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Time For Turkey!

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to plan for the great holiday feasts and all the family meals around them. That means most of us will be cooking at least one or two turkeys in the next couple of months. And that means we’ll need something to cook them in.

30lb Ceramic Turkey Pan With the French Home Appolia turkey baking dish, you can cook up to a 30lb. turkey with ease. The cheerfully colored glazed ceramic dish can go from freezer to hot oven to tabletop with ease and without cracking. The glaze is also lead and cadmium-free for your health and safety. When you’ve served the turkey, just pop the dish in the dishwasher for easy cleanup, too.

How much would you pay for all that? Well, most days you would have to pay $139.99. Today, though, you can go to SmartBargains and get it for just $69.99! That’s half off!

Don’t be a turkey. Take advantage of this great deal!

Wok This Way

I’ve long had a fondness for Iron Chef. It’s the perfect combination of gourmet cooking, game show tackiness, and surrealism. Seeing great chefs confronted with the challenge of making half a dozen dishes featuring squid ink and then feeding them to a panel of random semi-celebrities to see who is the master of the ingredient of the day is my idea of a good time.

Now that there’s an all-American version (it just isn’t the same without the dubbing, if you ask me, though it gives me great pleasure when I can see Bobby Flay slapped soundly down), there are also commercial tie-ins. The surprise isn’t that there’s a line of cookware, but that said cookware is actually of serious quality.

Iron Chef 7-pc. Porcelain Nonstick Chairman's Cookware Set The Iron Chef Chairman’s Cookware Set includes: a 14″ light weight cast iron nonstick wok with glass lid, 12″ bamboo steamer basket, spatula, spoon, slotted spoon, and pair of chopsticks. The wok is made via a new method that allows the metal to be cast much thinner than traditional cast iron, making it a great deal lighter than traditional cast iron cookware. To help keep the weight down, the fittings are cast in aluminum. The exterior of the piece is coated with an attractive red enamel, and the interior with one coat of enamel and a coat of a durable non-stick finish.

The set usually sells for $174.95, but Cooking.com has it on sale right now for just $139.96.

I don’t know about you, but I could go for some stir fry about now.

Cuts Like a (Bread) Knife

What’s the best thing since sliced bread? Something to slice unsliced bread. You need a decent knife with a good serrated blade to do the job properly. You need something like this knife:

Wusthof Bread Knife Wusthof makes some of the best knives going for the home cook/baker. This Grand Prix II bread knife has a 9″ high-carbon, no-stain steel alloy blade that keeps its edge well. The contoured polypropylene handle is designed for a steady, comfortable grip. It’s also well-balanced, which makes for both comfort and control when using. In short, it would be difficult to imagine a better bread knife.

Of course, the deal I found on it doesn’t hurt one bit. Regularly priced at $89.95 , it’s on sale right now at Williams Sonoma for just $54.99! Now there’s a price that won’t cut too deeply into your budget.

Le Creuset? Le Great Deal!

Regular readers of this space are well aware of my long-standing love of Le Creuset cookware. It’s versatile, hard wearing, and gorgeous to boot. What’s not to love?

Okay, I’m not in love with the price tag. I don’t begrudge it, you understand, because it’s worth every single penny. What I don’t love about that price tag is how it’s all too often well out of my budget range when I need new cookware.

And that’s why I’m excited about the Le Creuset deals going on right now at Sur la Table.

Le Creuset Soup Pots, Red and Blue This handsome and practical enameled cast iron soup pot, for instance, is a $150.00 value. Well, it’s on sale now for just $99.00! $51.00 off a pot that’s going to last you the rest of your life even if you make soup every single night is a great deal in and of itself, but there’s more for the savvy shopper right now.

If you spend $250.00 on selected Le Creuset items at Sur la Table, you’ll also get a red qt. enameled steel stockpot (retail value, $70.00) absolutely free!

If you love to cook, or you love someone who loves to cook, then you owe it to yourself to check out this incredible deal! And don’t forget, top-notch cookware makes a superfantastic gift to any enthusiastic cook on your holiday list.

Souped Up

A slight chill is in the air, even here in sunny California, and my mind turns inevitably to the joy that only a hearty soup can bring. Of course, looking at superfantastic soup pots also brings a glow to my face and a song to my heart. Take a look at this one and you’ll know precisely what I mean:

Le Creuset 2.75-qt. Enameled Soup Pot, Caribbean Le Creuset always makes me happy. It’s beautiful to look at, a dream to cook with, and practically guaranteed to outlast the cook. This 2.75qt soup pot is just the thing to slow cook that silky butternut squash soup or hearty beef daube you’ve been craving. Not only is it handsome enough to serve from, it’s also perfect for stovetop cooking and oven safe up to 450 farenheit. Any way you slice it, Le Creuset is the cream of the crop for cookware.

So when I find a great deal on it, I like to pass it along. For a limited time, this gorgeous and practical soup pot is on sale at Cooking.com for just $99.99. That’s more than $64.00 off the regular price of $164.95. Even better than that, there’s a free shipping code! Considering the fact that this soup pot weighs nearly eight pounds, that’s a great savings, too!

Oh, and the free shipping code is: C99274. Remember to punch that in when it’s time to check out. And remember, the deal is for a limited time only. You’ll want to act on this one ASAP.

The Daily Grind, Only Better

If you love coffee, then you know one of the most important keys to a good cup of java is freshly ground beans. Nothing else gives quite the same aroma or flavor. I learned this at my mother’s knee many years before I learned to lean on the hallowed bean each and every morning.

As a child I would stare, wide-eyed, as she started her industrial strength coffee grinder in order to get one precious cup of life-giving caffeine. One large, precious cup.

And so it was that I found this KitchenAid Pro Line coffee grinder at Cooking.com and was overcome with a sense of rightness and nostalgia:

KitchenAid 7-oz. Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder, Nickel Pearl Oh, it’s not the same, of course. Instead of one setting to grind your beans, this one has fifteen settings so that you can find the precise one that pleases both your taste buds and your chosen coffee making process. Whether you’re looking for espresso fine or French press coarse, you can adjust the setting to fit your needs. And since it runs at an enegry-thrifty 450 RPMs, there’s minimal heating of the beans as they grind, and less noise than most professional grade grinders.

Best of all, it’s on a heck of a sale right now. The suggested retail price on this baby is $299.99. Cooking.com usually carries it for $199.99, which is a fabulous deal. Right now, though, during their pre-holiday sale, you can get this incredible coffee grinder for a mere $169.99! That’s $130.00 off the retail price!

If you’re a serious coffee drinker, you cannot afford to pass up this deal. And if someone on your Christmas list (or with an upcoming birthday) loves coffee, now would be a great time to get them the perfect gift.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find some space on my counter for a new grinder.

Nonstick For Next to Nothing

Any good cook knows there are times when cooking (and cleanup!) is a lot easier with a nonstick pan. Unfortunately, a good one can cost an awful lot of money. Luckily for us, Cooking.com has some terrific deals on Calphalon cookware, including the nonstick pieces.

Calphalon 2-pc. Nonstick Contemporary Nonstick Skillet Set This pair of Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick skillets are just the thing to get you cooking without getting sticky. It includes one 10″ skillet and one 12″ omelette pan. Those are good, versatile sizes that can be used for a lot of purposes.

<>Best of all, they’re an amazing deal. Cooking.com usually carries the set for $149.99, but right now, during their Calphalon promotion, you can get the set – that’s two great nonstick pans – for just $49.99! You’ll save $100.00!

Risotto? Right On!

When the weather starts cooling, there’s nothing like a good risotto to warm the soul and fill the belly. Of course, good cooks know that the right pan can make a great difference in how your risotto turns out.

Ruffoni Copper Risotto Pan This gorgeous 16 cup copper risotto pan by Ruffoni is just the thing to help you satisfy the masses while making your kitchen look superfantastic. Not only does the hand-hammered copper look spectacular, it also conducts heat like a dream for even cooking. The pot is lined with tin that won’t affect the flavor of your food. There’s even a little spout to make it easier to transfer the risotto to bowl or plate. The wooden risotto spoon shown is also included. It’s the perfect tool for the constant stirring a good risotto takes.

Of course hand-hammered copper and a specialty cooking tool won’t come cheap. On the other hand, if you head over to Chef’s Catalog right now you can get a good deal on the set. The large risotto pan and wooden risotto spoon normally sell for $300.00. Right now, though, you can get the set for just $239.99. That’s $60.00 off, which is nothing to sneeze at.

What’s cooking? A Heck of a Bargain!

Every now and again, cooking.com has a deal that’s way too good to pass up. Okay, they have them a lot, but every now and again, there’s one that’s better than most. Well, I found one of those deals today.

Cuisinart 12-qt. MultiClad Stockpot with Cover
Witness the Cuisinart 12-qt. MultiClad Stockpot with Cover. It’s the perfect thing to make stocks and soups in all winter long for many years to come. Made of sturdy stainless steel, it looks as good as it cooks, too.

If you bought this just anywhere, you could expect to pay $220.00. Cooking.com, though, has it for just $129.95. Great deal? You bet it is! But it gets even better.

Now through September 15, if you spend $100.00 or more on Cuisinart open stock cookware, you’ll get a rebate form you can turn in for a bonus saucier pan! Better yet, spend $200.00 or more and get both the saucier pan and a tea kettle free!

Best of all (and something to really appreciate if you’re buying a 9lb item like this stockpot), if you use the code C98859 at checkout, you’ll get free shipping as well.

So, to sum up: a family-sized stockpot to last for years at nearly $100.00 off the regular price, a free saucier pan (and a kettle if you add another $70.00 0r more of Cuisinart open stock cookware to your order), plus free shipping.

How do you beat a deal like that? You don’t. You take advantage of it!

It’s a Fair Copper

Top-notch chefs agree there’s nothing like copper for perfect heat distribution on top of a stove. Copper pots and pans also look super spiffy. In fact, there’s only one downside to copper cookware: the price.

Ruffoni Copper Saute Pan Of course, a good sale changes all that. Luckily, Chef’s Catalog is having just such a sale on this fabulous Ruffoni copper saute pan. Not only does the copper distribute heat evenly while the hand-applied tin lining won’t affect the flavor of the food you’re cooking, the hand-hammered look will grace any kitchen beautifully. Rolled edges help prevent drips. Best used with olive wood or silicone utensils…and I tend to recommend the olive wood for being both sturdy and elegant.

Usually, this beauty sells for $220.00, but as I said it’s on sale. If you order now, you can get it for just $119.99. That’s a savings of $100.01! That’s a price it’s hard to beat.

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