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I Love Lemon!

Lemon quartz, that is.

I love things that sparkle, and I love color, and I love to put sparkly things in bright colors on me. You can see, then, why I went and fell in love with this charming Peridot and Lemon Quartz Pendant:

Lemon Quartz and Peridot Pendant Four carats of pretty sparkles set in white gold and strung on an 18″ chain add up to one delightful piece of jewelry. Whether you’re buying for yourself or looking for the perfect gift for someone you love, you couldn’t go far wrong with this.

The price is nearly as pretty as the necklace itself. The recommended retail is $500.00, but you won’t be paying anywhere near that much. You’re going to head over to UltraDiamonds.com. They normally carry this lovely piece for $269.99, which is a great price. But right now it’s marked all the way down to just $229.00! That’s well under half the price for all the pretty.

Oh, and for a limited time, you can get free shipping on any order over $50.00. Nice.

Remember, lemon quartz doesn’t have to be a lemon of a deal.

Baja Beautiful

On a gray, November day, I long for color in my life. So I went looking for it. Lo and behold, here it is:

DANNIJO Baja Necklace The DANNIJO Baja Necklace is a bright spot that would cheer up any casual outfit. A twisted, malleable silver tone snake chain is the starting point. From there brightly colored threads are wrapped around the chain, and the whole look is finished with a gorgeous vintage button. Elegant, yet unexpected.

Best of all, it’s an amazing bargain. The original price was $238.00, which I would pay in a heartbeat. Of course, I’d much rather pay less. shopbop.com gives me just that opportunity. You see, they’ve knocked the price down 70% to just $71.40!

Return of the Basement

Yes, kiddies, the Basement is back!

To celebrate said return, what could possibly be more appropriate than a classic at a ridiculously low price? Nothing.

And so, without further ado, here it is:


Just imagine yourself (or someone you love) in this classic 18″ cultured pearl necklace and matching stud earrings with 14k yellow gold findings. Pretty and appropriate for nearly any occasion. Each pearl measures between 6.5-7mm and has a slight pink sheen.

Best of all, it’s a great deal at Amazon.com. Regularly priced at a solid $199.00, right now it’s a fabulous $89.99! That’s a savings of 55%. Far from shabby.

Oh, and while you’re there, you’ll want to take a look at all the other lovely pearl pieces on sale for a limited time at up to 70% off.

Tune in tomorrow for another great deal.

Pretty Pearls, Cascading Coral

There are times in life when nothing will do but a really spectacular pearl necklace. I have to say, though, that unrelieved pearls have never been my favorite thing. I like a touch of color, a bit of surprise…a little extra pizzazz.

How to get that? Well, I’ve got one idea for you:

22 Inch Genuine Coral and Pearls 3 Row Necklace This fabulous three-strand pearl necklace by Noah Phillipe is punctuated with coral beads for a dramatic look. What more is there to say? It’s glorious and it’s on sale.

The retail value is $269.00, but right now at FineJewelers, you can get it for just $139.00.

Half the price, all of the pizzazz.

Flight of Fancy…Without the Flight

Butterflies are always popular. Everyone loves them. I love them.

But I also have a great fondness for the unsung cousin of the butterfly: the moth. Not the ones who eat my woolens, obviously. Those moths are not my friends.

Still that leaves a lot of moths to appreciate, including this one:

Jean Paul Gaultier Moth Necklace Your clothes and linens are perfectly safe from this delightful little fellow. Jean Paul Gaultier created him of painted brass, a dramatic cabochon stone, and a series of rhinestones for sparkle. He comes mounted on a 16.5″ chain and measures 2.25″l x 2.28″w. Gorgeous.

Best of all, it’s a superfantastic deal right now at eLUXURY.com. It’s been marked down from the retail price of $295.00 to the much nicer sale price of $177.00.

Oh, and for a limited time, if you spend $100.00 or more, you can get free shipping. See site for details

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Flower Power Edition

Unless you’ve been hiding under a fashion rock, you know that flowers are big news on the runways and in closets all over. But what’s a girl to do if she’s on a budget? Bargain hunt, that’s what. And you have me to do a lot of the hard work for you. Let’s take a look at some of the great deals I’ve found to help you look your most floral without busting your budget.

First up, this cute flounced tank topicon from tbd is covered in fun blue flowers. It has a racer back combined with a soft, blouson shape.

It’s perfect for picnics and parties alike.

Oh, and it’s a great deal, too. The retail price is $58.00, but it’s on sale right now at Nordstromicon for just $37.90.


Something Fishy

I’ve always had a thing for the aquatic. I love to eat fish. I love to look at fish. I love to wear fish-themed clothes and jewelry. Sea life (or pond or stream or lake life) appeals strongly to me. It always has.

And there’s something about the spring and summer that makes other people start to see what I’m on about. Suddenly fish spring up everywhere as themes in fabrics and accessories.

Kate Spade Tortuga Bay Fish Pendant See? Kate Spade agrees with me. After all, she designed this deliciously whimsical Tortuga Bay fish pendant. The articulated goldtone fish is enameled in red, white, and blue and hangs from a 32″ chain. It’s just the touch to complete that beach or yachting outfit…or even something casual to wear when you’re sticking to dry land.

It’s even on sale. Originally $155.00, it’s been marked down to just $108.50 at Bloomingdale’s.

Take my word for it, this deal isn’t fishy at all. Oh, and the piece will go swimmingly with nearly any wardrobe.

The Sort of Swag I Love

Mr. Twistie goes to at least a couple conventions each year. One of his favorite things about them is getting ‘swag’ or freebies from the various vendors. Since he’s a musician, this tends to run to guitar picks, tee shirts, bumper stickers, and other little items meant to make the musician’s life happier and reinforce brand loyalty.

As for me, well, I love swag, too, but it’s a very different kind of swag I have in mind.

Lora Paolo Bezel Swag Necklace I want this sort of swag…a swag necklace, that is. This beauty is designed by Lora Paolo. It glitters with swarovski and cubic zirconium crystals and is gathered up in four spots with yet more crystal elegance. Measuring in at a comfortable 17″, it will look graceful on a wide variety of throats. And while I’m usually all about the color, I’m loving this icy white perfection.

The other thing I love about it is the affordability. If it were made of real diamonds as opposed to crystals, well, Angelina Jolie et al would discuss borrowing it for the Oscars. Mere mortals could never afford it. But since it’s made of Swarovski and CZs, the regular price is a pretty darn reasonable $300.00.

But when do we here at the Basement of the Bargains settle for pretty darn reasonable? Never, that’s when. We’re all about the bargain, the deal, and the incredible (yet legal) steal.

Ignore reason. Head for Bloomingdale’s where this beauty is on sale at 50% off for the amazingly wonderful price of just $150.00!

My swag may not be entirely free, but it would look a darn sight better on me than a promotional capo, too.

Pretty and (semi)Precious

I don’t know about you, but I often prefer semi precious stones over precious ones. Amethyst, peridot, citrine, blue topaz, garnet…these are stones I particularly love for their color and warmth. Now imagine a piece of jewelry that combines all those lovely colors, and is on sale.

Ladies, here it is:

Multicolor Semiprecious Gemstone Pendant Pretty as a picture. Oh, and even combining that many colors, it isn’t gaudy. It’s just cheerful.

Speaking of cheerful, that’s how I feel about the price. The manufacturer suggests that price should be $699.00. I’m not wild about that. I much prefer the Ultradiamonds price of $199.00.

Prettiest Pearls

It’s a fashion truism that you can’t go wrong with basic black and pearls.

The fact is, though, that there are pearls and then there are pearls. If you want to do it right, may I direct you to this elegant yet unique piece by Noah Philippe?

Pearl and Red Jade Necklace Just look at that glorious cascade of freshwater pearls punctuated with an exuberant red rose hand carved out of jade. The strands range from 21″ to 24″ each and are hand knotted on strong silk thread.

In addition to all that pretty, you also get: a free gift card (feel free to make it out to you!), a free gift box and free gift bag, free jewelry cleaner, and a lifetime warranty, as well as free insured shipping.

The retail price on the necklace alone is $339.00. I know I would be willing to pay that for something that spectacular. On the other hand, if I can spend half of that and get all the extras listed above as well, then there’s absolutely no contest.

So head over to Finejewelers.com, where you can get everything described above for just $169.00. I’ve spent that much on things I didn’t love half as much.

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