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Spring is Sprung!

It is a sad fact that I have the precise opposite of green thumb. I have but to glance in passing at plants to cause their untimely deaths. I am the Typhoid Mary of the garden.

If, however, I had any talent at all in keeping plants alive, I would be treating myself to this gorgeous planter right about now:

Grape Cluster Planter Just imagine a brilliant green against the soft gray weather-resistant composition of resin and stone, and then imagine colorful flowers or fruit bursting out from among those leaves…the image leaves me breathless and joyful.

And a little frustrated because my lousy inability to make plants thrive means I can’t take advantage of the incredible deal it happens to be right now.

The original price was $198.00, which was a tidge on the pricey side for most of us. Right now, though, it’s on sale through the New York Botanical Garden Gift Shop for a mere $49.50 ($44.55 for members)! Seriously, two-thirds off is a great deal on nearly anything. Take advantage.

Do it for me, because I can’t do it for myself.

A Bit of Spring in the Winter

Holiday Flowers

If someone in your life could use some flowers during these dark winter months, head on over to Flowerdelivery.com and use coupon ‘fd’ on any order of $50.00 or more for ten dollars off.

Christmas gift baskets, get well bouquets, or hostess gifts, this is a nice way to spread the cheer a little further without breaking the budget.