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Don’t Get Burned! Notice This Sale! | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Don’t Get Burned! Notice This Sale!

Now that the holidays are over, chances are you’re eager to see what’s going to happen on your favorite television shows that have been on hiatus. Of course, you may also want to remind yourself of what happened on those same shows in seasons past, just to make sure you completely get how the plot got to this point.

Well, the good folks at Amazon.com want to help. That’s why they’ve got over 160 boxed sets of shows on DVD on sale right now. Twistie’s choice?

Burn Notice Boxed Set Season One I discovered Burn Notice halfway through the first season and wondered how I had missed it for that long. Come on, it’s got spies, it’s got Sharon Gless, it’s got Bruce Campbell blowing things up! Also, Jeffrey Donovan is currently rocking my world. If you saw his brilliant performance in Changeling (and if you missed it, why the hell did you miss it?) you’ll understand why. The scripts are tight, the performances strong, and the production values high.

If you’re ready to catch up with the show, this is definitely the time to do it. The regular price for Season One is $49.98, which is pretty typical for a season of a reasonably popular dramatic series. Oh, but this is where the bargains live. Go to Amazon right now and you can get it for a mere $29.99 or 60% off!

Not wild about spy dramas or Bruce Campbell blowing things up? No problem! Amazon has deals for you, too. Whether your taste runs to comedy, reality, animation, or sci-fi, there’s something in the sale to make you happy.

Oh, and while you’re there, be sure to check out their sale on independent and foreign films on DVD, too.

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