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For All You Swingers Out There

I don’t know about you, but when the weather turns warm, my thoughts turn to how nice it would be to have a porch swing I could sit lazily in while sipping lemonade. Well, today I think I found the perfect one:

Ironwork Porch Swing This handsome swing by Tropico is the perfect thing to add a touch of grace and refinement to your outdoor living situation. Just look at the elegant lines. What’s more it’s sturdy enough to carry up to 325 lbs. It’s also galvanized, powder coated, and treated with an electrophoresis finish sturdy enough to stand up to both winter and summer weather. Just hang it up, add some festive cushions, and take a lazy afternoon sitting on your porch swing with a glass of lemonade, or a mojito…or even a good book and a couple cucumber sandwiches.

And don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of money to get your cushions and cold drinks. After all, while the retail value of this swing is  $399.99, you can get it from Amazon today for just $169.99!

Swing out, sister! It’s a great way to spend the summer.

Spring is Sprung!

It is a sad fact that I have the precise opposite of green thumb. I have but to glance in passing at plants to cause their untimely deaths. I am the Typhoid Mary of the garden.

If, however, I had any talent at all in keeping plants alive, I would be treating myself to this gorgeous planter right about now:

Grape Cluster Planter Just imagine a brilliant green against the soft gray weather-resistant composition of resin and stone, and then imagine colorful flowers or fruit bursting out from among those leaves…the image leaves me breathless and joyful.

And a little frustrated because my lousy inability to make plants thrive means I can’t take advantage of the incredible deal it happens to be right now.

The original price was $198.00, which was a tidge on the pricey side for most of us. Right now, though, it’s on sale through the New York Botanical Garden Gift Shop for a mere $49.50 ($44.55 for members)! Seriously, two-thirds off is a great deal on nearly anything. Take advantage.

Do it for me, because I can’t do it for myself.

Stake Out Your Corner of the Beach…

…with this fun and convenient little beach table from Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Stake Beach Table Just pull it out of its handy canvas carry tote, flip it open, stick it in the sand, slip your long-stemmed wine glasses into the slots, and have a picnic for two at the shore. Now that’s the way to live the beach life!

Originally priced at $59.00, this practical set has been reduced to just $39.00 (wine glasses not included…so if you don’t have any wineglasses you feel like taking to the beach, you might want to check out this deal on a set of four Dansk goblets here).

I don’t know about you, but I feel a quick drink and a nosh at the beach coming on.