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Pretty Pitchers Have Small Price Tags

I have to admit I’m a total sucker for unusual decorative pieces I can place on a table, on a shelf, or in a cabinet to admire. If they appear to be cookware or serveware, so much the better, say I. That’s why I have that tiny decorative casserole shaped like a wild boar and the square plate with the sepia tone portrait of Winston Churchill in my china cabinet. They just make me smile.

So when I saw this pair of pretty decorative pitchers at Coldwater Creek, all I could think was that I would love to add them to the collection:

Coldwater Creek Italian Stoneware Pitchers They’re hand thrown and hand painted with a crackled glaze to look as though they’ve been a part of the scenery for decades…or even longer. Not recommended for food use. Still, they’d look handsome anywhere you might care to place them. The larger one stands 17″ tall, while the shorter one is 13″.

As I said, they’re a good deal, too. In the normal course of things, the smaller one would have set you back $225.00 while the larger one would have cost you $250.00. That’s far from outrageous, but it’s not precisely pocket change, either. Now, though, they’re on sale! The larger one can now be had for just $114.99, and the smaller for $105.99!

Now those are prices that wouldn’t make me pitch a fit!

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