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I Could Stand This Deal

As regular readers of this space know, I love good cookware with a passion. I’m an avid baker who appreciates the best tools for the job. That’s why I’ve been a fan of KitchenAid since about the time I was old enough to say the name. If you’re a frequent baker who wants to save dough, have I got a deal for you!

KitchenAid 6-qt. Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer, Licorice
The KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer is the perfect tool to help you bake to your heart’s content. The 6qt. bowl will allow you to mix up to 13 dozen cookies or eight loaves of bread at once! The sturdy construction and powerful motor will last nearly forever, and the handsome finish in your choice of seven colors will look superfantastic in your kitchen all the while.

The mixer comes complete with a burnished aluminum flat beater, a bread dough hook, professional wire whip, and pouring shield. Yes, there are lots of attachments you can get later, but these will get you started nicely.

Of course, all that power and all these features don’t come cheap. They can, however, come at a very good deal. The suggested retail for the stand mixer and basic attachments is $499.99. That’s actually not at all a bad investment for something that will bring you that much pleasure for so many years. But why make a not bad investment when you can make a superfantastic one? Right now, Cooking.com has the Professional 600 series mixer with basic attachments for just $399.95! Save $100.00 and change on a lifetime of great baking experiences? Sign me up!

But wait! There’s more! No, it’s not the incredible Ginzu steak knife. It’s a $50.00 Visa gift card, yours free when you mail in the rebate card that will come with your new mixer. You’ll have to hurry, though. The rebate is only available through December 31, 2008.

Need another reason to act now? How about free shipping on a 30lb professional grade stand mixer? That’s right, this mixer qualifies for free shipping with code C88267.

So, to sum up: a hundred bucks off the top of the price, a fifty dollar gift card to spend as you like, plus free shipping on a thirty pound item…if you love to bake, you can’t afford to pass up a deal like this.

The Daily Grind, Only Better

If you love coffee, then you know one of the most important keys to a good cup of java is freshly ground beans. Nothing else gives quite the same aroma or flavor. I learned this at my mother’s knee many years before I learned to lean on the hallowed bean each and every morning.

As a child I would stare, wide-eyed, as she started her industrial strength coffee grinder in order to get one precious cup of life-giving caffeine. One large, precious cup.

And so it was that I found this KitchenAid Pro Line coffee grinder at Cooking.com and was overcome with a sense of rightness and nostalgia:

KitchenAid 7-oz. Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder, Nickel Pearl Oh, it’s not the same, of course. Instead of one setting to grind your beans, this one has fifteen settings so that you can find the precise one that pleases both your taste buds and your chosen coffee making process. Whether you’re looking for espresso fine or French press coarse, you can adjust the setting to fit your needs. And since it runs at an enegry-thrifty 450 RPMs, there’s minimal heating of the beans as they grind, and less noise than most professional grade grinders.

Best of all, it’s on a heck of a sale right now. The suggested retail price on this baby is $299.99. Cooking.com usually carries it for $199.99, which is a fabulous deal. Right now, though, during their pre-holiday sale, you can get this incredible coffee grinder for a mere $169.99! That’s $130.00 off the retail price!

If you’re a serious coffee drinker, you cannot afford to pass up this deal. And if someone on your Christmas list (or with an upcoming birthday) loves coffee, now would be a great time to get them the perfect gift.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find some space on my counter for a new grinder.

Blend With the In Crowd

It comes in seven different gorgeous colors. It comes with a free ice cream scoop accessory. It’s nearly forty dollars off the original price, and comes with a $20.00 rebate offer. It’s sturdy and handsome and efficient and will look terrific in your kitchen.

KitchenAid Ultra Power 5 Speed Blender w/Ice Cream Scoop

It’s the KitchenAid Ultra Power 5 Speed Blender. With this baby, you can mix smoothies, milkshakes, cream soups, crushed ice, and more to your heart’s content. The sturdy KitchenAid construction means it will last for years, and the classic design means it will look just as good twenty years from now as it does today.

Of course, all this power and elegance doesn’t (usually) come cheap. The retail price on this blender is $137.00, which certainly isn’t at all bad for what you’re getting. But why stop at not bad when you can get an actively good deal? If you head over to QVC right now, you can find this superfantastic kitchen appliance on sale for just $99.96. That’s much better. In fact, that’s more than $37.00 better.
Better yet, there’s a rebate offer from KitchenAid. Buy this blender now and you can get a $20.00 cash rebate, too!

So, to sum up: powerful, long-lasting, good-looking blender; nearly $40.00 off the retail price; further $20.00 cash rebate; free ice cream scoop.

This is the sort of deal I love.

Handy Deal On KitchenAid

Serious cooks agree: KitchenAid stand mixers are exceptional. Not only are they handsome sitting on the countertop, they’re also sturdy and efficient at what they do. More than that, they’ve been known to last longer than even stunningly prolific home bakers. It’s a difficult combination to beat.

But what to do if you haven’t got the counterspace or the cash? What if you only use a mixer once in a very blue moon and were raised with a hand-held? Does that mean you’re forever barred from the wonders of KitchenAid?

No, it most emphatically does not mean any such thing! Why? Because KitchenAid now brings their understanding of mixing technology and strong sense of beautiful design to a hand-held model at a fraction of the price of their famous stand mixers.

KitchenAid Hand Mixer The cheerful pastel and retro look of these mixers will make them fun to look at, while the legendary KitchenAid construction guarantees that you’ll be able to mix whatever you need for years.

Lightweight for easy handling, this mixer features nine different speeds, including the ‘start slow’ feature, which is handy for making sure your flour stays in the bowl and not on your floor! Comes standard with both beater and whisk attachments. The beaters and whisks are dishwasher safe, while the hand unit is best wiped clean. Just choose whether you want orange, yellow, or green and get to work making cupcakes, cookies, and whipped cream to your heart’s content.

Oh, and did I mention it’s on sale? Head on over to Sur La Table and get this baby at a bargain. The regular price is $89.95, but right now you can get it for just $69.99 while limited supplies last!

KitchenAid Kitchen Aids at a Deal

Okay all you serious foodies and coffee lovers! Now is the time to race over to Cooking.com and get great deals on selected KitchenAid products. They’ve slashed another 20% off their already deeply discounted prices for a great selection of KitchenAid kitchen aids. Coffee grinders, food processors, their justly lauded stand mixers…and this handsome, powerfully-built espresso machine are all on sale right now through the 25th.

KitchenAid Espresso Machine This baby is impressive. Its dual-boiler construction allows for brewing and steaming at the same time, and it’s specially designed not to drip or require wait time between shots. It has a rotating frothing arm so that your milk turns out just right for lattes or cappuccinos.

Comes complete with single shot filter basket, a double-shot filter basket, an 8 1/2-ounce stainless steel frothing pitcher, tamper, 7-gram coffee scoop and shower screen brush. That’s everything you need except the coffee beans and the espresso cups!

The suggested retail price on this fabulous machine is $599.99. Cooking.com usually sells it for $499.95, but now through June 25, you can get it for just $399.96! That’s more than $200.00 off the list price, and that’s a good deal.

Make mine a cappuccino, please. With a dash of cinnamon.