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Florentine Fun

Regular readers of this space know my fondness for a good hat, no matter the time of year. Whether it’s in felt, canvas, straw, or, well, nearly any material you can name, I’m a big believer in hats. They add dignity, protect us from the elements, and have a way of really standing out in a crowd. Oh, and last weekend when I took a header in a park and landed spectacularly on my nose, my stiff canvas short topper also acted as a makeshift crash helmet so that the accident caused a couple minor scrapes and not a concussion.

Hats are our friends.

This is one I want to make friends with:

Italian Velvet Hat with FlowersThis delightful velvet hat handmade in Italy has a wired brim so you can shape it however it best suits your mood and your face. It’s decorated with a bright swathe of silk flowers and a cheerful bow. Oh, and if the red isn’t your cup of tea, it also comes in dark brown.

So how much does all this charm and grace cost? Well, once upon a time it would have run you $238.00. Right now, though, it’s on sale at the New York Botanical Garden Gift Shop for just $119.00 ($108.10 for members).

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