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Shawl Thing

As the evenings get colder, there’s always that time when it’s too cold to go without some sort of wrap or jacket, but too warm for a serious coat. That’s when a really great shawl is a terrific idea.

Cashmere & Silk Bauble Shawl - Aqua This dramatic and gorgeous Shawl is a cozy combination of silk and cashmere, trimmed with thread covered baubles along the hem. The floral design was based on antique tapestries and bedding. A generous size of 76″L x 38″W guarantees that your shoulders won’t turn cold. Choose awesome Aqua or terrific Taupe to go with your coloring and wardrobe.

And of course, if you see it here, you know it’s on sale. This is available from VivaTerra and originally would have set you back $159.00. Right now, though, the price has been sliced in half to just $79.00. Mmmm…I’m warm all over just thinking about the savings.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Well, if it isn’t, it soon will be. Even I, intrepid California girl what I am, begin to consider retiring the sandals for a few months about this time of year. And of course when I start thinking about the coming colder weather, I think about the chance to invest in a new coat or seven. As it happens, I spotted one on sale at
Saks Fifth Avenue
icon today that I would love to cuddle up to.

DKNY coat
icon is sure to get the right kind of attention between the graceful cut and gorgeous red color. The cozy warmth of wool/cashmere blend will allow you to stay out all night, too. There’s even a bit of stretch for ease of movement.
Of course a good deal on it can help warm the heart. Originally priced at $495.00, Saks has marked it down to a mere $297.00! A high-quality wool designer coat at that price? Ooh, that’s keeping me toasty warm!

Oh, and don’t forget: if you spend a minimum of $200.00 (coat, I’m looking at you!) and enter the code SAKSFS at checkout, you get free shipping.

Yes, I’m definitely feeling warmer now.

Handy and Superfantastic

With the weather turning colder, hands are bound to start feeling left out in the cold…unless, of course, you buy them pretty glovesicon to keep them warm and toasty.

These elegant two button leather gloves by Portolano are just the thing to bring both warmth and style to your fingers when they can’t go bare this winter. Not only are they cut beautifully, they also come in your choice of six fashion colors. I’m particularly fond of this teal, but if that’s not your thing, well, they come in red, and old rose pink, and teak brown…and more.

Oh, and if you’re worried about warmth, don’t be. They’re lined in cashmere.

Normally, you’d expect to pay several pretty pennies to get such decadent gloves. The good news is that I found them at Smart Bargains. That means you’ll save big. The retail price of these gorgeous gloves is $100.00, but today at Smart Bargains they’re just $39.99!

Even better, there’s a four button version on sale for precisely the same price.

I get warm inside just thinking about them.

Blue Sale, Red Shawl

Bluefly is currently holding it’s semi-annual Blue Sale. They’re blowing out literally thousands of gorgeous, superfantastic items for men, women, and the homes they live in at bargain basement prices.

Among all the lovely offerings, I found this beautiful and cozy cashmere/silk blend ombre shawl by Kashmere.

Kashmere Ombre Dyed Shawl The color develops from a warm ivory, through pale pink, to a bright geranium pink at the edge. At 20″ x 80″ it should also keep your shoulders comfortable until the frosts hit. Heck, out here in California, we could probably wear it until Thanksgiving! No matter where you live, though, it should come in handy whenever you want a touch of warmth combined with a touch of class.

The retail value on this exquisite piece is $150.00, and Bluefly has been selling it for $85.00. Well, now Bluefly has marked it down to just $74.99. But wait! There’s more!

During the three-day “Blue Sale, you can save even more. Now until 6:30am 8/25/08, if you buy one Blue Sale item, you can get another 20% off. Better yet, get two Blue Sale items and save another 25%. Best of all, buy three or more Blue Sale items and get 30% off!

Beyond the Fringe

I know it’s hot out. But remember during winter when I found you all those cool-as-a-cucumber bargains you’re thanking me for now? Well, it’s going to get cold again in a few months, so now’s the perfect time to stock up on things most people are too hot and bothered to even think of.

And so it is that I point out this great deal on a gorgeous cashmere double-fringed scarf over at Vivre.com.

Double-Fringed Cashmere Scarf The artist, Meg Cohen, brushes dried flowers across the surface of her scarves to enhance the natural softness and texture of them. And just look at those lucious colors! I can’t decide whether I like the orange, the plum, or the blue best…but the other three colors are also delicious.

In the season, this scarf cost $350.00, but now when the summer’s got us all panting for a little shade, it can be yours for just $140.00. A savings of a cool $210.oo wouldn’t hurt my feelings about now!

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