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And Now Number One, The Larch…The Larch

Okay, it’s not a larch. In fact it’s a Cedrus Libani, or Cedar of Lebanon. And it’s not an actual one, it’s a print. Here, take a look at it:

Cedrus Libani Print The original comes from a book entitled The Pinetum Britannicum first published in 1884 and featuring the work of natural artist Edward Ravenscroft. Subscribers to the original three-volume set included Queen Victoria and Napoleon III. The book is legendary among conifer fans. I also happen to think that this beautifully rendered 18″ x 23″ unframed reprint would look handsome on nearly any wall.

So how much for the superfantastic look? Well, originally it would have set you back $238.00. The price has now been slashed, however, to a far more affordable  $166.60 ($149.94 for members) at the New York Botanical Garden shop.

Now that’s an idea that could grow on me…and all my Monty Python quoting friends.

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Silver and Gold Edition

I love the Shine of silver and the glitter of gold. These two lovely metallics add charm to any item and class to nearly any ocassion. Alas, they can easily empty your wallet. Here are a few shimmering goodies to brighten your world without breaking the bank.

Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet This 7.5″ Byzantine link sterling silver bracelet looks both graceful and fun on nearly any wrist. So pretty, so timeless…and in this case, so inexpensive. The suggested retail price on it is $200.00, but you can get it from Amazon right now for the pittance of $45.95! That’s more than $150.00 off!


Art For a Buck? You Bet!

Christmas is coming, and one popular gift is art. Almost anyone can enjoy an attractive picture, but many of us don’t buy art for ourselves during the year. Why? In part because art usually doesn’t come cheap.
Enter the good folks at Art.com. Right now they have some amazing deals on art prints covering every subject under the sun, and the prices start at $0.98! That’s less than a dollar!

For instance, if you have a friend who loves botany or cooking, you might consider this charming unframed print of mushrooms by Curtis.

Curtis Mushroom Print At 13″ x 19″, it will fit on nearly any wall comfortably. And at the price of one tiny dollar, you’ll have plenty of cash left to get a good frame, too. Oh, by the way, the regular price on this print is $16.99.

There are framed pieces on sale, too, of course. Monet, Hiroshige, and dozens of other artists are marked down.

While you’re at it, don’t forget that they have free shipping for a limited time on framing and canvas. That’s a $39.99 value for free!

Decorate your own home, or buy a couple pictures to give to friends. Beautify your world and do it on a budget.

Sea the Beauty

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the shapes and colors and textures of things that live in water. That’s why I’m so drawn to this superfantastic Ocean Flowers Botanical Art Set. available from VivaTerra.

3 Framed Pieces of Seaweed Framed in light wood and mounted on acid-free paper, these wonders of nature will grace any wall with elegance. What’s more, since they are pieces of nature no two sets will be quite the same. Yours will be as unique as you are.

Originally priced at $139.00, they’ve now been marked down to just $95.00 for the set. That’s 30% off, which just goes to show that it’s wise to watch the flow of prices as well as of water.

Animal Magnetism

If you love the idea of trophies on the wall, but can’t imagine hunting Bambi’s father, it’s time to check out Find natural home décor, organic gifts and more at VivaTerra..
They’ve got a witty, beautifully hand-carved set of Find natural home décor, organic gifts and more at antlers.
that might be just the ticket for you.

Wooden Antlers on Plaque Measuring a majestic 23″w x 15″h, these deer antlers are mounted on a handsome plaque in a cruelty-free testament to the beauty of nature. Or perhaps they’re a nod of the head to your love of surrealism.

Whatever the reason, they look great and are available at a terrific deal. Originally priced at $218.00, they’ve been marked down to just $87.00. That’s 60% off!

Besides, it’s for Bambi…and Salvadore Dali.

Cowboy Take Me Away

In the hands of Uncle Frank after he’s had a couple beers, a camera is a dangerous thing likely to produce only blurry images of random people and unidentifiable objects. In the hands of an artist, it’s an entirely different beast that can reveal our world and our true selves.

A camera in the hands of Kendall Nelson, for instance, can produce images as beautiful and moving as this:

Kendall Nelson Cowboy Photo Printed in glorious black and white via the giclée process (a sophisticated process that produces fine art prints from a digital source), it will grace your wall and captivate your eyes.

Pottery Barn has produced a limited number of these handsome photographs and framed them using archival-quality materials. Each one is signed and numbered.

And each one is on sale! Originally priced at $300.00, it’s now half off, so you pay just $149.99.

Now if I can just find a bare spot on my wall….

Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?

You can if you head over to Pottery Barn right now.

Button Wall Decoration This whimsical piece of wall art consists of five hand-carved mango wood buttons that you can hang any way you please. They’ll add a rustic flair to any room in your home.

Art may be priceless in value, but there’s nothing wrong with getting it at a good price. These buttons were originally priced at $99.00 for the set, but they’ve been marked down to just $49.99. That’s roughly half off. At that price, you might consider getting two sets. After all, it never hurts to have a spare button on hand.

Get the Java Jive…and a $20.00 Gift Card

Coffee, that sweet nectar of life! Let us celebrate it as it deserves.

Coffee Ad Set This gorgeous set of three canvas prints showcases vintage advertising art of three popular European coffee brands. The attractive lines will grace any wall, and the bright colors will perk you right up, even while you wait for your coffee to brew.

Best of all, if you order them from Smart Bargains, you’ll get them at a great deal. Available elsewhere at $349.00, Smart Bargains has the set for just $219.99 for a savings of 36%!

What’s more, if you place an order for more than $100.00 exclusive of shipping charges and taxes by 2:59AM EST 2/29/08, and you will receive a gift card worth $20.00 off your next purchase.

Folks, that ain’t beans!

Ad a Little Art to Your Life

There was a time when advertising art really was artistic. Vibrant colors and clever uses of imagery abounded…or at least it seems that way when one looks at surviving pieces.

This gorgeous original French advertising poster singing the praises of excelsior is an excellent example.

Excelsior Ad Poster What better claim for excelsior than that it can put out the very fires of Hell?

This handsome lithographed original advertising poster is mounted museum-style on linen for maximum conservation and measures 49 1/2 x 66 1/2. Design Toscano was selling it for $2,950.00, but now has it on sale nearly half off for $1,750.00.

Butterflies Are Free…Or Nearly So

This brightly colored watercolor scroll from China would look cheerful in any home. It’s hand produced in a family-run factory in Guangdong on silk-covered rice paper with rosewood scroll rods.

butterfly scroll
The scroll measures 65″L x 24″W and is available from
overstock.com from their Worldstock Handcrafted collection for just $48.99. That’s 73% off the original price of $179.00!

The only thing better than getting something pretty is getting something pretty at a huge discount.