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Face a Brave New Year…In Bed

Mff…? Um…? Oh. Hi. Sleepy after last night’s party. Too sleepy to be witty.

So while I go back to bed and sleep it off, fill in your own bon mots about this fabulous quilt set I found at Smartbargains.

Antique Chic Quilt Set

This pure cotton set is the perfect thing to snuggle under with its charming Boho patchwork style and oversized dimensions. It comes with one 105″ x 95″ King sized quilt, two 20″ x 36″ King sized shams, and two 16″ x 16″ decorative pillows.

So how much for all that comfort and style? Well, the retail would be $199.99. But if you get it from Smartbargains today, you’ll pay just $74.98! That’s a savings of 62%!

Don’t stop there, though! This weekend only, Smartbargains is having a huge bed and bath sale with savings up to 75% on selected sheets, towels, comforters, and so much more. If Santa or Hanukkah Harry didn’t bring you warm sheets or thick towels, it’s nice to know you can get them without breaking the bank or those New Years resolutions to be more financially responsible.

Nighty night.

I Sing the Bodhi…Not Electric, But Still Bright

Bodhi Bucket Purse Look at that. It’s like a ray of sunshine in the middle of dark and gloomy days. It’s a fabulous bucket tote by Bodhi, and it’s making me smile. From the cheerful yellow pebbled leather (it also comes in a delightful grassy green) to the whimsical self buttons on the outer pockets, I find myself utterly besotted by it.

I’m also pretty darn taken with the current price. You see, the retail tag would read $450.00. Bluefly has been carrying it for a thrifty $270.00, which is a huge improvement over the original. Right now, though, Bluefly is taking an extra 15% off everything on the site making the cost to you just $218.44!

But wait! There’s more! Order right now and you can still get your package to that special someone in time for Christmas. What’s more, it will only cost you $2.00. That’s right, $2.00. Two lousy bucks for 2nd day shipping (check site for restrictions) on orders of $100.00 or more.

I think my Grinchly heart just grew two sizes. Thank you, Bluefly!

Friday Finds: The Santa’s Little Helper Edition

Normally I stick to things under fifty dollars on friday, but in honor of the official opening of the holiday shopping season, I’ve decided to ignore the limit this week. You’ll find goodies under fifteen dollars and others over two hundred. After all, you’ve got everyone from your Secret Santa at work to your lifelong best friend, to your immediate family on your list. You need inspiration from all price points.

Swiss Army Knife One of the handiest gadgets of all time is the classic Swiss army knife. Now Victorinox has reinvented it in a miniature size with stainless steel blades. At just 2 1/4″ long, it attaches to your key ring for your convenience. It comes with: one small knife blade, scissors, and a nail file. The practical soul on your holiday gift list will love this.

Normally, it runs $140.00, but Saks Fifth Ave is having a huge sale now through the 28th. Right now, even the sale items are on sale. The sale price on this item was $104.00, but now to Saturday it just $62.94!

Oh, and be sure to check out the bonus offers combined with the sale!  For instance, you can get free shipping by using code HOLIDAY9. If you spend at least $400.00 in Contemporary, you can get a $100.00 off card with code CONTEM9. And if you spend at least $100.00 in beauty and you can earn a $25.00 gift card with code BEAUTY9.


For When You Invite Johnny Depp – or One of the Borgias – Over for Drinks

Today is the very last day of the Private Sale at Ralph Lauren. Whether you go to one of their brick and mortar stores or shop online, selected items are 40% off through the end of the day. My friends, there are some superfantastic bargains to be had. Here’s a personal favorite of mine:

Ralph Lauren Skull and Crossbones Decanter I’ve long had a fondness for piratical and slightly gothy goodies. As a child I longed to live in the Addams family mansion. Now Ralph Lauren has created the perfect decanter to grace just such a home…or one of slightly less esoteric taste. The lines are classic, elegant, graceful. It’s just decorated with a delightful skull and crossbones motif. So whether you long to sail away with Captain Jack Sparrow, or always wanted to serve a smoking cocktail to someone, this is the perfect decanter for you.

It’s handblown of 24% lead crystal, so wash it carefully by hand with a non-abrasive cleanser. Or just let everyone look at it when they come it. It’s good enough to simply look at, even if you never fill it.

Oh, and that price tag? Well, even Captain Jack would have to admit it’s a steal worth nearly twice the price! The regular retail is $495.00. Today only, it’s marked down to just $297.00. Don’t let a great deal like this slip through your fingers!

Oh, and don’t forget the matching double old-fashioned glasses!

Go For the Bronze!

When metallics are popular, sometimes it’s easy to forget that gold, silver, and glittery grass green aren’t the only options. My personal favorites are the subtler shades…things like copper and bronze.

Cole Haan bronze leather 'Village Soft' continental walletThis Cole Haan bronze leather wallet wins first prize in my book. Just look at the bold decorative stitching and handsome brass buckle. On the inside, there are a zipped pocket, two slit pockets, six card slits and an ID window. That’s about as practical as you could like, as well as beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful, there’s the question of the price. The retail value of this handsome wallet is $195.00, but you wouldn’t want to pay that much if you can help it. The good news is that Bluefly carries it for $117.00. The even better news is that right now, they’re having a huge spring sale. That means you can get this wonderful wallet for just $99.45!

Now that’s what I call a winning price.

Sassy Sun Protection

Here comes the sun…and with it, a host of potential ills along with the brighter weather. Sunburn is something I – as someone whose skintone can go from lily white to lobster red without a tan or pink stage in between – guard against religiously. A good sunscreen is a big help, but a tendency to sunburn is one of the best excuses I know to get a superfantastic wide brimmed hat.

UGG Austrailia Santa Barbara HatJust look at this beauty! That sassy 6.5″ brim, that delicious turquoise grosgrain ribbon, that perfectly proportioned crown, the Santa Barbara by UGG Austrailia has it all.

And right now, Bloomingdale’s has it for less. Regularly priced at $150.00, the price has been cut literally in half to just $75.00.

And just in time to keep my nose from peeling!

Oh, and while you’re at Bloomie’s, remember that today and tomorrow you can get deep discounts depending on how much you spend. See site for details. And no, I’m not just April fooling!

Buy Low, Cell Happy

If you have a cell phone (and who doesn’t these days?), chances are it’s tiny and has a tendency to get lost at the bottom of your purse. Am I right? A good phone deserves better. It deserves a nice case to keep it from dings and accidental rings and make it more easily accessible when you need to get at it quickly.

On the other hand, a really nice case costs an arm and a leg, while an affordable one is often unattractive or flimsy. What’s a girl to do?

She’s to head straight over to eFashion House and take a look at this beauty by Kate Spade:

Kate Spade Cell Phone Cover It’s simple, sturdy, and in excellent taste. By the way, while it’s shown in a lustrous gray, it’s currently available only in basic black. Just so you know. Still, Kate’s signature print will hold up for a long time to come and look great every time you answer your phone.

Oh, and did I mention the price? The retail value of this cell phone case is an eye-popping $113.00. eFashion House usually carries it for $99.00, which isn’t a bad discount, but still isn’t that great a price to cover your cell, if you ask me. Right now, though, they’ve got it on a deep, deep discount that makes my heart flutter with delight. It’s been marked down to just $39.00!

Is that my cell phone ringing? No, it’s my heart singing!

Yar, Here Be Superfantastic Savings

Ralph Lauren is having a huge sale on already discounted items. For a limited time, select sale items are a further 20% off the already low, low prices. Be still, my beating heart!

That means you can get some amazing deals on designer goodies for the man, woman, child, home, or dog in your life. Just peruse the pages of the website, and you’ll find something to tickle your fancy that won’t hurt your budget.

Twistie’s choice? Well, I’m a sucker both for a good pair of cufflinks and for things piratical, so hands down this is what gets my nod:

R. Lauren Pirate Cufflinks These fun and fabulous cufflinks feature the classic skull and crossbones design favored by pirates for years on a background of your choice of black, blue, or red enamel over sterling silver for a subtle touch of rapscallionish humor.

Of course, the joke once took a serious bite out of the budget at $325.00. Since then, though, they’ve been marked down to just $199.00. Now, and for a limited time, they’re a further 20% off, which means you’ll save something in the neighborhood of another forty bucks on the price.

For that deal, I may just need to see if I can smuggle a pair to Johnny Depp. Mmmm…Johnny Depp.

Fit To Eat With

Remember when you threw your first dinner party? Perhaps you were in college, or had recently graduated. Perhaps you were a struggling newlywed. At any rate, you may have opened up your silver drawer for that first dinner and realized what a sad semi-collection of mismatched bits and pieces you had. Four forks, two knives, half a dozen teaspoons and a single soup spoon, no two of which bore any resemblence to one another, let alone the rest of the table settings.

That’s sort of to be expected of someone who has just joined the adult world and hasn’t had the time nor the funds to put together all the bits and pieces yet. But if it’s been at least a couple of years since that day and you still haven’t fixed the situation, now would be a great time to do so.

Cooking.com is having a winter blow out sale. There are lots of great deals to be had on all sorts of cookware, barware, and tableware. My personal favorite deal, though, is this handsome 45-piece set of stainless steel flatware by Cambridge Silversmiths in the Gabriana pattern.

Cambridge Silversmiths Gabriana Flatware Set That’s eight place settings and a 5-piece hostess set, all in a style that’s simple enough for everyday but attractive enough for company. The heavy weight stainless is dishwasher safe, and won’t easily bend like stamped, lightweight pieces will.

Oh, and did I mention what a pittance they’re asking? The suggested retail on this set is $199.00, Cooking.com usually carries it for a much nicer $129.99. Right now, though, they’re blowing it out for just $54.99! That’s a savings of $145.00!

If you need new stainless, or you know a soon-to-be grad or bride, this would be a great time to give yourself or someone you love a really great, really practical gift.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out some of the other wonderful deals!

Awfully Audrey

Ask anyone and you’ll learn anew that Audrey Hepburn is one of the great style icons of the twentieth – or indeed any – century. Every once in a blue moon, I come across something that just makes me sit up and say ‘that’s Audrey!’ and it makes me happy. Well, this morning I was taking a quick glance at Ralph Lauren.com and what should I find but this:

Ralph Lauren Houndstooth Swing Coat It couldn’t be more Audrey if it had been designed by Hubert de Givenchy himself!

The proportions are elegant, the houndstooth check utterly classic, and the entire feel is one of effortless class. It’s even got one spectacular slightly Bohemian touch in that fabulous collar that can be worn up or down, depending on how incognito you wish to be. It even comes in petite and plus sizes, too!

Oh, and did I mention the sale? Yes, all three size ranges are on sale. The original prices ranged from $409.00 to $399.00, but you can get it now from $279.99 to $229.99. But wait! There’s more! For a limited time, you can get an extra 30% off any of those prices! Plus there’s free shipping on orders over $175.00.

Go on. Audrey would want you to have it.

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