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Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Last-Minute Santa Edition | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Last-Minute Santa Edition

Ho Ho Ho!

So, you’ve got kids on your gift list and nothing to give them? Fret not, for behold, I bring you tidings of great deals which shall appeal to kids both young and old.

There’s a certain time in life when a lot of kids become interested in magic tricks. If there’s a budding David Copperfield in your life (the magician, not the Victorian orphan), then you might want to head over to Smartbargains and take a look at this:

Coin Trick Kit It’s the Melissa and Doug Apprentice Magician coin trick game. Included are instructions and tools needed to master sixteen different coin tricks. It may or may not get the kid cool status in Home Room, but it will definitely build logic and dexterity, in addition to hours of fun.

Best of all, you’ll save big time. The retail price is a cool $50.00, but at Smartbargains it’s just $34.99.

My mother used to tell me that people who spelled really well had nothing better to think about. I like to think she was just jealous because I could beat her at Scrabble even when I was eight.

Scrabble Onyx Edition What wouldn’t I have done to have the coveted Onyx Edition back then? Okay, so it’s mostly that the accessories are black, for that ominous look. Admittedly, I don’t need black to accomplish that. Mr. Twistie has been known to blanch when I bring out the regular board and suggest a round, but still, it looks cool and the board rotates!

Also, there is that bit where it’s on sale at Amazon. The retail price is $59.99, but at Amazon right now it’s just $29.99!

Of course, when I was a little girl, what I really had my heart set on was a pony. My parents never got me one. Some pesky excuse about there being no place to keep one on a crowded block on a busy street or something. Humph. But I would have been well satisfied with one like this:

Hearthsong Pony This charming little bay is perfect for any child to sit on and dream of riding the range or winning a race. It holds up to 150 pounds, so it’s going to last quite a while, too. It even comes with its own pink curry comb and an extra-long mane that can be braided, if your child wants to grow up to be hairdresser to the Kentucky Derby winners. The saddle and bridle are also removable.

It’s even on a great sale. Exclusively available from Hearthsong, it was originally $74.98. Right now, though, it’s on sale for just $39.99!  Oh, but there’s more! This is the last day, but if you spend $65.00 or more at Hearthsong, you’ll get a $10.00 reward card good toward your next purchase.

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