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Shop the Bop ‘Til You Drop

I love a great deal, as well you know by now. Even as a child I found a special thrill in rooting through the bargain racks to find treasures that others had missed. Other women may spend their time down memory lane recalling their weddings, etc., but my triumphant memory was the time I found a perfect pair of 100% wool fully lined navy blue trousers for a mere two bucks. They even fit me perfectly without tailoring, which, looking back, may explain why they were on that rack for so little. It’s not every day you find perfectly fitted pants off the rack for a 5’2″ woman with her natural waistline half an inch below her bust and legs that aren’t as stumpy as you might imagine.

(Note to Mr. Twistie, should he ever read this: you know I think a lot about our wedding, dear. It was truly as great a triumph as those pants. After all, look at what a beautiful day I planned on two shiny nickels and a dream.)

Still, deals make me happier than almost anything. So it stands to reason that I love places that give me lots of great deals on beautiful things. And that’s why I dropped by ShopBop this morning to take a look at their sales racks.

So many pretty things! So many great deals! Just look what I found in their 50% off ‘rack:’

Lee Angel Jewelry Anik Bangles - Set of 3
So pretty. So elegant. So timeless. So on sale.

This set of three bangles by Lee Angel features coral cabochons and pave rhinestones for a combination of cool and glitter that’s hard to resist. Wear just one or stack them up. Add them to a poolside drinks look or use them as the finishing touch to a more formal outfit. Either way, they’re the perfect way to add stackable charm without  cluttering up your wrist.

And did I mention that 50% off bit? I believe I did, but it definitely bears repeating. These bracelets are half off! The original price was $216.00, which really wasn’t too bad for what you’re getting. But right now at Shopbop you can get the set for just $108.00

All the pretty, half the price. Now that’s what I call a good deal.

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