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Cowl Weather Baby | Manolo's Basement of the Bargains

Cowl Weather Baby

It’s that time of year when we all need to bundle up a bit to keep warm. Of course, we’d still like to look a bit sexy at the same time. And if we can get something gorgeous, warm, and sexy at a discount, well, that’s jam on top, isn’t it?

No, I’m not talking about a companion for the evening who goes for the less expensive end of the bar tab! I’m talking about a sweater. In fact, I’m talking about this sweater:

Bardot Cashmere Sweater The Bardot Round/Cowlneck sweater from Mount Cashmere is just the thing for a romantic evening by the fire, whether you have companionship or not. The oversized cowl can be draped in a variety of ways to best show off a pretty shoulder or keep you snuggly warm. Made of 100% cashmere, it’s hand washable, too.

Alas! The pretty blue pictured above is not on sale, but you can get the bargain price in: Bright Cherry (a lovely, cheerful red), Sunshine (sunflowery golden yellow), or Medium Mauve (rich, elegant plum in my book). And what, you may ask, is the sale price? Well, full price is $245.00, but the sale price is just $122.50. That’s half off!

Wear it half off your shoulders with someone you love. I promise you won’t get too cold.

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