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Process This

There is cause for jubilation in the land of people who love to cook!

Cuisinart has a brand new food processor, and I’ve found you an incredible deal on it.

Cuisinart Elite 16 Cup Food Processor Check out the sleek new lines. This is a far more elegant look than in models past. Of course, that’s not the most important question, but we do care about surface as well as substance in the Manolosphere.

As for how it works, well, it holds up to 16 cups, is designed to handle liquid ingredients more efficiently than previous models, has a retractable cord, and comes standard with three different sized bowls (16 cup, 13 cup, and 4 1/2 cup) that stack for easy storage.

Also included are: two discs, two blades, an accessory storage box, a spatula, a how-to DVD, and a booklet of recipes.

How much would you pay for all that? Don’t answer…and no, I’m not adding the fabulous Ginzu steak knife to the deal. The manufacturer’s suggested price is $545.00, which really isn’t all that bad for such a kitchen workhorse of an appliance. But we don’t deal in ‘not bad’ here at the Basement. We deal in the super fantastic. To get that, you’ll have to head to Williams-Sonoma, where they’re selling this baby for a mere $299.95.

They must have used the fine blade to slice that price down to size!

What’s cooking? A Heck of a Bargain!

Every now and again, cooking.com has a deal that’s way too good to pass up. Okay, they have them a lot, but every now and again, there’s one that’s better than most. Well, I found one of those deals today.

Cuisinart 12-qt. MultiClad Stockpot with Cover
Witness the Cuisinart 12-qt. MultiClad Stockpot with Cover. It’s the perfect thing to make stocks and soups in all winter long for many years to come. Made of sturdy stainless steel, it looks as good as it cooks, too.

If you bought this just anywhere, you could expect to pay $220.00. Cooking.com, though, has it for just $129.95. Great deal? You bet it is! But it gets even better.

Now through September 15, if you spend $100.00 or more on Cuisinart open stock cookware, you’ll get a rebate form you can turn in for a bonus saucier pan! Better yet, spend $200.00 or more and get both the saucier pan and a tea kettle free!

Best of all (and something to really appreciate if you’re buying a 9lb item like this stockpot), if you use the code C98859 at checkout, you’ll get free shipping as well.

So, to sum up: a family-sized stockpot to last for years at nearly $100.00 off the regular price, a free saucier pan (and a kettle if you add another $70.00 0r more of Cuisinart open stock cookware to your order), plus free shipping.

How do you beat a deal like that? You don’t. You take advantage of it!