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You Could Give Me This Bird…

…I wouldn’t even be insulted. In fact, I would thank you.

Here’s why:

Alkemie Jewelry Hummingbird Cuff
Isn’t it fabulous? It’s an extravagant Hummingbird Cuff by Alkemie created from reclaimed metals for an eco-friendly yet superfantastic look. It really speaks for itself.

Another thing that speaks for itself is the pricetag. The retail price on it may be $209.00, but right now you can get it from ShopBop for just $104.50. To put it another way, it’s half off, making it just as economically-friendly as it is eco-friendly.

What’s Gorgeous and Gold and Sustainable All Over?

This handsome bracelet:

Green Gold Bracelet
Jewelry artist Clara Saldarriaga gathers up Andean memory leaves, dips them in copper, and then in liquid gold. Using this method, all the details of the leaves shine through.

It isn’t a new method. It’s been found in pieces in Inca tombs.

Saldarriaga sources her gold from the Choco region of Columbia, where a global pilot program is using sustainable methods to mine in a way that protects the complex ecosystem of the region.

And while you’re feeling good about how the jewelry is made, you can also rest easy that it won’t be hard on your budget. The original price for the bracelet was $179.00, but that price has dropped by over a hundred dollars! Right now, it can be yours from Viva Terra for just $72.00!

Look good, feel good, live easy on your bank account. What’s not to love?

When Life Hands You Lemons

Continuing yesterday’s theme of keeping well-hydrated in the heat, allow me to turn your attention to my personal must-have accessory for summer:

recycled-glass-lemonade-server.jpg Not only does this lemonade server look utterly charming and just as cool as its contents, it’s also eco-friendly, being made of recycled glass. It holds 48 oz of cool, delicious ade of whatever fruit you prefer and comes with its own handsome metal stand.

Whether you’re holding a party, or just trying to keep your family from drying out, this is a practical, attractive, earth-friendly addition to your household.

It also happens to be a heck of a good deal. The retail price may be $130.00, but if you head for Smart Bargains right now, it can be yours for just $79.99.

And then invite me over for drinks, will you?