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Wake Up to Terrific Savings | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Wake Up to Terrific Savings

If you’re anything like me, getting up in the morning is harder some days than it is on others. I don’t know about you, but a digital clock radio does little to make those days easier. I want to open my eyes and immediately see something that makes me happy enough to feel good about getting out of bed.

I want to see something like this:

Millefiori Murano Glass Alarm Clock
This gorgeous alarm clock has an easy to read face surrounded by exquisite Murano millefiore glass flowers. The whole thing is bound in a cheerful goldtone frame (or silver, for those who prefer it) by Antica Murrina.

On top of all that, it’s on a great sale. The retail price is $142.00, but it’s available right now from Forzieri Italia for just $92.00.

Now those are some timely savings!

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