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The Sort of Swag I Love | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

The Sort of Swag I Love

Mr. Twistie goes to at least a couple conventions each year. One of his favorite things about them is getting ‘swag’ or freebies from the various vendors. Since he’s a musician, this tends to run to guitar picks, tee shirts, bumper stickers, and other little items meant to make the musician’s life happier and reinforce brand loyalty.

As for me, well, I love swag, too, but it’s a very different kind of swag I have in mind.

Lora Paolo Bezel Swag Necklace I want this sort of swag…a swag necklace, that is. This beauty is designed by Lora Paolo. It glitters with swarovski and cubic zirconium crystals and is gathered up in four spots with yet more crystal elegance. Measuring in at a comfortable 17″, it will look graceful on a wide variety of throats. And while I’m usually all about the color, I’m loving this icy white perfection.

The other thing I love about it is the affordability. If it were made of real diamonds as opposed to crystals, well, Angelina Jolie et al would discuss borrowing it for the Oscars. Mere mortals could never afford it. But since it’s made of Swarovski and CZs, the regular price is a pretty darn reasonable $300.00.

But when do we here at the Basement of the Bargains settle for pretty darn reasonable? Never, that’s when. We’re all about the bargain, the deal, and the incredible (yet legal) steal.

Ignore reason. Head for Bloomingdale’s where this beauty is on sale at 50% off for the amazingly wonderful price of just $150.00!

My swag may not be entirely free, but it would look a darn sight better on me than a promotional capo, too.

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