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Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Black Friday Edition | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Friday Finds Under Fifty: The Black Friday Edition

Ah, Black Friday. The day that shopper and retailer both anticipate and dread in equal measures. The day when the Christmas shopping season officially starts bringing full coffers to businesses and massive congestion to mall parking lots.

The best thing about Black Friday is, of course, all the great deals offered up to the consumer. The worst thing about it is all the crowding, jostling, and general lack of holiday cheer among the throngs of customers who want the deals but hate the lines.

So what does the savvy shopper do? She shops online, of course!

No getting elbowed in the ribs while standing in line, no strange kids running amok, no canned Christmas music unless you want it, no undertrained and overwhelmed holiday hire cashiers to shortchange you or direct you to the opposite area of the store from the item you want…online shopping is the perfect cure for Mall Malaise. And in the interest of making the experience both pleasant and reasonably priced, I’ve gone out and hunted down some superfantastic holiday deals that may inspire you to be the best Secret (or not-so-secret) Santa ever.

Cocoanut Paradise Bath Set The Coconut Paradise Bath and Body set
is the perfect gift for the woman (and we all know her) who needs to slow down and pamper herself once in a while. There’s coconut milk bath gel, moisturizing body lotion, bath salts, an exfoliating pumice stone, and a body puff. All of it comes in an adorably whimsical wire clawfoot bathtub. Even the original price of $39.99 would have made it a find under fifty, but it’s now 38% off at Amazon
for a cool $24.99. At that price, you could get several for those last-minute gifts you didn’t expect to need.

Of course, not everyone will want bath products. I think most of us know at least one woman who has jewelry, but nowhere to store it.

Bronze Empress Earring Tree Well, this attractive and practical Bronze Empress Earring Tree from Wrapables.com should help solve the problem. Standing 24″ high, it would look great on nearly any dresser and holds approximately 30 pairs of earrings. The original price was $75.95, but that’s not what they’re asking right now! No, it’s on sale for just $39.99. At that rate, you can solve your favorite teenager’s earring storage problem and get her another pair, too.

Earrings aren’t the only things that need to be stored properly. Cash, credit cards, and ID also need storing in style. Chances are that someone you know could use a superfantastic new wallet, too.

Hype tan leather 'Carmo' continental wallet This handsome one by Hype could be just the ticket for a friend who’s been putting off getting a new wallet because they’re so expensive. Made of soft tan leather with silvertone findings, it will hold up to twelve cards, has two long pockets and an expandable zippered pocket on the back. It’s also stylish and sturdy. Oh, and on top of all that, it’s on sale. The original retail price was $95.00. Bluefly started selling it at $47.99, which was a heck of a great deal. Right now, though, it’s on sale for just $36.54!

Remember that some people don’t want practical Christmas gifts. They want frivolous yet sentimental things. They want things like this:

Silver Cut Out Heart Jewelry Set This charming sterling silver earring and pendant set is just the thing to let a special lady – young or mature – know that she has a piece of your heart. The chain is included and adjusts from sixteen to eighteen inches. The suggested retail price is $65.34 which is…a little odd, but hardly outrageous. What’s outrageous is how great a deal you’ll get if you buy it at www.GoldenMine.com. Over there, you’ll pay just $35.89.

Then again, not everyone on your shopping list is going to be a woman. Some of them are men. If there’s a man in your life who wears ties, for instance, you should head straight over to Saks Fifth Ave right now, because there are some amazing deals on designer ties. I’m talking deals like this one.

Ermenegildo Zegna Paisley Silk Tie
This handsome, classic silk tie by Ermenegildo Zegna speaks for itself. It comes in two different colors: taupe (as shown) or navy. It’s perfect for the boardroom, for dinner, or for the theater, too. Best of all, it’s been marked down from $150.00 to just $44.95! That’s more than a hundred dollars off…but your rising executive doesn’t need to know that. He just needs to know that you care enough to give the very best.

There’s always that one person on the list who isn’t really a jewelry or clothing person, who has all the cookware and books they need, whose music collection is so extensive you don’t dare attempt to find something they don’t already have…and you puzzle over what the heck to give them. I don’t know about you, but I would consider this:

Uncle Sam Bank This mechanical bank is a reproduction of one first made in 1886. Not only is it a charming bit of Americana, it also delivers hours of fun for the young or the young at heart. Simply place a coin in Uncle Sam’s hand, press a button, and watch the bag open as Sam drops it in. An original would be wildly expensive, since these are highly collectible, but this is a reproduction. In fact, at the regular price of $21.99, it would be a very affordable gift you could give to a lot of people. The great thing is, it’s on sale at Back To Basics Toys for just $12.99!

There’s no need to fear Black Friday. Just follow the links to these great bargains, and thousands more. In fact, with your trusty credit card in one hand and your holiday gift list in the other, you might find that you can get it all done today. Then you can sit back with a large eggnog and a gingerbread man waiting for the mail carrier to bring your holiday cheer.

Ooh! Candy canes!

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