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Who Needs Rose Colored Glass? | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Who Needs Rose Colored Glass?

Anyone who knows about color knows that if you want a bright hue to pop, one of the best things you can do is contrast it with black. The combination makes most brights leap giddily into view for maximum impact.

I was thinking about that, since spring is starting to poke its head out and wave hello. All those luscious bright flowers seem to call to me. Then I found just the vase to put them in.

Crate and Barrel Noir Vase Obsidian black hand-blown glass is then cut and engraved with a series of simple yet dramatic rings. Whether you display it on its own or filled with a profusion of bright flowers, this is a piece that’s going to look superfantastic in your home.

Of course, good taste doesn’t pay the bills. I wouldn’t worry about that, though. While this vase once would have cost you $149.00, it’s now on sale at Crate & Barrel for just $59.95.

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