button Swing Coat Womens Plus Size
This Swing Coat with its big button details and princess seams is just the shot in the arm a superfantastically Rubenesque lady’s wardrobe can use. The side pockets are great for warming hands or holding your gloves. It comes in basic black or gorgeous red, too.

And while the sale is going on, it’s even marked down from $149.00 to $99.90! That’s just shy of fifty bucks you’d save. But hurry! The sale won’t last forever, and once it’s gone, the price on this and dozens of other great shawls, vests, jackets and coats will go up anywhere from five to fifty dollars. Don’t miss out on the savings.

Half Off Hot Swimsuit

One thing that I find eternally frustrating as a plus-sized woman is the dearth of attractive, reasonably-priced swimwear in my size. When I find something pretty, chances are it doesn’t come in my size. If I find it in my size, chances are it’s designed to make me disappear in a plain, neutral corner. If I find one that’s the right size to fit me, yet fun and sassy enough to please me…chances are it costs an arm, a leg, and three internal organs. I can’t justify spending that much on something I wear a few times a year. Thus it is that I spend entirely too little time being fed pre-peeled grapes by cabana boys with oiled chests and exquisite talents for making cold drinks appear at will.

All that may change now that I’ve discovered Swimsuits For All. They carry a great variety of swimwear for men, women, children, and yes, plus-sized women. Take a look at this one:

Longitude Blue Flower Swimsuit The cut is pretty, the fabulous, swirly flower print in shades of blue and white with touches of black is sure to be noticed in a good way, and it even sparkles with a few subtle touches of silver!

All in all, this is perfect for lounging at the side of the pool in a really great sunhat and shades being fed grapes, but if you choose to get all wet, it looks practical, too.

Oh, and I did say something about a good price, didn’t I? Well, this gorgeous swimsuit is normally available for just $88.00. That’s not too bad, as swim suit prices go these days. But with sale code: longitude50, you can take 50% off that price and spend just $44.00! And if this suit doesn’t float your boat, it works on other selected swimsuits by Longitude, too.

Go take a look. I’ll be over here with Raul, being fed fruit.