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Shoe Thing

I love parties! Of course, parties are a great excuse to get pretty things to spruce up the table. All you need is a good theme to get things going.

A quick glance at the clearance section at Neiman Marcus showed me the perfect party theme: the glories of The Manolo. What’s that you say? You don’t get the connection? Well take a look and see what inspired me.

Shoe Place Card HoldersShoes! Glorious little shoes to hold your place cards. They’re perfect little images of eighteenth century footwear. The originals were often made of elegant silk brocade and decorated with further embroidery and sparkling jewels. Each place card holder is made with the same sort of care from real silk and leather soles. These are shoes I can’t wait to put on the table.

At first, it would have cost you $160.00 to put four of these on your party table. Now, though, they’re on sale for just $104.00. Okay, that’s still not exactly cheap, but they can be reused again and again over the years, and even passed on to the next generation. They’re that beautifully made. Once you look at it that way, well, just over a hundred dollars isn’t very much to spend on a family heirloom, is it?

But wait, that’s not all! There’s another wonderful item to help you carry out the party theme.

Shoe Wine Bottle Holder After all, you have to keep your wine chilled somewhere. Why not this delightful silver-plated shoe? It goes so nicely with the place card holders. It’s a much more modern take, but the shape and the level of detail make them blend well.

As for the price, well, this little shoe started out at $150.00, which isn’t at all bad for a really good shoe. On the other hand – or foot, as the case may be – the current discount price of just $75.00 is even better.

Oh, and one more good deal: if you use the code SHOPNM now through April 6, the shipping is free on any amount. See site for details.

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