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Ring in the Savings

It’s my considered opinion that more people should wear great rings. I said it, I mean it, I stand by it. Rings are beyond superfantastic…unless you have the problem a good friend of mine does in that he is unable to wear any metal.

But the rest of us have a glorious option of which we often fail to take sufficient advantage.

Genuine Aquamarine and Diamond Ring
Just take a look at this and I dare you to tell me you wouldn’t love to have something just like it. It’s a 1.35 carat oval cut aquamarine flanked with a pair of diamonds. It’s shown in a white gold setting, but the sale is only set in 14k yellow gold. White gold, yellow gold, I like ’em both.

Either way, the suggested retail price on this ring is $599.00. The good news is that I can tell you where to get it a lot cheaper. Just head to FineJewelers.com where they usually carry it for  $299.00. That’s right, it’s usually $300.00 off the suggested price – note the ‘usually’ in that sentence. That’s because the price has been dropped a further 20%, making your cost $239.00!

Mmm…aquamarine. Delicious.

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