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Can You Top This Deal?

It happens every season. You go to your wardrobe, look through your seasonal tops, and discover that you have nothing to wear. This doesn’t fit properly anymore, that has a stain or a rip you haven’t been able to fix, and as for what’s behind door number three…the less said the better. After an hour of sifting through shirts, you find that you have precisely two that are fit to be seen in public. So what’s a girl to do?

Well, if that’s what you’ve been wondering, I’ve got one suggestion: head over to Victoria’s Secret. They’re not just for underwear, and they have dozens of cute, easy wear tops on sale right now. Whether you’re looking for lace and ruffles or polo collars and tanks, there’s something to fit your style on sale right now. For instance, I was rather taken with this drape-neck sleeveless top.

Victoria It’s easy enough to wear for a picnic, but will still hold its own at a nice restaurant or the theater. Comes in your choice of Plumberry (shown) or black.

It wasn’t too bad at the original price of $58.50, but it’s a whole lot better at the current price of $39.50. Add in sale code  TOPS20 and get an additional 20% off the sale price! What’s more, that code works with all tops and tees on the site for a limited time.

Oh, and while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the selections of bras and panties on sale at 25% – 40% off. After all, those need sprucing up now and again, too.

An Uplifting Experience

Ladies, can we talk about bras?

No, really, let’s talk a little about them. Studies have shown that as many as 85% of women in the US are wearing the wrong size bra. That means that the vast majority of us are either getting inadequate support or trying to squeeze ourselves into a too-small bra and making life much harder on ourselves than we need to.

Getting properly fitted isn’t difficult. Most large department stores and lingerie specialty shops will fit you for free. All you need to do is go in and ask. Do it today. Your breasts will be thrilled that you did!

And once you know what size you need (and understand that, like any other garment, that size is approximate, so you need to try on different brands to see how they work on you), it’s time to take advantage of a fabulous deal going on at Victoria’s Secret. They’re having a huge spring sale on selected bras. You can save anywhere from 25% to 40%, which is a great deal!

Twistie’s Pick? Is this gorgeous and elegant BioFit uplift bra with delicate lace appliques.

VS BioFit Uplift Bra Each cup size has a different shape and different style of padding for a unique fit that does what you need it to do. It also comes in five delectable colors, so you’re sure to find one that makes you smile.

The price is also making me smile. Regularly $48.00, it’s on sale right now for just $36.00! That’s a great deal for a really supportive, really pretty bra.

And if this one doesn’t float your boat (or fit your needs), there are plenty of other lovely bras at great prices to choose from. Do yourself and your girls a favor and find a pretty bra that fits perfectly this spring. You’ll owe yourself one.

Ah Sweet Mystere of Life!

It’s a well-known fact that the correct undergarments make a huge difference in how clothes look. And no, I’m not talking about some industrial-strength miracle of corsetry here, but the everyday bra. And yet, something like 75% of women in America are wearing the wrong size bra as we speak.
The correct fit and proper choice of bra is essential to looking (and feeling) your most superfantastic. If you haven’t been fitted for a bra lately, do yourself a favor and head to your nearest lingerie specialist or big department store. They’ll usually do it for free and have suggestions about what style as well as size is best for you.

Then, armed with that knowledge, head immediately if not sooner for Bare Necessities and their bra clearence sale.

Whether you need an A cup or a J, whether you’re looking for Bali or Betsey Johnson, there’s something pretty and supportive on sale just waiting for you. Also, those of you with more generous bustlines will be happy to note that not only are there bras in your size, there are attractive bras in your size!

Case in point: the Sophie by Le Mystere.

Le Mystere Sophie Bra I know having something this saucy hiding under my most respectable blouses would definitely add a spring to my step! And with the underwire, side boning, and inner slings, I know it will be completely supportive, as well.

Best of all, I can add a secret smile to that saucy step because I know I’ll be getting it at a great price! The suggested retail is $72.00, but at Bare Necessities right now, it’s 30% off for a total of just $49.99. I’ve paid more for bras I liked less.

Great Deals For Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. In fact, we’re standing at the corner. Are you ready? If not, here are some great ideas to please your mother without hurting your bank account.

Does your mother love the nightlife? If so, she would probably love this sleek patent leather clutch by Kenneth Cole.

Kenneth Cole Patent Clutch The suggested retail price is $118.00, but you can get it from Bluefly.com for just $71.00. Nice.


Sweet Dreams

Nothing inspires happy dreams quite like pretty, comfortable sleepwear. With warmer weather on the way, that means something lightweight and non-binding. So what could be better than this light as a feather chemise in cool blue with a white pattern based on henna painting?

Henna Pattern Chemise The cotton/poly blend is easy care, too.

Best of all, it’s on sale today only at Bare Necessities. Originally priced at $58.00, you can get it for just $43.50. But hurry! The sale ends when the calendar turns!

Support Sales

Need a new bra? Now might be a good time to head over to The Gap. They’re having a huge sale on selected styles, and some of those styles are awfully pretty. Take for instance, this flirty polka dotted t-shirt bra

Polka Dotted Bra It’s available in two different colors and has been marked down from $36.00 to just $19.99!

And if you have been wanting to try out some of their personal care items (lotions, perfumes, etc.), many of them are on sale, too!

Batik To The Bedroom

I love batik. Even saying the name is fun. The look is fabulous. It’s usually done in glorious bright colors that make my heart sing, too.

And so it was that I looked upon this batik robe and drooled.

Red Passion Batik Robe The gold batik print on sumptuous red is both elegant and earthy. It’s 100% rayon, one size fits most. Be sure to hand wash and air dry, so as to avoid shrinkage.

And yes, it’s a bargain, too! Originally priced at $75.95, Overstock.com now carries it for just $48.99. Now that’s what I call a good deal on a great item!

Slip Into This for Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is nearly here. We ladies are looking for tempting things to wear in celebration of romance, and our significant others are looking for pretty things to put smiles on our faces.

Well, there’s good news. Our hunt for pretty things happens to coincide perfectly with Bluefly’s semi-annual sale. Right now, many items are reduced up to 75% which means right now is the perfect time to shop and save.

For instance, this gorgeous Leigh Bantivoglio silk charmeuse chemise started off at a retail price of $208.00. Bluefly originally priced it at $125.00. But if you act now, it can be yours for just $109.99, a savings of 47% off the original price! And if you don’t like this pretty green, it also comes in navy or a fun animal print which may just bring out the animal in your honey.

Silk Charmeuse Chemise