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Vibrant Versace or Chocolate Consolation

You can put flowers in any vase. They’ll look great, and they’ll smell good. But why put your flowers in any old vase when you can put them in this:

Versace La Mer Vase This is the La Mer vase by Versace. It’s porcelain painted with a fun mix of classic aquatic images, such as coral branches and golden shells. It stands 7″ high to hold a wide variety of blooms, or to simply be superfantastic in its empty state.

If you want it as much as I do, you’ll be delighted to know it’s on sale at Saks Fifth Ave. Regularly priced at $268.00, it’s currently selling for just $201.00. You can even get free shipping with the code SAKSSHIP9.

Of course, if the year has been financially unfortunate for you, you still may not be able to afford the lovely Versace vase. In that case, may I offer up this second delightful deal from Saks?

Chocolate Shoe and Purse After all, what woman doesn’t feel better with a stylish set of matching shoes and purse? And what woman wouldn’t feel even better if they’re made of chocolate? At that point, even if you don’t care about matching shoes and purses, it still appeals.

Regularly priced at $52.00, they’ve been marked down to just $32.00 for the season.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you getting both, if you like.

It’s Greek to Me

There’s nothing like a really unusual glass piece to bring a touch of elegance and charm to your home. I love something with a quirky detail. You know, something like this:

Kosta Boda Corfu Bowl Say hello to the Corfu bowl by Kosta Boda. It’s part of their series of works based on the styles of Classical Greece. Designer Kjell Engman has added a whimsical red handle to the side of this charming green bowl. The colors may say ‘Christmas’ but the piece will look spectacular in your home all year ’round.

And where does one find such a delightful accent for the home? Why at Bloomingdale’s in the sale section. The original price was a whopping $185.00, but you can get it on sale right now for just $89.99! That’s a savings of almost a hundred dollars, which is a language I speak like a native.

I’ll Have a (Wedgewood) Blue Christmas

The best time of the year to buy holiday ornaments is usually about three days after that particular holiday has passed. The prices have come down ridiculously and everyone is sick of looking at the favored motifs, be they hearts or holly.

Right now, though, would be a great time to head over to Amazon.com and check out their huge collection of Christmas ornaments if your tree is threatening to look a tidge on the bare side. Whether you want classic icicles and candy canes, an ode to your favorite movie or football team, or something to commemorate your first year of marriage or the addition of a pair of tiny feet to your love nest, there’s something to fit both your needs and your budget.

Twistie’s pick? I do love a good classic and blue matches my eyes, so I have to go for this:

Wedgewood Teacup Ornament See? It’s a pretty Wedgewood teacup and saucer! There’s even a matching teapot ornament.

Best of all, it’s on sale. The regular price might be $43.00, but right now it’s just $38.67, and it qualifies for free Super Saver shipping.

Santa, baby, you can put this under my tree anytime you like.

This Little Light of (Hopefully!) Mine

Pretty candlesticks are always a graceful addition to any decor, even if you never light a single candle. These handsome acanthus leaf-design candle holders, for instance, shine brightly without being lit:

Dana Candlesticks They’re old-world classic design is brought up to date by being finished in a distressed, sandy stone color with a rough gray wash. The white candles shown are even included!

Whether you use them to illuminate your dinner table or simply grace your sideboard or coffee table, they are sure to be admired on a regular basis.

Of course you’ll glow so brightly over the price that you may not ever need to light the candles. The suggested retail price is $273.00, but you can get them for a lot less at Bellacor. They normally carry them for just $243.00, which is a lot better. Right now, though, you can get the pair for a mere $141.00!

Oh, and remember that you can get free shipping on orders from Bellacor of $75.00 or more.

Keep Your Books and Balance Them, Too

I love books.

I’ve been an avid reader since I was a small child, and remain one to this day. Therefore it stands to reason that I love book-related items. Of course I love them even more when they’re on a good sale!

Big Ben Bookends These handsome bookends shaped like London’s iconic Big Ben are cast of brass with an aged iron finish would add a charming touch to any home. Whether you put them on a bookshelf or a mantelpiece, they’ll be both practical and attractive.

Oh, and about the price? Yes, that’s every bit as attractive as the bookends themselves. The regular price was an already quite good $65.00, but right now Restoration Hardware has them on sale for a mere $39.99!

By the way, if you can find $500.00 worth of goodies to buy at Restoration Hardware by November 30, they’ll knock $100.00 off the price with sale code RTGH119. See site for details.

Take a Swirl

Do you need the perfect accent for a room? Would a handblown glass vase be what that coffee table or shelf needs to make it perfect? Are you on a budget? Well, I’ve got the perfect deal for you!

Kelly Swirl Vase This beauty is the Kelly vase. Swirls of emerald green, cornflower blue, and lilac make an elegant and compelling statement. It stands 18″ tall by 6 1/2″ wide, and is designed for dry arrangements only. Me? I would just display it as is. Why gild this lily?

As for the icing on the cake, well, it’s a heck of a deal. The suggested retail price is $98.00, but we can do better than that. Bellacor usually carries it for  just $81.00, which is a serious improvement.Right now, though, Bellacor has it on a special overstock deal for a mere $33.00!

Hurry, though, because stocks are limited. Oh, and while you’re on the site, be sure to check out the other great deals available. After all, you’ll want to take advantage of the free shipping offer on orders of $75.00 or more.

Pretty Pitchers Have Small Price Tags

I have to admit I’m a total sucker for unusual decorative pieces I can place on a table, on a shelf, or in a cabinet to admire. If they appear to be cookware or serveware, so much the better, say I. That’s why I have that tiny decorative casserole shaped like a wild boar and the square plate with the sepia tone portrait of Winston Churchill in my china cabinet. They just make me smile.

So when I saw this pair of pretty decorative pitchers at Coldwater Creek, all I could think was that I would love to add them to the collection:

Coldwater Creek Italian Stoneware Pitchers They’re hand thrown and hand painted with a crackled glaze to look as though they’ve been a part of the scenery for decades…or even longer. Not recommended for food use. Still, they’d look handsome anywhere you might care to place them. The larger one stands 17″ tall, while the shorter one is 13″.

As I said, they’re a good deal, too. In the normal course of things, the smaller one would have set you back $225.00 while the larger one would have cost you $250.00. That’s far from outrageous, but it’s not precisely pocket change, either. Now, though, they’re on sale! The larger one can now be had for just $114.99, and the smaller for $105.99!

Now those are prices that wouldn’t make me pitch a fit!

Shoe Thing

I love parties! Of course, parties are a great excuse to get pretty things to spruce up the table. All you need is a good theme to get things going.

A quick glance at the clearance section at Neiman Marcus showed me the perfect party theme: the glories of The Manolo. What’s that you say? You don’t get the connection? Well take a look and see what inspired me.

Shoe Place Card HoldersShoes! Glorious little shoes to hold your place cards. They’re perfect little images of eighteenth century footwear. The originals were often made of elegant silk brocade and decorated with further embroidery and sparkling jewels. Each place card holder is made with the same sort of care from real silk and leather soles. These are shoes I can’t wait to put on the table.

At first, it would have cost you $160.00 to put four of these on your party table. Now, though, they’re on sale for just $104.00. Okay, that’s still not exactly cheap, but they can be reused again and again over the years, and even passed on to the next generation. They’re that beautifully made. Once you look at it that way, well, just over a hundred dollars isn’t very much to spend on a family heirloom, is it?

But wait, that’s not all! There’s another wonderful item to help you carry out the party theme.

Shoe Wine Bottle Holder After all, you have to keep your wine chilled somewhere. Why not this delightful silver-plated shoe? It goes so nicely with the place card holders. It’s a much more modern take, but the shape and the level of detail make them blend well.

As for the price, well, this little shoe started out at $150.00, which isn’t at all bad for a really good shoe. On the other hand – or foot, as the case may be – the current discount price of just $75.00 is even better.

Oh, and one more good deal: if you use the code SHOPNM now through April 6, the shipping is free on any amount. See site for details.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Fruit Fresh Edition

Ah, spring! One of my favorite things about the season is the abundance of delicious, fresh fruit coming into the peak of flavor. Yesterday, I was at my friendly neighborhood grocery store when I was nearly bowled over by the luscious fragrance of ripe strawberries. And they were on sale, too!

In honor of the event, I’m celebrating fruit in today’s column.

One of my all-time favorite fruits has to be apricots. They’re the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and I adore the texture of them as much as the aroma and the flavor. Imagine smelling like apricots and cream.

philosophy apricots & cream shower and shine 3-pc collection You can do just that with this apricots & cream bath set by Philosophy. You’ll get a 24 oz bottle of shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath, a 24 oz bottle of body lotion, and a 0.5 oz flavored lip shine. Delicious and clean. I like!

I also like the price. The retail value is $67.00. But you’re going to race over to QVC.com to get it. Their regular price is a thrifty $52.50, but right now you can get the superfantastic introductory price of just $48.06. Again, delicious.


Boxed In

Hello, all! Miss me? I missed you. Anyway, there were technical difficulties which have now been fixed, so we can return to our regularly scheduled bargain hunting.

Speaking of which, I have a particular fondness for little things that sparkle. Jewelry, christmas tree ornaments,and tiny bejeweled sculptures delight me on a fundamental level. I love to see a flash of bright color glinting out of the corner of my eye.

That’s why I nearly clapped my hands with joy when I ran across these:

Jay Strongwater Birthstone Boxes Just look at them. They come in twelve different colors, one for every birthstone, and were designed by Jay Strongwater. Each one is hand enameled and set with Swarovski crystals. Get the one for the month you were born, or collect the whole set and enjoy all that sparkle.

Just be sure to do your shopping at Bergdorf Goodman! See, while the retail price on these boxes is $295.00 each, BG has them right now for just $192.00 apiece.

Oh, and my birthday? Is in September. Just, you know, for the record.

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