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Manolo's Basement of the BargainsGlassware | The Basement of the Bargains http://basement.shoeblogs.com Bargains, Sales, Deals and Discounts from Manolo the Shoeblogger Thu, 13 Dec 2012 15:24:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.3.11 Kosta Boda Catwalk Vase on Sale at Amazon Plus Free Magazine Subscription http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/12/27/walk-the-walk/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/12/27/walk-the-walk/#comments Sun, 27 Dec 2009 14:30:18 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/12/27/walk-the-walk/ A good vase looks lovely with flowers in it. A great one looks superfantastic whether or not there are flowers in it. Take, for instance, The Catwalk Vase by Kosta Boda:

Kosta Boda Catwalk Vase with its graceful shape and charming image of a lady’s calves and feet, it’s a delightful piece for your shelf or coffee table or desk all on its own. Filled with a spray of delicate flowers, it takes on a charming yet surrealistic quality any Dali or Man Ray fan would find irresistible.

It’s handcrafted of  lead-free glass in Sweden by designer Kjell Engman, and comes in a gift box just in case you can bear to give it away. Me? I think I would stick a bow on the box, leave it for myself somewhere, and then surprise myself with a lovely gift.

Then again, at this price, I might get generous enough to share a second one with a very, very good friend. You see, the retail price for the piece is $200.00, but right now Amazon has it for just $129.50. That’s a savings of more than $70.00!

But wait! There’s more! For a limited time, if you purchase $50.00 or more of Home and Garden products from Amazon, you can get a free one-year subscription to your choice of: GQ, SELF, Conde Nast Traveler,  or Architectural Digest. See site for details and restrictions.

You know, you could always get the vase for yourself and the magazine subscription for a friend. I’m just saying.

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Kosta Boda Classical Greek Series Corfu Bowl on Sale at Bloomingdales http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/12/07/its-greek-to-me/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/12/07/its-greek-to-me/#comments Mon, 07 Dec 2009 14:47:44 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/12/07/its-greek-to-me/ There’s nothing like a really unusual glass piece to bring a touch of elegance and charm to your home. I love something with a quirky detail. You know, something like this:

Kosta Boda Corfu Bowl Say hello to the Corfu bowl by Kosta Boda. It’s part of their series of works based on the styles of Classical Greece. Designer Kjell Engman has added a whimsical red handle to the side of this charming green bowl. The colors may say ‘Christmas’ but the piece will look spectacular in your home all year ’round.

And where does one find such a delightful accent for the home? Why at Bloomingdale’s in the sale section. The original price was a whopping $185.00, but you can get it on sale right now for just $89.99! That’s a savings of almost a hundred dollars, which is a language I speak like a native.

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Veranda Cut Lead Crystal Footed Vase on Sale at Ralph Lauren http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/06/24/for-the-darling-buds-of-mayor-juneor-july/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/06/24/for-the-darling-buds-of-mayor-juneor-july/#comments Wed, 24 Jun 2009 14:29:11 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/06/24/for-the-darling-buds-of-mayor-juneor-july/ I love having cut flowers in the house. I might prefer plants if I had any talent at growing them, but I don’t. I look at plants, they curl up and die. So cut flowers it is. I love the color and cheer they add to any room.

But if you’re going to decorate with cut flowers, you need a good vase or two to show them off in. Well, I found a beauty at Ralph Lauren and it’s on sale!

Ralph Lauren Veranda Footed Vase This is the Veranda vase. Just look at those graceful lines, the subtle but charming details on the footed base. It’s a hefty lead crystal that will last and last and last, too. And at 11 3/4″ tall, it makes a dramatic statement no matter where you place it or what you display in it.

As for the savings, well, those are fairly dramatic, too. The regular price on this gorgeous vase is $133.50, but right now you can get it direct from Ralph Lauren for just  $89.99!

I think I’ll get one for the dining room…and one for the living room…and perhaps one for the kitchen….

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Vases on Sale at Bellacor Viva Terra and Macys, Lenox http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/06/19/friday-finds-under-fifty-the-vase-the-music-edition/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/06/19/friday-finds-under-fifty-the-vase-the-music-edition/#comments Fri, 19 Jun 2009 14:30:30 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/06/19/friday-finds-under-fifty-the-vase-the-music-edition/ I love vases. Fill them with flowers and you can enjoy the delights of the garden indoors. Sit them empty on your shelves and windowsills, and you can enjoy the artistry of the human hand. Fill them with something unexpected – say, for instance, a cheerful bouquet of pinwheels or a clutch of exotic feathers – and you can amuse anyone who happens to see them.

To get the best out of a vase, though, you need a particularly nice one. The good news is that this needn’t break your bank – not even the piggy one!

Don’t believe me? How about a few examples.

The first one comes from Bellacor. One look at the pretty stripes and charming shape made me want to gaze at it in perpetuity.

Henna Ceramic Vase So very pretty. It stands some 18″ high, so it will look quite impressive on its own. This is a good thing because it’s designed to be used with only dry displays. Remember those feathers I was talking about? This would be a wonderful place for them.

This is also a case of a tremendous bang for your buck. The retail price is a $80.00, which is quite a nice price for something that will look so handsome in your home. But why pay retail when you can get a deal? Bellacor usually carries it for a thrifty $68.00, but right now – if you hurry – you can get it for the basement bargain price of just $28.00!

Or you may want something a bit more light-hearted in basic appearance.  How about these?

Tropical Fish Vases (set of 2)
How charming is that? Two pretty tropical fishes that will hold a pretty bud or two each. They are both mouth-blown borosilicate. But that’s not the important thing. The important thing is that they used to cost $45.00 at Viva Terra, but have been marked down to just $18.00 for the pair!

At that price, why not buy an entire school? It would show no end of class.

Of course if you’re looking for a classy accent for your home, you could do a lot worse than choose a lovely vase from Lenox.

How pretty is that? With it’s dramatic band and vine design in green on white frosted glass, it’s a gorgeous addition to any home, but it won’t upstage your flowers. It would also make a wonderful wedding, birthday, graduation, or anniversary gift…but you might want to get one for yourself while you’re at it. After all, the suggested retail price is $58.00, which is quite reasonable, but if you buy it right now from Macy’s, you can get it for a mere $39.95.

As I said, get one for yourself, too. You won’t regret it.

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Recycled Glass Lemonade Server with Metal Stand on Sale at Smart Bargains http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/05/24/when-life-hands-you-lemons/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/05/24/when-life-hands-you-lemons/#comments Sun, 24 May 2009 14:30:31 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/05/24/when-life-hands-you-lemons/ Continuing yesterday’s theme of keeping well-hydrated in the heat, allow me to turn your attention to my personal must-have accessory for summer:

recycled-glass-lemonade-server.jpg Not only does this lemonade server look utterly charming and just as cool as its contents, it’s also eco-friendly, being made of recycled glass. It holds 48 oz of cool, delicious ade of whatever fruit you prefer and comes with its own handsome metal stand.

Whether you’re holding a party, or just trying to keep your family from drying out, this is a practical, attractive, earth-friendly addition to your household.

It also happens to be a heck of a good deal. The retail price may be $130.00, but if you head for Smart Bargains right now, it can be yours for just $79.99.

And then invite me over for drinks, will you?

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Black Handblown Glass Vase on Sale at Crate and Barrel http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/03/09/who-needs-rose-colored-glass/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/03/09/who-needs-rose-colored-glass/#comments Mon, 09 Mar 2009 16:01:28 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/03/09/who-needs-rose-colored-glass/ Anyone who knows about color knows that if you want a bright hue to pop, one of the best things you can do is contrast it with black. The combination makes most brights leap giddily into view for maximum impact.

I was thinking about that, since spring is starting to poke its head out and wave hello. All those luscious bright flowers seem to call to me. Then I found just the vase to put them in.

Crate and Barrel Noir Vase Obsidian black hand-blown glass is then cut and engraved with a series of simple yet dramatic rings. Whether you display it on its own or filled with a profusion of bright flowers, this is a piece that’s going to look superfantastic in your home.

Of course, good taste doesn’t pay the bills. I wouldn’t worry about that, though. While this vase once would have cost you $149.00, it’s now on sale at Crate & Barrel for just $59.95.

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Mosaic Glasses Dog Collars Clutch Purse Bracelet Sales at Nordstrom Smart Bargains Wrapables and Amazon Gold http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/02/20/friday-finds-under-fifty-the-midas-touch-edition/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/02/20/friday-finds-under-fifty-the-midas-touch-edition/#comments Fri, 20 Feb 2009 14:30:54 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/02/20/friday-finds-under-fifty-the-midas-touch-edition/ There’s nothing like gold. Whether it’s the real metal shining in a bit of jewelry or the color used to decorate glass, fabric, leather, or wood, gold adds warmth to nearly everything it touches.

Case in point, these handsome mouthblown glass goblets in the Sparkle pattern from Global Amici:

Global Amici Sparkle GobletImagine these by candlelight at an intimate dinner party. Just think how they will glow, how the mosaic pieces of green glass will catch the light, how much more delicious your wine or water will appear in them.

And then imagine the secret smile you’ll wear as your friends and family ooh and ah over them and wonder how much they must have cost. The retail price for a set of four may be $80.00, but you’re headed over to Smart Bargains, where you’ll get them for just $49.99.

Of course some of us like to wear gold on our persons. One of my favorite places to wear it is my wrist. In fact, I’m quite loving this bracelet by Betsey Johnson.

Betsey Johnson Sweet Romance BraceletThis delightful goldtone bracelet stretches to fit over your hand. Each link features a colorful print under a faceted lucite ‘jewel’ to form a beguiling piece of jewelry.

Of course, I consider the price one of the most beguiling aspects of the piece. Once upon a time, it would have cost you $75.00. Right now, though, from Nordstrom, it’s just $44.90.

Then again, why keep all the gold to yourself? Why not share it with man’s best friend?

Metallic Gold Rhinestone Dog CollarNo, that’s not a stack of doll-sized belts. They’re actually dog collars. It comes in three different sizes, depending on the size of dog you have as a companion, and features a rhinestone buckle for an extra touch of sparkle.

When they were first introduced at Wrapables.com, they ranged in price from $54.95 to $65.95 . Now, though, they run from $39.99 to $49.99. After all, your dog is worth it.

But you don’t have to give your gold to the dogs, if you prefer to keep it for yourself.

Light Pink Fleur WalletYou can keep it in this. It’s a pretty gold clutch with pink embroidery in a lace pattern that could be just the thing to make your evening look perfect.

But at what price? Well, the original price was $60.99. Amazon put it on sale for just $37.99…and then they slashed that price to a measley $29.99!

At those prices, there’s no reason not to be a golden girl!

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Candle Holders Candles Glass Vase Pewter Bird Figure on Sale at Viva Terra Fitz and Floyd New York Botanical Garden Shop http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/02/06/friday-finds-under-fifty-the-warm-household-touches-edition/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/02/06/friday-finds-under-fifty-the-warm-household-touches-edition/#comments Fri, 06 Feb 2009 14:30:59 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/02/06/friday-finds-under-fifty-the-warm-household-touches-edition/ It’s the little things that make a house a home. Small things like napkin rings, candle holders, and picture frames can make a huge difference in how well your home reflects you as a person. Because of that, it behooves us all to do our best to pay attention to the quality and personality of the things we choose to put the finishing touches on our homes.

Verdigris Mini Taper Holder
For instance, these verdigris mini taper candle holders will tell friends and family that you have a fondness for nature, and a love of elegance. Slim candles rise from delicate verdigris trees to light your table gently.

Once upon a time, the candle holders would have cost you $69.00 each, and the candles $16.00 apiece. Now, though, at VivaTerra, the holders are just $48.00 and the pure beeswax candles a mere $6.00 each.

Looking for something else? Check out the deals below the cut.

A good vase can make a huge statement in the right home. I’m looking at this one from Fitz and Floyd:

Brown Squat Glass Vase
I love the rich brown color and the perfect proportions. Whether you display it empty, with a few dramatic blooms, or with some gorgeous dried grasses, this is sure to be appreciated by your guests. What’s more, they’ll never guess how little you paid for it. The retail price is $90.00, but right now at Fitz & Floyd, it’s just half that price or $45.00.

Of course, while vases and candle holders are wonderful things, sometimes you want something whose only purpose in life is to be decorative.

Pewter Long Beaked Bird This charming pewter bird will delight you and your visitors no matter where you choose to display him. Just look at the detailing! At 6 1/2″H x 9 1/2″ it will fit in any home comfortably, too.

The original price at the New York Botanical Garden Shop was a whopping $148.00. Now, though, it’s on sale for just $37.00 ($33.30 for members)!

Making your home beautiful and meaningful can cost a fortune…or it can cost a lot less. It’s all about knowing where and how to shop.

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Winter Sale at Ralph Lauren Mandarin Crystal Bowl on Sale At Ralph Lauren Free Shipping http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/01/26/well-bowl-me-over/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/01/26/well-bowl-me-over/#comments Mon, 26 Jan 2009 17:23:10 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/01/26/well-bowl-me-over/ Ralph Lauren’s winter sale is on right now. That means dozens of superfantastic bargains for good little fashionistas of both genders.

As for me, I’ve fallen quite madly in love with this fabulous lead crystal bowl in the Mandarin pattern:

Ralph Lauren Mandarin Bowl Just look at the elegant shape, the graceful curls of the etching, the way it adds interest and pattern without overwhelming a simple tablescape or getting lost in a more elaborate one.

Fill it with floating candles, a glorious puff of seasonal flowers, or (as shown here) with a pile of perfect citrus fruit. Whatever your centerpiece, it’s bound to look lovely in this bowl. It will even look handsome just sitting by itself.

Oh, and did I mention the price? Well, normally it goes for $173.50, but right now with that aforementioned sale, it’s just $129.99.

By the way, if you spend more than $195.00, you can also qualify for free shipping! See site for details. I don’t know about you, but I could spend a lot more than $195.00 at Ralph Lauren!

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Jerpoint Irish Hand Blown Glass Pitcher on Sale at QVC http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/01/17/hey-pitcher/ http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/01/17/hey-pitcher/#comments Sat, 17 Jan 2009 14:30:56 +0000 http://basement.shoeblogs.com/2009/01/17/hey-pitcher/ I must confess that I have a particular fondness for a pretty pitcher. Glass, ceramic, silver…I just have a thing for graceful lines and pouty lips. Okay, maybe these aren’t the kind of lips that really pout, but I have an imagination and it comes up with odd connections now and again.

But of all possible pitchers, I admit that I do have a favorite. I’m a complete sucker for a glass pitcher, preferably hand blown with some color to it. That’s why I fell in love when I saw this:

Jerpoint Hand Blown Glass 8-1/4 Just look at the elegance of the line, the lip perfectly proportioned to pour generously with little or no spillage, the easy use of color, and the charming detail at the base of the sturdy handle. This is no terrifyingly delicate piece that must be protected under, well, more glass. This is a pitcher you can use and enjoy, whether for drinks or displaying pretty flowers. And yet it perfectly showcases the fragile beauty of glass.

It’s hand blown in Ireland by Jerpoint, stands 8 1/4″ tall, holds 1 1/2 quarts, and even comes in two colors. The picture above shows it in Honey, but it also comes in Seascape Green.

As for the price, well it used to cost $79.00, which was a nice deal. Right now, though, QVC.com has it at the basement bargain price of just $45.21!

Now if I could just figure out whether I’d rather fill it with lemonade or larkspur….

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