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Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Flower Power Edition

Unless you’ve been hiding under a fashion rock, you know that flowers are big news on the runways and in closets all over. But what’s a girl to do if she’s on a budget? Bargain hunt, that’s what. And you have me to do a lot of the hard work for you. Let’s take a look at some of the great deals I’ve found to help you look your most floral without busting your budget.

First up, this cute flounced tank topicon from tbd is covered in fun blue flowers. It has a racer back combined with a soft, blouson shape.

It’s perfect for picnics and parties alike.

Oh, and it’s a great deal, too. The retail price is $58.00, but it’s on sale right now at Nordstromicon for just $37.90.


Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Fruit Fresh Edition

Ah, spring! One of my favorite things about the season is the abundance of delicious, fresh fruit coming into the peak of flavor. Yesterday, I was at my friendly neighborhood grocery store when I was nearly bowled over by the luscious fragrance of ripe strawberries. And they were on sale, too!

In honor of the event, I’m celebrating fruit in today’s column.

One of my all-time favorite fruits has to be apricots. They’re the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and I adore the texture of them as much as the aroma and the flavor. Imagine smelling like apricots and cream.

philosophy apricots & cream shower and shine 3-pc collection You can do just that with this apricots & cream bath set by Philosophy. You’ll get a 24 oz bottle of shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath, a 24 oz bottle of body lotion, and a 0.5 oz flavored lip shine. Delicious and clean. I like!

I also like the price. The retail value is $67.00. But you’re going to race over to QVC.com to get it. Their regular price is a thrifty $52.50, but right now you can get the superfantastic introductory price of just $48.06. Again, delicious.


Vanilla Va-Va-Voom

To my mind, two of the most soothing scents in the world (short of bread baking) are vanilla and cocoanut. And one of the most relaxing things in the world is a good spa day.

Now we can’t all afford to go to the spa as often as we’d like, but we can get good bath products in soothing scents to carry us through between those massages and mud baths.

this seticon by Lavanila Laboratories could be just the thing to make your body and soul feel pampered even when you aren’t getting puffed and buffed by professionals. It includes body butter, body wash, lip shine, and fragrance all in a relaxing vanilla cocoanut scent chockful of anti-oxidants and essential vitamins and minerals so you’ll look and feel your best, as well as smell good.

Of course, it won’t hurt your blissful feeling knowing that you got a heck of a deal on all this personal care. The retail price on this set is $99.00, but at Drugstore.comicon right now, you can get it for the bargain basement price of just $69.30. Plus, for a limited time, if you spend a minimum of $30.00 on Lavanila Laboratories products, you’ll get a free mini body butter!

Now that’s a deal that relaxes me!

Listen! What’s That Smell?

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and one of the most popular gifts is perfume. But that’s not restricted to the ladies, by any means. There are plenty of men who like to stop and smell the perfume on themselves, too.

If the man in your life likes a bit of fragrance (or if you’re a guy looking to smell good for your SO), now is a great time to check out the terrific sale going on at Perfumania.com.

BVLGARI Men's Fragrance Set This set by Bulgari is a great deal for the man who wants to smell as good as he looks. It consists of a 3.4 oz eau de toilette spray and a 2.7 oz deoderant stick, both in the Aqua scent.

The retail price on this set is $80.00. Perfumania usually carries it for a thrifty $64.49. Now through February 23, though, it’s an extra 20% off for a total of just $51.59!

Oh, and if there isn’t a man in your life who needs this, don’t panic. You can still take advantage of the amazing deals for women and children. You’ll save an extra 20% over their usual low, low discount prices.

Mmmm…I smell a bargain!

Beauty en Provence

They say women must suffer to be beautiful. I say if you – or your wallet – is suffering, you’re doing it wrong.

L'Occitane en Provence Cosmetic set Here’s a case in point. This is the Best of L’Occitane gift set. It includes 2.5 oz each of: Angelica Shampoo, Revitalizing Shower Gel, Verbena Shower Gel, Verbena Shampo, Shea Verbena Shower Cream, Shea Shampoo, Shea Conditioner, Shea Body Lotion, Verbena Conditioner, Verbena Body Lotion, Relaxing Body Lotion, and Angelica Conditioner. Those are some mighty painless ways to stay clean and pretty.

Now normally, this set would cost you $96.00. Luckily, I know where to find it at a far less painful price. Head over to Beauty.com and you can get this great set for just $55.00! Not only that, for a limited time you can get free shipping on any order from Beauty.com.

$41.00 off and free shipping? That’s a beauty of a deal!

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Black Friday Edition

Ah, Black Friday. The day that shopper and retailer both anticipate and dread in equal measures. The day when the Christmas shopping season officially starts bringing full coffers to businesses and massive congestion to mall parking lots.

The best thing about Black Friday is, of course, all the great deals offered up to the consumer. The worst thing about it is all the crowding, jostling, and general lack of holiday cheer among the throngs of customers who want the deals but hate the lines.

So what does the savvy shopper do? She shops online, of course!

No getting elbowed in the ribs while standing in line, no strange kids running amok, no canned Christmas music unless you want it, no undertrained and overwhelmed holiday hire cashiers to shortchange you or direct you to the opposite area of the store from the item you want…online shopping is the perfect cure for Mall Malaise. And in the interest of making the experience both pleasant and reasonably priced, I’ve gone out and hunted down some superfantastic holiday deals that may inspire you to be the best Secret (or not-so-secret) Santa ever.

Cocoanut Paradise Bath Set The Coconut Paradise Bath and Body set
is the perfect gift for the woman (and we all know her) who needs to slow down and pamper herself once in a while. There’s coconut milk bath gel, moisturizing body lotion, bath salts, an exfoliating pumice stone, and a body puff. All of it comes in an adorably whimsical wire clawfoot bathtub. Even the original price of $39.99 would have made it a find under fifty, but it’s now 38% off at Amazon
for a cool $24.99. At that price, you could get several for those last-minute gifts you didn’t expect to need.


High L’Occitane

As fun as it is to travel, there are annoyances involved. One of the worst is finding ways of carrying your favorite beauty products along without having to carry full-sized versions or deal with trying to transfer small amounts into tiny travel bottles, hoping those won’t break open and spill into your lingerie. That is why I am thankful every day for travel kits of favored bath and beauty products. Alas! These kits are often so expensive that they become prohibitive when one is scrimping and saving for a dream trip.

Well, today Beauty.com has come to our aid with a great deal on a handy travel kit of L’Occitane bath and skin care products all in a carrying bag that won’t allow your lotions to spill into your clothes.

L'Occitane Travel Kit This practical little PVC pouch contains travel-sized versions of: Verbena Shower Gel, Verbena Body Lotion, Artemisia Shampoo, Angelica Conditioner, 100% Shea Butter Tin, Shea Hand Cream, Milk Soap and Verbena Soap. In short, it’s got everything you need to keep clean, fresh, and moisturized for a great vacation. It’s also a nifty way to try out products if you’ve never used the line before.

Normally, this little bag of bath goodies would run you $52.00. That’s not a bad value for what you’re getting, but I think it’s an even better value to head over to Beauty.com today and order it for just $35.00. Then you’ve got a little extra to spend on your trip, and that’s well worth it.

Breakfast in the Bath

Well, not literally. That’s not a concept I recommend, frankly.

Still, Philosophy offers the next best thing with a trio of 3-in-1 shower gels in the flavors of breakfast. Use them as shampoo, as shower gels, or as bubble bath and come out of the bath smelling good enough to eat. The set comes with one each 16oz bottle of: Belgian Waffle, Fresh Cream, and Blackberry Sauce.

Philosophy 3-in-1 Breakfast Collection This set usually runs $48.00, but if you order it now from QVC you can get it for just $39.50.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m suddenly and unaccountably hungry for waffles in blackberry sauce…and I want some cream in my coffee.

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Who can resist a good bubble bath? I certainly can’t. That’s why I was so pleased when I checked out the sales at Beauty.com only to find this set of Aquolina Bagno bath foams at such a bargain price.

Aquolina Bagno Bath Foam Set The set includes one 100ml/3.38 fl. oz. bottle each of: White Chocolate, Icing Sugar, Cardomom, and Wild Strawberry-scented bath bubbles.

Sweet, spicy, and utterly delectable. Oh, and as I said, a great deal! This set is a $40.00 value, but Beauty.com is selling it for just half that at $20.00. So whether you’re looking to indulge yourself or for a little extra goodie to add to the Mother’s Day pile, this is a great idea.

Be Good To the Earth, Be Good To Yourself

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of this day, Amazon has some great deals on Mother-Earth-Friendly products. Some are as much as 50% off!

For instance, these handsome bath towels are made of 70% bamboo, 30% cotton. The bamboo is not only an eco-friendly renewable resource, but also includes natural anti-bacterial properties.

Bamboo/Cotton Bath Towels They’re soft as cashmere, too.

On any other day, one of these bath towels would cost you $40.00. Today, though, you can get these soft, sturdy, brilliantly colored towels for just $19.99 each. Be sure to check out the matching hand towels, bath sheets, wash cloths and robes, while you’re there. Again, they’re 50% off and just as lovely.

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