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Investment Dressing Without Tears | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Investment Dressing Without Tears

Even if your budget is limited (and whose isn’t, these days?) it’s a good idea to splurge when you can manage it on a few pieces of really well-made clothes that will last for years. Pick something in a style that may or may not be the height of fashion now, but won’t ever look horribly dated in a color that’s never incorrect, impeccably made of excellent fabric. In fact, what you’re looking for is something along these lines:

Ralph Lauren Cashmere Dress This cashmere dress by Ralph Lauren is just the ticket if you’re looking to do investment dressing. The lines are classic enough to look right for years to come, but the look isn’t boring, either. It comes in a medium heather grey (shown), navy blue, or black. Those are colors that will never look out of place. It’s made of a lovely cashmere jersey, too. Dress it up, dress it down, accessorize it to your heart’s content…this will go from the office to dinner to the theater with ease and still look just right for a weekend in the country.

No, it isn’t cheap in any sense of the word. In fact, the original retail price is $598.00. It’s worth it, too. The good news is that you won’t pay what it’s worth. Instead, you’ll hurry over to Ralph Lauren.com and get it for just $299.00! That’s nearly half off for something you can wear for years and years to come.

And that’s why this investment is worth making, no matter what the stock market is doing.

2 Responses to “Investment Dressing Without Tears”

  1. raincoaster November 27, 2008 at 8:02 pm #

    Quite honestly, that’s a steal. Cashmere jersey, unlike other knits, isn’t so heavy in a dress length that it’ll stretch out of shape in a year or so. And there are basically only two qualities of cashmere: the cheap stuff, and the stuff Ralph Lauren uses. The cheap stuff pills from the minute you put it on, the higher-grade stuff does not. I used to sell cashmere for a living and there are some brands that are worth it and some that just are not. Cheap cashmere is no luxury.

  2. Twistie November 28, 2008 at 12:56 pm #

    Words of wisdom, my friend, words of wisdom.