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Archive - November, 2009

Go For the Bronze!

‘Tis the season to get great evening bags. After all, with tons of holiday parties coming up, you’ll want something nice to hold your necessities while you have fun. You’ll also want one that complements your outfit and catches the eye of everyone in the room. You’ll want something a lot like this:

Bronze Beaded Evening Bag It’s just a simple clutch, but covered in an intricate design of bronze-colored beads with a buckle ornament on the clasp highlighted with Swarovski crystals. Oh, and if you don’t want to carry it as a clutch, you can convert it to a small shoulder bag using the included chain.

So, lovely and practical. Those are two great things for a purse to be. But isn’t it great if it’s also a good deal? Lucky thing for you that this really is a great deal. Originally priced at $149.00, which isn’t at all a bad price to begin with, it’s been drastically reduced to a mere $79.00 at Madison Ave. Mall. That’s a savings of $70.00, or nearly half!

Who wants silver or gold? This bronze is just what I need.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

As the weather turns cold, there’s nothing like a good pair of snuggly flannel pajamas to make life better. Of course, getting those pajamas at a good price warms the heart as much as the flannel warms the body.

Victoria Victoria’s Secret has made these slouchy pjs in a soft pure cotton flannel so that even when the weather outside is frightful, you’ll be toasty warm and stylish. Not wild about the print? Don’t worry about that! There are 24 colors/prints to choose from, ranging from plaid to polka dots to pink elephants (no, really, they do have a pink elephant print!). Taller or shorter than average? VS has got you covered. They come in both tall and petite lengths, as well as average.

Did I mention they’re on sale? Because they are. Regularly priced at $49.50, they’re currently going for just $39.50. And to sweeten the deal, order before Dec. 8, use code PJGIFT and get a matching pair of slippers for free!

That’s right, the slippers (a $25.00 value) are free! See site for details.

I think I’ll dream about this deal tonight.

Keep Your Books and Balance Them, Too

I love books.

I’ve been an avid reader since I was a small child, and remain one to this day. Therefore it stands to reason that I love book-related items. Of course I love them even more when they’re on a good sale!

Big Ben Bookends These handsome bookends shaped like London’s iconic Big Ben are cast of brass with an aged iron finish would add a charming touch to any home. Whether you put them on a bookshelf or a mantelpiece, they’ll be both practical and attractive.

Oh, and about the price? Yes, that’s every bit as attractive as the bookends themselves. The regular price was an already quite good $65.00, but right now Restoration Hardware has them on sale for a mere $39.99!

By the way, if you can find $500.00 worth of goodies to buy at Restoration Hardware by November 30, they’ll knock $100.00 off the price with sale code RTGH119. See site for details.

Friday Finds: The Santa’s Little Helper Edition

Normally I stick to things under fifty dollars on friday, but in honor of the official opening of the holiday shopping season, I’ve decided to ignore the limit this week. You’ll find goodies under fifteen dollars and others over two hundred. After all, you’ve got everyone from your Secret Santa at work to your lifelong best friend, to your immediate family on your list. You need inspiration from all price points.

Swiss Army Knife One of the handiest gadgets of all time is the classic Swiss army knife. Now Victorinox has reinvented it in a miniature size with stainless steel blades. At just 2 1/4″ long, it attaches to your key ring for your convenience. It comes with: one small knife blade, scissors, and a nail file. The practical soul on your holiday gift list will love this.

Normally, it runs $140.00, but Saks Fifth Ave is having a huge sale now through the 28th. Right now, even the sale items are on sale. The sale price on this item was $104.00, but now to Saturday it just $62.94!

Oh, and be sure to check out the bonus offers combined with the sale!  For instance, you can get free shipping by using code HOLIDAY9. If you spend at least $400.00 in Contemporary, you can get a $100.00 off card with code CONTEM9. And if you spend at least $100.00 in beauty and you can earn a $25.00 gift card with code BEAUTY9.


Happy Thanksgiving From Twistie!

In honor of the day, I have decided to show you the biggest turkey of a deal I’ve seen in ages. Are you ready? Here it is:

Granny Square Pin Yes, it’s a granny square on a pin backing. That’s it. How much would you pay for this? Three bucks at a church bazaar? Not that much?

Well, the fine people at Prada would like you to pay $250.00. That’s right, two hundred and fifty smackers for a kid’s second crochet project attached to a brass pin. It’s not even a large one. It measures 1.75″. The fiber of the yarn is not identified. My guess at that price is unicorn manes.

When Prada couldn’t move them all at that outrageous price, eFashion House bought up some of the leftovers and tried to move them for $138.00. Alas, like the remains of Aunt Lucille’s legendary eggplant and marshmallow casserole, these have failed to move, prompting eFashion House to drop the price to $99.00.

Here’s a money-saving tip for free: if you want one of these, learn to crochet. You’ll save nearly a hundred dollars and learn a useful skill in case Prada decides to expand their line of granny square wear.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Carve Out a Great Deal

If you spend any time at all in your kitchen, then you know how important good knives are, both for ease of effort, elegance of result, and safety while cooking.

One of the best names in the business is Henkels. They’re beautifully balanced, sturdily constructed, comfortable in the hand, and quite attractive to look at, to boot. They keep an edge well, too. In fact, the one drawback to Henkels is the retail price. The penny they cost is every bit as pretty as they are.

Henkels Knife Set The good news is that sales are out there if you know where to look for them. You might start at Cooking.com where this gorgeous 11-piece knife set is on sale for less than half price.

You’ll get:

  • 2.5-in. Peeling Knife
  • 4-in. Paring/Utility Knife
  • 5-in. Serrated/Utility Knife
  • 6-in. Utility/Sandwich Knife
  • 8-in. Chef’s Knife
  • 7-in. Santoku Hollow Edge
  • 8-in. Bread Knife
  • 4.5-in. Steak/Utility Knife
  • Kitchen Shears
  • 9-in. Sharpening Steel
  • Hardwood Block
  • How much would you pay for all of that? Retailers would like you to pay $486.00. Cooking.com usually would like you to pay $229.99 if you buy now.

    I think I like that price a lot better.

    Molto Benny

    You know, there are times when it just doesn’t do to take life or fashion too, too seriously. When those times come along, this is the scarf to be wearing:

    Moschino Franklin Scarf You may not have much in the bank, but you’ll look like a million bucks in this cheerful $100.00 bill scarf by Moschino. It’s 100% silk and sized at a discreet 35″x34″. Tie it around your neck or around the shoulder strap of your purse for instant smiles.

    Oh, and thanks to the magic of the internet, you can now get it for less than a Franklin!  The retail price is a whopping $253.00, which could hurt your personal economy. eFashion House has been carrying it for $199.00, which is a much better incentive. But right now it’s on sale for a mere $88.00!

    You know, with a few good deals like that, your bank account might just start feeling the recovery.

    The Root of the Matter

    I don’t know about you, but I have a great fondness for root vegetables. I love to eat them and I think they just look cool, too. Apparently New York City artist John Derian who turned a series of meticulously detailed 19th century French botanical prints into a series of handsome yet whimsical trays, agrees with me.

    John Derian Carrot Platter

    In addition to this carrot platter, there’s a kohlrabi, beet, turnips, and more in the series. Each one is a lovely potential accent to your table or your wall.The prints are decoupaged and topped with glass, and backed with felt. The trays are food safe, but remember not to immerse them completely in water.

    Originally each tray ran $188.00, but they are currently on sale at the New York Botanical Gardens Gift Shop for just $112.80 each. Oh, and if you have a membership, the price on each goes down to a mere $101.52.

    Rutabaga, anyone?

    In the Mink

    Wendy Mink Gold and Tanzanite Earrings See these? Aren’t they great? Don’t you want them to help you make a splash at holiday gatherings this year?

    Wendy Mink is the one responsible for all that spectacular, and I for one would like to shake her hand. They’re gold vermeil leaves with beaded with Tanzanite for a cool touch of blue. So gorgeous. They would make a dramatic statement on nearly any set of ears.

    Speaking of things your ears will enjoy, wait until you hear the price! The retail on them is an entirely reasonable $207.00. Bluefly usually carries them for just $124.00, which is a great deal. Right now, though, they’re on sale for a mere $119.99! That’s 42% off the retail.

    Don’t leaf this deal behind.

    Thick as a Bric

    I really do mind if you sit this one out*. Why? Because this is such a great deal!

    Bric Microsuede Purse Witness the Bric Life medium sized satchel bag in grape microsuede banded in dark brown leather. It’s a roomy 13.39″w x 8.27″h x 4.92″d to hold all your valuables during your busy day. Three inner pockets (one patch, one zip, one cell phone) and an attractive beige fabric lining make it as beautiful as it is practical.

    Best of all is the price. The retail price is $370.00, but right now you can get it on sale from FORZIERI.com for a mere $259.00. That’s a nice price for so much style.

    *with apologies to Jethro Tull…sort of.

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