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An Uplifting Experience | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

An Uplifting Experience

Ladies, can we talk about bras?

No, really, let’s talk a little about them. Studies have shown that as many as 85% of women in the US are wearing the wrong size bra. That means that the vast majority of us are either getting inadequate support or trying to squeeze ourselves into a too-small bra and making life much harder on ourselves than we need to.

Getting properly fitted isn’t difficult. Most large department stores and lingerie specialty shops will fit you for free. All you need to do is go in and ask. Do it today. Your breasts will be thrilled that you did!

And once you know what size you need (and understand that, like any other garment, that size is approximate, so you need to try on different brands to see how they work on you), it’s time to take advantage of a fabulous deal going on at Victoria’s Secret. They’re having a huge spring sale on selected bras. You can save anywhere from 25% to 40%, which is a great deal!

Twistie’s Pick? Is this gorgeous and elegant BioFit uplift bra with delicate lace appliques.

VS BioFit Uplift Bra Each cup size has a different shape and different style of padding for a unique fit that does what you need it to do. It also comes in five delectable colors, so you’re sure to find one that makes you smile.

The price is also making me smile. Regularly $48.00, it’s on sale right now for just $36.00! That’s a great deal for a really supportive, really pretty bra.

And if this one doesn’t float your boat (or fit your needs), there are plenty of other lovely bras at great prices to choose from. Do yourself and your girls a favor and find a pretty bra that fits perfectly this spring. You’ll owe yourself one.

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