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Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Snuggle Up Edition

I know it’s Friday the thirteenth, but this is your lucky day! Why? Because I’ve hunted down some warm, snuggly bargains for you.

First up from Nordstrom is the Cloud Nine space dyed beret
icon by Brazen.

icon It’s warm and pretty and comes in four attractive colors. Originally priced at $28.00, it’s been marked down to just $17.90! At that price you can get one for everyone on your holiday gift list.

While you’re at it, don’t forget the matching scarf
icon. It’s just $27.90, marked down from $42.00.

Oh, and keep in mind that for a limited time orders over $100.00 ship free from Nordstrom with promo code HOLIDAY09.


Florentine Fun

Regular readers of this space know my fondness for a good hat, no matter the time of year. Whether it’s in felt, canvas, straw, or, well, nearly any material you can name, I’m a big believer in hats. They add dignity, protect us from the elements, and have a way of really standing out in a crowd. Oh, and last weekend when I took a header in a park and landed spectacularly on my nose, my stiff canvas short topper also acted as a makeshift crash helmet so that the accident caused a couple minor scrapes and not a concussion.

Hats are our friends.

This is one I want to make friends with:

Italian Velvet Hat with FlowersThis delightful velvet hat handmade in Italy has a wired brim so you can shape it however it best suits your mood and your face. It’s decorated with a bright swathe of silk flowers and a cheerful bow. Oh, and if the red isn’t your cup of tea, it also comes in dark brown.

So how much does all this charm and grace cost? Well, once upon a time it would have run you $238.00. Right now, though, it’s on sale at the New York Botanical Garden Gift Shop for just $119.00 ($108.10 for members).

Sassy Sun Protection

Here comes the sun…and with it, a host of potential ills along with the brighter weather. Sunburn is something I – as someone whose skintone can go from lily white to lobster red without a tan or pink stage in between – guard against religiously. A good sunscreen is a big help, but a tendency to sunburn is one of the best excuses I know to get a superfantastic wide brimmed hat.

UGG Austrailia Santa Barbara HatJust look at this beauty! That sassy 6.5″ brim, that delicious turquoise grosgrain ribbon, that perfectly proportioned crown, the Santa Barbara by UGG Austrailia has it all.

And right now, Bloomingdale’s has it for less. Regularly priced at $150.00, the price has been cut literally in half to just $75.00.

And just in time to keep my nose from peeling!

Oh, and while you’re at Bloomie’s, remember that today and tomorrow you can get deep discounts depending on how much you spend. See site for details. And no, I’m not just April fooling!

Heads, You Win!

I’m a sucker for a really great old movie. Sure, I love the plots, the actors, the snappy dialogue and all that, but what really makes me salivate is the great hats. Is it shallow of me? Perhaps. But a really great hat gets me every single time.

Patricia Underwood Black Velour HatThis one, for instance, is a big hit with me. I can just see Lauren Bacall or Katherine Hepburn rocking the hell out of it while sparring with Humphrey Bogart or Spencer Tracy. With its tall crown, subtle leaf pattern detail, and classic velour tailoring it just needs to be worn by a certain kind of femme fatale.

Who is responsible for this thing of beauty? Patricia Underwood. And where can you get it? Why at Bluefly, where it’s on an amazing sale.

The suggested retail price is $495.00. Bluefly usually carries it for the terrific deal of $297.00. Right now, though, you can get an even more amazing deal of just $142.99! That’s 71% off the retail price!

The only question left is: are you enough of a wisecracking dame to carry it off?

Well, that and: can you afford not to find out?

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Signs of Spring Edition

Okay, so it’s still January. I know that. But the fact is that even while it’s very, very cold in a lot of places, the days are beginning to lengthen, the temperatures are starting to rise in a lot of other places, and dammit, I need to remember that there will be warm weather again and a reason to haul out my best sandals.

That’s where shopping is an excellent pastime. No matter what the season, you can bet that most of the stores have moved on from this one midway through and are merrily on to the next. This may make trying to buy a white, short-sleeved blouse in August more difficult that finding a unicorn to ride in the Thanksgiving Day parade, but it makes window shopping in January (or even real shopping in January) a bit more fun. You’re preparing to say hello to the sun again, and that’s okay by me.

So what can we find that speaks of both spring and good savings? Just take a lookie here:

Old Navy Satin CamiThis cute little satin cami will look cool as a cucumber once the weather warms. Oh, and in addition to basic black, it also comes in floral print. What’s more it comes in average, petite, and tall sizes (sorry, you tall gals only get the black, I’m afraid) atOld Navy.

Oh, and as to price, it started out at a thrifty $24.50, but has been marked down to a mere $3.99! That’s not a typo, folks, this top is really only four bucks right now.


Hats On To You

To my mind, there’s nothing that puts the finishing touch on a superfantastic outfit like a really great haticon

Now this is a really great hat. It’s designed by Eric Javits, and combines a simple classicism with a charm and whimsey all its own. Take a look at the pretty swoop of the brim and the velvet banding around the edge. It’s graceful enough to flatter a wide range of faces.

Oh, and the price is definitely right. Normally it would sell for $275.00, but it’s on sale at Saks Fifth Ave for the mere pittance of $82.45! That’s almost $200.00 off the top!

By the way, if it’s a gift, this is a great time to give it. Saks is running a sale code for free shipping and free shipping upgrades. Just type in code SFAGIFT to get free guaranteed delivery by December 24th plus free gift wrapping.

Heck, I’d get it as a gift to myself and unwrap that pretty red ribbon with glee!

Top-Notch on Top

I’ve long been a strong believer in hats. I think they add a touch of class and glamour to nearly any outfit. Of course, there are hats, and there are hats. In that second category, I have found this lucious example:

Helen Kaminsky Aldo Hat Classic shape, great color (also available in black), made of velour fur with felt fur feather detail, and made by Helen Kaminsky who really knows her stuff when it comes to hats. This one has it all.

In the normal course of events, one could expect to plunk down $240.00 on this hat. Luckily, events are not normal around here. They are superfantastic. That means I can direct you to Bloomingdales where you can purchase this classic hat that will last you for years for a mere $168.00.

And while you’re there, check out the other sales they have going. Now through November 16, they’re taking an extra 30% – 50% off selected sale merchandise. You definitely don’t want to miss the deals!

Hats Off To YOOX!

YOOX.COM is having a huge clearance sale. That means spectacular bargains on designer clothes, jewelry, handbags, and accessories for the whole family! And what does Twistie covet out of all the deals on hand? Well, there are a lot of things I wouldn’t say no to, but I have a particular fetish for this fabulous
polka dotted hat
icon by Miu Miu.

Made of a sturdy cotton/linen blend with leather band and fully lined, this is a hat sure to brighten any cloudy day.

Oh, and did I mention how amazing the price is? YOOX usually sells it for $168.00, which is already a great discount. But with the huge clearance sale, it’s been marked down to just $59.00! That’s right: $59.00.

Twistie says: go check out the deals. They are many and superfantastic!

Hats On

It’s my considered opinion that people should wear more hats. Hats add a certain jaunty style to an outfit. They can shade our eyes from the sun and keep the rain out of our faces. All in all, there are a great many reasons to love a hat…particularly a hat like this one by Georgia Hughes.

Georgia Hughes Tri-Color Hat Hand made, hand dyed, and hand blocked, this handsome hat made of Grade 1 Pari Sissol straw is a one-of-a-kind fashion statement that will last for years and years. The colors remind me of Neopolitan ice cream, which definitely brings a smile to my face.

And of course if you see it here, you know it’s on sale. Originally priced at $340.00, it’s been marked down to just $170.00. This and dozens of other glorious chapeaux are currently on sale at Hatagories. If you’re in the market for a good hat, I’d recommend heading on over right away before all the best ones are gone!

On a Missoni To Be Fabulous

If you’re heading to the beach or a picnic or a garden party or an outdoor wedding, one thing you will absolutely need is a superfantastic hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Oh, and to look spectacular, of course.

Missoni Sun Hat This Missoni wavy striped sunhat should fill the bill nicely for lounging by the pool or frolicking on the beach with equal aplomb. The cool shades of aqua and green are perfect for waterside fun, but if you don’t care for those colors, it’s also available in pink and chocolate.

Best of all, it’s available at a bargain price from NET-A-PORTER.COM. Originally priced at $420.00, it’s now marked down to just $210.00. Half off a Missoni original? That’s what I call a bargain!

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